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Set up events on your site in minutes. Group events by category or venue, display as a list or a calendar, collect payments. Smooth setup guaranteed by a dedicated support team. Ohanah gives administrators control over events’ look and feels, so it’s easy to make it fit your site perfectly. Event managers can concentrate on the content with streamlined processes and simple interface for creating events, managing venues, and handling attendees that don’t require them to be Joomla experts.

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Featured on eventmanagerblog.com

If you use Joomla, look no further. Ohanah ticks all the boxes. You have everything you need, from venue management to registration. Super cool!

~ Julius Solaris, Read the article

Featured on AppStorm.net

I felt really comfortable using Ohanah. The interface was simple, and the workflow refined. Without doubt one of the best extensions I have come across so far!

~ AppStorm, Read the article


  • Rich content
    Create events with the description, a flyer, and a map. Online events are also available.

  • Recurring events
    Make your events repeat daily, weekly or monthly. Ohanah summarize repeating rules, so it's easy to know exactly what are you creating. Save time with bulk editing of all the events in the series.

  • Categories
    Group your events in categories for easier navigation. Categories can have a description and can be nested.

  • Venues
    Create a venue specific pages with events as main stars.


  • Event Lists
    Use Event list to display events in the main area of your site, or display them in a module. Either way you get effortless control over the list with Layout options.

  • Calendars
    Full page calendar or module that you can put anywhere - all calendars are packed with information and fully responsive.

  • Maps
    All events can have maps that are fully responsive. Six different map sizes are available as options. No coding required.

Registrations and payments

  • Tickets
    Set up as many tickets per event as you wish. Control who can see them, who can register, when the registration is possible, quantity and more. All that from an intuitive interface. Ohanah will render printable tickets with QR code for attendees.

  • Attendee details
    Built-in form builder will help you to collect any information that you need from your attendees. Registration flow is optimized for sales.

  • Payments
    Out of the box support for PayPal. Just enter your email address and that’s all for the setup. Collect money and enjoy automatic markings of paid registrations.

  • Email notifications
    Fully customizable emails for the attendees and administrator. Know what’s happening on your site, right in your inbox.

Dedicated support

All plans come with premium support. In our Members Center you will be talking directly to the guys that actually build and maintain Ohanah. They are all Joomla experts, and they can help you with any problem that you encounter.

Ohanah's onboarding system, unique in Joomla world, will guide you and your clients through and help you learn to work with Ohanah withing minutes. Save your and your clients precious time.

Developer friendly

RESTFul API, JSON output available out of the box, modern tools - build your custom solutions on top of Ohanah with minimal development costs.

30 days money back guarantee

It’s all about trust. With Ohanah, you cannot lose. Either you will love it and enjoy using it, or you will get your money back. Simple as that.

Still got questions? Ask anything at team@ohanah.com.

To discover more about Ohanah, click here http://ohanah.com

Best out there!

Posted on 23 August 2016

I have used a LOT of different event components out there, now I only use Ohanah. It just works properly, period.

Ease of use

Very easy to use - straight forward and packed with good features.


Second to none. Quick to respond, no question goes unanswered.


Website has a lot to offer.

Value for money

Great value.

I used this to: Events listing for a martial arts organization.

Good Calendar

Posted on 30 July 2016

with its modules the calendar provides a good possibility to present events

Ease of use

easy to use and install


very good and fast service

Value for money

the price-performance ratio is good, you get a good extension and fast support

Pretty Good

Posted on 15 July 2016

I really enjoy this extension.

Ease of use

Very easy to use with an easy to understand


Fast support, whenever you need it


Clean and Simple

Value for money


Owner's reply: Thanks!

Top Service

Posted on 22 April 2016

Full functional, even in v3 missing some Mail export options. Hope they fix this soon.

Ease of use

Quite simple to use.


Top Support! I needed their help quite a few times and those guys rock! That´s why I cam back from v2 now to v3


It´s not hard to understand the Docs, so far so good

Value for money

I am also valueing the support in. And it´s really worth it. Absolutly.

