Editing, Authoring & Content, File Management, Mobile Display

TinyMCE based page builder which makes editing of your content easy and simple. A set of new handy tools is integrated into TinyMCE: Bootstrap Editor, File Manager, Image Editor, etc..

N1ED Joomla extension upgrades your built-in standalone TinyMCE to TinyMCE powered with a set of add-ons bringing a lot of new features.

You will be able to edit responsive content, preview it on mobile devices, build Bootstrap structure (if your theme supports it) with predefined or your own blocks, add different widgets and define your own ones. Flmngr file manager and ImgPen image editor are also available in default N1ED installation.

This Joomla extension will be integrated into Joomla seamlessly and keep existing features of the editor like choosing a Joomla article for linking to.

N1ED has visual configuration: you can enable and disable all the N1ED Ecosystem plugins and change their preferences visually using a widget built in your Joomla control panel.

Functional and simple editor

Posted on 20 February 2022
This is the best editor I have ever seen. Many features have become essential to my daily work such as Bootstrap editor.
Ease of use
Simple installation with step by step guide. UI is also intuitive.
I like fast and qualified support directly from the developers. None of my questions went unanswered.
I used this to: I have integrated N1ED for my clients' websites. Some of these sites have to be edited very often and the editor has been very helpful in this.
Looked promising but simple tasks like adding an image don't even work!
Ease of use
Not intuitive to install. Although it looks like it should be easy to use, nothing seems to work. Big disappointment.
Even installing requires reading instructions. The install documentation is straight forward to follow, but it shouldn't be needed.
I used this to: I won't be. I really liked the idea of being able to use Bootstrap, but sadly this editor/page builder doesn't work. Despite it saying on JED it is available for J4, only J3 version is available for download.

Impressive WYSIWYG

Posted on 29 December 2021
Finally I have TinyMCE which has all features I need. File manager for TinyMCE is also included.
Ease of use
Ready to use after installed. Blocks by block content creation. I defined a set of custom blocks and filled whole the website quickly.
Support is very friendly. They gave all details in 1 day (and it was Sunday, actually the first response from support was in 1 hour).
This is TinyMCE + plugins: documentation is not required, UI is obvious. But they have samples for newbies on the official website.
I used this to: I've already made 3 websites for my clients: they are happy with N1ED. Will create more with this editor.
Installation is not intuitive!Require use of code. After 7 freeday it will be quite impossible use it. cost 179€/year too high for an editor
Ease of use
Not intuitive , a lot of coding is required , for example you need to know attribute , style and tag for css and html
I used this to: do a test an for personal use , but the experience was really bad

N1ED editor

Posted on 12 May 2020
Wow, finally a powerful page builder for Joomla! A lot of widgets and file management, Bootstrap support.
Ease of use
Fully visual, including a good configuration panel. Enabling new plugins by just clicking on checkboxes.
The developer answered by e-mail and updated docs by my feedback. Fast and useful.
Actually most of the things are obvious, but docs present on the website of N1ED.
I used this to: I use this for my own website. I edit information pages, including the main page of the website with a rich structure.


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Apr 20 2022
2 months ago
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Feb 26 2019
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c p
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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