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Optimize Your Tables v1.2:

A system level plugin for Joomla v1.7, v2.5 and now v3.x that once a day optimizes your database's tables so as to keep your site running at its peek performance by getting rid of the MySQL database overhead.

This has only been tested on Joomla v1.7 and up.

v1.0: Initial Release.
v1.1: Bug fix - thanks to Ebo Eppenga
v1.2: tested on Joomla 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2


Optimize Your Tables is only guaranteed to work on PHP up to v5.4.x, there have been a few reports and confirmed tests on my hosting environment that it will not work in PHP 5.5.x due to MYSQL_QUERY extension having been deprecated in PHP 5.5.x.

I'm looking for a way to update that to work for PHP 5.5.x - 7.0.



P.S.: If you are going to rate the plugin, please comment or contact me [] if you're having issues with it. [Someone rated it 1 out of 5 without any comments/review and without getting in contact with me so I couldn't help them :( ].

Credit: This is based on work by and their Joomla v1.5 plugin which they no longer maintain.

Ease of use
Facile à installer mais n'a pas fonctionné chez moi. Dommage.


Posted on 31 May 2012
The plugin worked perfectly, without any changes required. The code required to optimize each table in a while loop is very simple, and works flawlessly in this method.

One suggestion:

Throughout the code there are commented blocks to show the list of tables being optimized. These should be set as a param in the plugin to turn them on and off...instead of needing to change the plugin code directly.


Posted on 14 February 2012
Easy to download and install. However, the results were not encouraging after enabling the plugin. The website was directed to some other website hosted on the same server.

I do not why and how the plugin redirected the website to other site not linked to it.

It is not recommended for newbies or administrators without access to server.
Owner's reply: Hi Skpandey,

Interesting (negative) side effect that I did not encounter while testing on any of the servers? are you on shared hosting ? do you have multiple databases setup associated with this domain?

I'm trying to understand what caused this so that I can alter the plugin to have this behavior not be an issue...

Please update me via the email address posted above.



Optimize Your Tables

Emmanuel Lemor
Last updated:
Feb 10 2016
8 years ago
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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