I used this to: Customers that need Events and myself for a yearly event i organize by myself.
Owner's reply: Thank you Marc!


This is the only events system that is able to meet my complex needs with multiple payments for one event

Ease of use

I am no developer and I easily created all my events. Their ticketing system is simple yet meets complex demands for each event


Love these guys! They truly take care of their customers and have utmost patience for dummies like me!


Sorry but this is where they could improve. Their website 'features' list give you more info than their doc page provided to subscribers.

Value for money

For sure worth it! Way better than EventsBooking! More simple backend structure while actually being able to meet more complex needs!

I used this to: https://www.rebeccahaywood.com
I have events that call for multiple payments (registration deposit, 50% balance, Remaining Balance and Private Room Fee). Ohanah handles it all simply and beautifully! I love it. Thank you Ohanah!!
Owner's reply: Thanks Rebecca. You are right about the documentation, we need to work on that.



Ease of use





not really enough

Value for money


I used this to: for an inter hospital event


I use version 2.3.27 (fronted submission is still missing in v. 3). All I need works as I expect.

Ease of use

Backend sorting and filtering of events could be better: It's not always clear and the list layout poor; Frontend: all ok.


The support team solved my JQuery conflict in short time: No standard answers, but debugging the JS code of my site! Great help!

Value for money

Best tool for my needs, would buy it again!

I used this to: Frontend submission of regional events (open for public, confirmation by admin). Listing of the events, filter by category, show upcoming events.
I don't use ticketing/reservation system.


Not much in the way of functionality now, version 3 has been cut back so much that it has become virtually useless unless.

Ease of use

Version 3 is quite easy to use as there isn't much to set now, compared with Version 2.


Support is quite good, as long as you are a fully paid up member.


Documentation is quite good but there again, there isn't much to document. It would be nice to see a demo site/example.

Value for money

Quite expensive for what it is now.

I used this to: I was using Version 2 for a travel agent website, selling tickets and taking reservations but now with Version 3 it's only good for taking payment for very simple events. There's not much in the way of customisation and the wow factor has all but vanished.

Juste excellent !

Posted on 18 February 2016

Extension très complète. Rien à redire ! Les développeurs sont à l'écoute pour ce qui concerne les fonctionnalité à inclure (ajout rapide).

Ease of use

Très simple d'utilisation. Logiciel intuitif et grâce à la documentation complète et au support très réactif, tout est possible !


Support très réactif et sympathique avec un personnel très compétent et à l'écoute. Tout mes soucis ont été résolu grâce à leur efficacité !


Documentation complète et compréhensible. Pas besoin de connaissances spécifiques pour pouvoir apprécier toutes les subtilités.

Value for money

Plusieurs types de licences sont disponible : il y en a pour toutes les bourses !

Awesome product!

Posted on 30 January 2016

Functional, does as expected

Ease of use

Easy to use and manage


The support team is so helpful, so if your a bit of a novice in the 'IT' department, they will help!



Value for money

Thumbs up!

I used this to: Company website
Ohanah Calendar

Ohanah Calendar

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | Beyounic SA
1 review
Use a calendar to filter and list your events using Ohanah. Learn more: http://www.ohanah.com
m e


Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | Beyounic SA
1 review
Mailchimp for ohanah is an extension for ohanah event management system. It easily and quickly integrates mailchimp features directly into your events. How does it work: After having installed ohmailchimp and enabled it, you just have to insert your mailchimp API Key in the setting view. From now on, whenever you create or edit an event, you will be able to connect them to a different mailing list previously created in your mailchimp account. When people register to your event, they will be automatically added to that list, populating it out of the box and allowing you to manage communication, before, during and after your event in a more powerful and easy way. Ohmailchimp also work with the new event frontend submission system Mailchimp for ohanah is distributed for free when purchasing ohanah.


Beyounic SA
Last updated:
Jul 21 2016
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

Demo Support Documentation
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