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Match Generator is a JoomSport add-on that allows you to generate Sport Matches for your competitions in couple of clicks!

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4.0.16 release:
- supports generating matches within selected season groups
- improved team sorting
- clean UI

The add-on requires JoomSport Pro 4.0.15 or later.


It helps create full championships in minute even with different divisions or sections in same season

Ease of use

It can not be more easier, it also allows you modify game by game with out interfering with the other games the generator created..YES


As I mentionned Joomsport support team are great


YES but it is so simple to use ,

Value for money

100% especially you can create a tournament on the go with an internet connection..

I used this to: I generate tournaments and championship in same season for a young boy soccer league in Montreal Canada...
JoomSport Pro

JoomSport Pro

Paid download | Sports | BearDev
22 reviews
League builder, Sport component that allows you to create and manage your Sport Website and sport league tournaments. Huge number of features like single, team and knockout Tournaments, Clubs, Teams, Players, photo galleries management and much more included! Component can be used as a complete single league or multiple leagues platform supporting almost any kind of Sport event, team or championship with complicated structure. Still the most popular are Football (or soccer), Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Softball, Hockey, Darts, e-sport and e-games. Main features and functions are: Team/Single types of Tournament (it allows managing several kinds of sport on one website and build leagues) Player/Team management (customizable profiles, League Statistic, League Matches list, Photos) Match with Statistic and Photos Group/Double elimination/Knockout types of Matchday Ability to create detailed league Calendar Friendly Match feature Flexible Season table and Ranking criteria Club Venue ... The features list is so long that is simply not convenient to put it here! Check the full list on http://joomsport.com/product-features.html A variety of eSport league features makes JoomSport Pro an appropriate component also for online games leagues. These are: - Customizable FE management - Player/Team registration via FE - Connect players with Joomla! users so they can edit their profile via Front End - Players registration to the Season ability with "dates" and "number of participants" option - Players Nickname instead of real name - Game maps - Ability to invite/add participant to a Match/Team via FE - Ability to comment matches via FE - Ability to create Paid tournaments Please see the detailed features list (http://joomsport.com/product-features/compare-editions.html) Finally JoomSport comes with 4 modules and 2 plugins that improve JoomSport league functionality and simplify FE navigation on your website. Despite of the wide range of features the component is really user-friendly and at the same time adjustive for the most kinds of sport. The sports leagues types supported. As reported by our customers JoomSport Pro was used to support: - Football - Hockey - Basketball - Volleyball - American football - Softball - Rugby - Tennis - Handball - Lawn balls - Fastball - Soccer - Cricket - Futsal - Pool - Water polo - Badminton - Billiard - Ping-Pong - Dart - Chess - Ping-Pong - eSport games (Counter Strike, World of Warcraft (WoW), Fifa, etc) The full list of sports and leagues types that our customers used to support with JoomSport Pro league can be found here: http://joomsport.com/product-features.html You might be also interested to look at the best examples (http://joomsport.com/about/joomsport-references.html) we selected to present how JoomSport can be used. Supported starting from the very earliest till the latest versions of Joomla! (1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x) Try it out and make your own Sport Website League!
c m p
PayPal add-on for JoomSport

PayPal add-on for JoomSport

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | BearDev
0 reviews
JoomSport PayPal add-on allows you to create paid sport tournaments. It provides your JoomSport league players the ability to pay tournament entrance fee using PayPal.
Sport Predictions for JoomSport

Sport Predictions for JoomSport

Paid download | Tips & Betts | BearDev
0 reviews
This Sports Predictions add-on is product powered by BearDev team. It extends the functionality of well known Joomla sport league management extension - JoomSport. The great thing about it is that to create predictions you don't need to enter matches, scores, teams and huge amount of data - this is all managed by JoomSport . Predictions add-on works pretty straight forward: 1. You need to create Predictions League first, were you add any season from JoomSport database and configure how many points users will gain for three types of predictions. 2. Then you need to create prediction Rounds and add matches from the selected seasons. After that add the new JoomSport predictions layout in menu and that's it! Your site visitors will be able to submit their predictions, check matches score and see prediction leaders board of selected predictions league. Just don't forget to announce you prize for top predictions leaders ;) Predictions add-on is fully integrated with JoomSport so that means that your site visitors will be able to open match stat pages, browse to teams pages, etc.etc... Number of options available in Predictions add-on like sort options and points mechanism for rounds. Features road map: in spite of the fact that we are thinking of adding couple of predictions features we are looking for customer's feedback to improve further our predictions add-on. Enjoy and don't forget to rate our Sport predictions for JoomSport here!

Match Generator add-on for JoomSport

Last updated:
Jul 27 2016
Date added:
Dec 04 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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