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miTT PWA Push integrates a Progressive Web App with Push Messages into Joomla. This plugin has all features as miTT PWA. Full Control over the Service Worker Cache gives you the possibility to handle your Cache Strategy. The only difference between miTT PWA and miTT PWA Push is the support of Push Notifications based on Google Firebase.

Joomla PWA Features:
➔ full control over the cache behaviour
➔ static cache
➔ automatic cache
➔ Network First
➔ Cache First
➔ Cache Strategy depends on the effictive Internet Connection
➔ CDN Support for external files
➔ fast page loading
➔ Setting Cache Exceptions
➔ Setting up a personal offline page
➔ config your own Theme and Background color of the app
➔ set own icon (maskable icon support)
➔ App Shortcuts
➔ create own custom Installation Button for the PWA
➔ Time interval for updating
➔ simple Install Notice at iOS (iOS 13, new iOS 14)
➔ set up iOS Status Bar
➔ Periodic Background Sync for HTML (articles) and images
➔ add PWA installation statistic for iOS and Chrome (counting PWA installations)

Push Notification:
➔ Push messages with Google Firebase
➔ K2, FLEXIcontent, Virtuemart Support
➔ Push messages directly from the article
➔ Push optionally from defined categories
➔ Push Messages supported in Chrome, Firefox, Edge - Android, Windows, Linux, OSX

miTT PWA Push integriert eine progressive Webanwendung mit Push-Nachrichten in Joomla. Dieses Plugin hat alle Funktionen wie miTT PWA. Volle Kontrolle über den Service Worker Cache gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihre Cache-Strategie zu verwalten. Der einzige Unterschied zwischen miTT PWA und miTT PWA Push ist die Unterstützung von Push-Benachrichtigungen auf Basis von Google Firebase.

Funktionen von miTT PWA:Joomla PWA ★
➔ volle Kontrolle über das Cache-Verhalten
➔ statischer Cache
➔ automatischer Cache
➔ Netzwerk zuerst
➔ Cache zuerst
➔ Cache Strategie in Abhängigkeit von der tatsächlichen Internetverbindung
➔ CDN-Unterstützung für externe Dateien
➔ schnelles Laden von Seiten
➔ Festlegen von Cache-Exceptions
➔ Einrichten einer eigenen Offline-Seite
➔ Konfigurieren Sie Ihr eigenes Thema und die Hintergrundfarbe der Anwendung
➔ eigenes Icon setzen (Unterstützung für maskierbare Icons)
➔ App Shortcuts
➔ Erstellung eines eigenen Buttons zur Installation der PWA
➔ Zeitintervall für Aktualisierungen
➔ Installationshinweis als Banner für iOS (iOS 13, neu iOS 14)
➔ iOS Status Bar konfigurierbar
➔ Hintergrund Aktualisierung für HTML (Beiträge) und Bilder
➔ PWA Installation Statistik für iOS und Chrome

➔ Push-Nachrichten mit Google Firebase
➔ K2, FLEXIcontent und Virtuemart Unterstützung
➔ Push-Nachrichten direkt aus dem Artikel heraus
➔ Push optional aus definierten Kategorien
➔ Push-Nachrichten werden in Chrome, Firefox, Edge unterstützt - Android, Windows, Linux, OSX

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Simply great. Turning sites into PWAs is a technology trending, and this extension does it all.
Ease of use
May require familiarity with PWAs' technology and jargon. But easily overcome by a superb support from the developer
10/10. Quick and extremely helpful. Always got detailed and clear answers to my questions.
Very good. They also sent me a couple of video-tutorials for setting up the extension.
Value for money
Turning a website into a PWA from scratch would cost you lots of headaches and time. This extension does it all in a breeze. Best value!
I used this to: An online shop where schools order fish to local provideres. I'm still finetunning my web, but results are very promising.

