WISroGIS Webris 4 is the only component for GIS-to-Joomla map creation and publishing; it is designed to be installed as a component&plugin for fast map integration in Joomla 3

WISroGIS 4 Webris: the leading GIS interactive map publishing solution for Joomla! WISroGIS offers GIS data publishing and articles geotagging. Enjoy top features of the component: placemarks slideshow on map, new routing with multiple waypoints, articles geotagging, fully customizable KML (inclusive ground overlay images) and GPX support, SOBI2 layers, and measurement features. The Joomla! map component&plugin WISroGIS supports visual map and layers management data from Google Map, Yahoo Map, Virtual Earth, Open Street Map, and WMS servers.
January 15, 2016 - WISroGIS Webris 4 rev.6
* 0000501: [Interface] Broken link (404 resource not found) when using map menu link
January 06, 2016 - WISroGIS Webris 4 rev.5
* 0000497: [Bug] SQL Injection Vulnerability
* 0000499: [Feature] End of Joomla 2.5/1.5 support
* 0000500: [Feature] Joomla 3 package installer & updater
* 0000498: [Interface] jQuery/jQuery UI fixes
* 0000492: [Bug] Joomla 3.4 compatibility issues (add layers to map interface)
November 09, 2014 - WISroGIS Webris 4 rev.4
* 0000394: [Feature] Searchbot - Joomla 3 compatibility.
* 0000411: [GIS] Overlay layers - map events pass through (e.g. dragging map when over KML elements).
* 0000422: [Interface] Fix Overlay note in Layers Manager edit form.
* 0000448: [Interface] Notices and warnings fixes.
January 12, 2013 - WISroGIS Webris 4 rev.3
* 0000420: [GIS] Placemarks/markers offset not working
* 0000414: [GIS] IE10 Yahoo layer not shown
* 0000419: [GIS] OrdnanceSurvey OpenSpace layer not properly projected with other layers on OL 2.12
* 0000418: [Bug] Incorrect projection (900913) passed to WMS servers when routing is enabled
November 18, 2013 - WISroGIS Webris 4 rev.2
* 0000413: [Bug] Joomla 3 - component installation error
* 0000412: [Bug] Joomla 3.2 legacy JApplication changes
November 06, 2013 - WISroGIS Webris 4 rev.1
* 0000410: [Feature] jQuery no conflict fix
* 0000409: [GIS] Google Maps v3 - map types JS error
* 0000408: [Interface] Error messages for missing API keys not visible on Joomla 3
* 0000407: [Bug] Fatal error: Class 'JElement' not found
* 0000396: [Bug] Incorrect version info in backend - 4 alpha instead of 4 rev.0
* 0000404: [Bug] Fix gray map - faulty load internal load of extensions
* 0000406: [Bug] Strict standards and notices fixes
* 0000405: [Bug] Yahoo script incorrect path
April 30, 2013 - WISroGIS Webris 4 rev.0
* 0000341: WISroGIS - Joomla 3 compatibility
* 0000299: Map data loading animation
* 0000364: Maps & Layers Manager: search filter applied also to entries description
* 0000365: Map and Layers checkin button
* 0000347: Zoom in the map to cluster elements when clicking a cluster
* 0000265: Overview map usage note (OpenStreetMap layer required)
* 0000340: PHP Strict standards
* 0000393: CSS image size issues (backend Google Map positioning) on J3 admin template
* 0000362: Header strip issues on some servers for scripts loading (map page)
* 0000303: Maps ordering by name not functioning in backend (Maps Manager)
* 0000353: IE8 - 31-stylesheet limit and VML error ("Invalid Argument" exception)
August 14, 2012 - WISroGIS Webris 3.5 rev.0
* 0000298: [Feature] Set title, description and keywords (list of layers) tags for map pages
* 0000286: [Feature] GPX tracks style note (lines not visible with default symbolizer line)
* 0000288: [GIS] Zoomify layer not showing data
* 0000302: [GIS] Google 3D Map not functioning
* 0000297: [GIS] Added keyboard control for the map (enabled from map's conf

Great extension

Posted on 16 January 2014
Very good product, very powerful. Definitely worth the small cost. You can create some complex maps with multiple layers and different marker styles. Note that the product doesn't work that well with SEBLOD, but can probably with a little effort could.

Very good job!

Posted on 01 December 2012
Very good google map extension!

Cristy is very cooperative and provide very good support.

Also have so much features and customization.

Best thing is that you can choose between Google, Yahoo and Bing maps!
This extension is amazing and certainly worth buying.

I had a lot of questions after purchasing this extension (basically all due to my lack of knowledge of KML files). Cristi the developer answered all of my questions and was extremely friendly and helpful.

Great Support

Posted on 29 June 2012
I am developing a mapping project and not sure whether this Component is working for me as there is no Demo version. Cristi has been so helpful offering me a money back within 15 days if it tested to be not suitable for me.

However, Cristi has helped me to customize the component to my need with very reasonable charges. Although sometimes it takes a little time for him to response, altogether he never failed to attend any of my enquiry.

Gonna treat him a drink one day. :)


Posted on 14 March 2012
The component is a powerful addon for maps in joomla. Some issues with jquery style but Cristi, the developer helped me greatly! Awesome!
I had a lot of questions, before I bought this extension. Cristi answered them all and provided all map types for me, which I wanted to have. The extension works flawlessly and I do not have to put in own code myself to get good looking maps. Absolutely great extension !!
From the product to the service, I couldn't ask for more! I'm in the middle of a big mapping project and needed a deliverable so the government agencies I'm dealing with can see our progress. They were more than satisfied and recommended that the whole project revolves around WISroGIS rather than the previous GIS system I was using. Again, incredible service, and cheap for what you get!
As a desktop GIS analyst with limited web or joomla experience I have found this to be by far the easiest web based GIS extension for Joomla. With support for a wide range of background mapping and the ability to incorporate layers from KML or SOBI2 it provides a lot of functionality whilst remaining relatively easy to get going. Unlike many extensions the license covers multiple websites and it was therefore very economical for me, being used on several sites. The email support from Cristi is excellent and he has always replied to any emails in a helpful and prompt manner.

Better than I can say!

Posted on 17 March 2011
For those that don't want to read a long review, take this advice: Buy this extension with out a second thought.

There is nothing to give the extension and it's developer Cristi other than the utmost praise.

From my initial contact with him, asking the most rudimentary of questions, through the installation and implementation the process was everything you would expect and hope for from a commercial extension.

It works as advertised with an intuitive interface and well-written guide.

Support is second-to-none. Cristi was there every step of the way with help as well as offering thoughtful advice leading to a flawless implementation.

I support Cristi and all his endeavors fully and will look to him first when it comes to my mapping needs.

Thanks much!

Beat mapping component ever!

Posted on 21 January 2011
I'm really speechless to describe this component. Endless possibilites in customization and usage. Google, Yahoo and Bing maps with many options within each.

Very sophisticated in contents yet simple to use with excellent support if needed.

I used it with the weather plugin, and it works beautifully!

Many available modules and plugins that go along with, which makes you confused as to where, how and what to do with them all as the ideas keep striking for many possibilities.
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WISroGIS mapping

Webris 4 rev.6
Last updated:
Jan 15 2016
8 years ago
Date added:
Jul 18 2008
GPLv2 or later
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