Date Calendars

A simple but useful little calendar module. It has no active function other than to display a calendar in a module position in the current site language.

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  • Selection of CSS files supplied, or make your own
  • Optional links go to next and previous months (uses Ajax)
  • Specify the starting month and year, or the current date
  • Specify the length of the day names
  • Specify the starting day of the week
  • Specify the number of months to display
  • Optional week numbers
  • Use the server time-zone or force a specific one

Great little extension

Posted on 25 January 2018
Does exactly what it says it will do.
Ease of use
Easy to install and configure.
I used this to: School websites

Useful module

Posted on 27 September 2012
This little module is well thought out and very useful for anyone requiring an uncomplicated calendar on their site. It is simple to use and has just sufficient flexibility to meet most needs.

There seems to be an minor issue when using the latest version with Joomla 2.5.6 in that the whole webpage reloads every time the forward or backward buttons are clicked to change the displayed month. I guess that will be resolved with the next update.

fine extension

Posted on 02 April 2012
I have downloaded this plugin and found it to be an excellent well written piece of software, easy to install and configure, but one issue is that I cannot use the module suffix class, nor will the plugin use the template default fonts. This I expect will prevent me from using the plugin and also may preclude others from using it, if it breaks the design standards. But that is the only issue I have and I do express my gratitude to the author for providing an excellent piece of software

Excellent Extension

Posted on 30 December 2011
Easy to install, does exactly what it says.

Simple but very effective

Nice Gadget

Posted on 28 August 2011
MiniCalendar is a greate gadget, I does what the description say: "displays a calender". I had some problems with the php hoster not compiled in php with --enable-calendar but Chris from the development team released version 2.4 for Joomla! 1.5 and it worked great! Thanks, keep up the good work!
Easy to install.

Dont work in Greece.
Owner's reply: Many people are using it in Greece
First thank you for nice simple minicalendar. I have litle problem. Inizial names of day and name of month (top) not displayed in my language.

Fantastic Support

Posted on 24 August 2010
Great calendar that does exactly what it says on the tin. I too had a small problem with accents (in French), but contacted Chris who had it fixed inside 10 mins. Considering he is up to his eyebrows trying to get Rentalot Plus launched, this is truly great service. Thanks again Chris.
-Easy to install

-Simplistic style

Clean and easy

Excelent work

Posted on 17 April 2010
I just love this simple calendar module and I just cant wait to see more products like this one!
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Les Arbres Design
Last updated:
Jan 08 2019
Date added:
Sep 26 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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