Excelente Extensión

Posted on 15 October 2021
Cumple perfectamente con lo prometido crea aplicaciones PWA desde un sitio web en Joomla 4
Ease of use
Requiere de leer muy bien las instrucciones pero se logra el objetivo
Excelente soporte técnico, responden rápidamente a todas las inquietudes y se preocupan por dar un buen servicio.
La documentación esta solo en ingles, pero esta completa, esperamos puedan abarcar mas idiomas y la podamos tener también en español
Value for money
Es increíble que se pueda hacer una app por tan poco dinero, funciona perfectamente
I used this to: Tenemos un proyecto de administración de copropiedades en donde cada copropiedad tendrá su aplicación propia en donde se pueden interactuar propietarios, colaboradores y administración en un entorno muy facil donde se integran muchas extensiones de joomla
Das Plugin bietet alle Funktionen die man für eine PWA braucht. Sehr gute Funktionen.
Ease of use
Die PWA ist einfach zu installieren und einzurichten. Schnell hat man eine PWA.
Der Entwickler antwortet schnell auf Fragen mit konkreten Lösungen
Sehr gute Dokumentation, leicht verständlich und mit einem YouTube Video zus Installation.
Value for money
Gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis für die Umsetziung einer PWA in Joomla
I used this to: Ich nutze diese Erweiterung für mehrere Projekte und bin sehr zufrieden damit
Das Plugin bietet alle Funktionen die man von einer PWA erwartet. Es wird ständig aktualisiert und der Funktionsumfang verbessert.
Ease of use
Das Plugin ist einfach zu installieren und einzurichten. Der Test einer PWA ist in den unterschiedlichen Browsern manchmal etwas umständlich
Der Entwickler bietet exzellenten Support, und reagiert zeitnah auf Anfragen.
Die Dokumentation ist gut. Es gibt Youtube Videos zur Installationsroutine.
Value for money
Für mich die beste Joomla Erweiterung für die Umsetziung einer PWA in Joomla.
I used this to: Ich nutze diese Erweiterung für die Umsetzung eines Kundenprojektes.
A great extension that can do exactly what I want to do. A website as an APP. for IOS and for Android. An added value for every website!
Ease of use
User-friendliness: Well, it is not easy to install everything. You need to have basic knowledge about server behaviour etc. At the end ok.
Robert was infinitely patient with my questions. He helped make the first website PWA friendly. He also explained a lot about the extension.
There are videos, tutorials and the offer to talk to the developer on the phone, it doesn't get any better than that.
Value for money
I have the unlimited version of miTT PWA Push. I can therefore use it with several clients. This adds value for the client. Top.
I used this to: I use this extension for a project in which emergency services are offered. The aim will be to send users the next emergency services once a week. This will be generated via this extension and by means of cron jobs.
Lot of useful feature. It is important for me the MITT PWA to able an install button in page.
Ease of use
Ease of use but I had problem with host providers nginx settings.
I had problem with host providers nginx settings what Robert helped to solve.
Documented, with instruction videos on Youtube. I will be happy to detailed documentations.
Value for money
Fair price for good extension, the subscription fee is reasonable.
I used this to: I use this for a traveller website. I am so satisfied, I hope the website visitors are too.
So good, I've tried others and this one is on point! Its by far the best and provides more than expected.
Ease of use
Its easy to use, Im a noob and reached out to the developer, he got back to me right away and walked me though it. So. Awesome.
Best support Ive ever had on here. He should get a medal, because its not always the case... and when clients are on the line its important!
Its good documentation, check out his youtube channel too. Super helpful.
Value for money
Are you kidding? This pays for itself with one client project, easily. So worth it!!
I used this to: Web application development for clients, and for personal development stuff but mostly to pay the rent!

Cool Stuff!

Posted on 06 January 2021
In a few minutes you get a PWA. It's an easy way to generate manifest file, service worker and properly implement it on website. Great!
Ease of use
Installation is fast and smooth. I needed some explanation how to install the PWA correctly.
Very useful and quick response from Robert. The answer was clear and he supported me to find a solution.
The documentation for the installation is clear. The additional video on youtube support the whole.
Value for money
Cheap compared to other PWAs because it have more features with efforts.
I used this to: I am a full stack web developer and I used it for a client website.

Fast support

Posted on 24 December 2020
PWA works without special settings. Push notifications were sent via Firebase
Ease of use
Two things in one plugin: PWA and push.
I was especially impressed by sending push notifications from K2
The support was fast, friendly and most importantly efficient. I hope it will maintain goodwill towards customers in the future.
need better documentation for push notifications, related to firebase settings
Value for money
Great price for two plugins in one. For this price, it’s hard to find this kind of functionality
I used this to: I use the plugin primarily to quickly inform clients about important posts on the website, via push notifications

Great tool

Posted on 30 October 2020
For me worked with no error . You have buttons to send notifications in backend whe you edit/add a new article.
Ease of use
Just install and follow the instructions - complete all the fields.
To be honest support is not needed as the plugin is easy to install but i received support to adapt the plugin for my needs. Extra and free.
All the steps are on documentation page, also in console you can see any errors.
Value for money
Definitely worth it. The support made all the money as i didnt receive a standard answer like: this is custom work.
I used this to: Converting a website into a PWA and build an Android app and to send notifications to the users. Is the easy and cheapest way to have an android app of your website and also to provide notifications to the users. Using Firebase with it will open many options.
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miTT PWA Push (Progressive Web App)

Robert Mittl
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Oct 13 2021
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Jul 12 2020
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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