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The Future is here. Oriel Pro gives you the freedom not just to present images in a modern look. With Oriel Pro, you can create entire album libraries. Adding new albums and images is easy via FTP or file manager. Oriel Pro automatically detects new content and updates your albums.

Subfolder handling

Oriel Pro uses the subfolders of the selected source to display the content as albums or filters. Oriel Pro can therefore not only generate individual galleries, but also create entire album overviews based on your folder structure. Of course, the title images & description text of these albums can be freely defined.

Choose between four layouts

Oriel Pro comes with four layouts that will make your images shine with an unprecedented brilliance. In addition to the album overview, which turns your sub-folders into albums, the flat & filtered modes allow you to display all your images in the main folder and in sub-folders on one level. The "Ignore" layout only shows the images in the defined folder and does not render the images in subfolders.

Default, Cover & Masonry Thumbnails

With Default Thumbnails your images are taken over into the gallery in 1to1 format, the thumbnails are not cropped.
The cover thumbnail mode is our heart, if it is activated you can define the desired aspect ratio of your thumbnails. This way you can create consistent grids and don't have to worry about the aspect ratio of the images.
The Masonry thumbnail mode is similar to the default mode, your images are not cropped, but the lines are flexible, so it's a Masonry effect.

All integrated

Of course Oriel Pro provides you with everything you need. Thanks to the integrated UIkit3 framework, the module is completely autonomous and independent of plugins / templates.
- Integrated Lightbox (Single Image & Gallery Mode)
- UIkit3 Grid System up to 6 columns
- Columns can be configured for small, medium and large screens
- Mobile first

Dynamic Source

Are we the first? Yes, I think we are the first! - For the first time ever, Oriel Pro for Joomla makes it possible to create dynamic galleries. By using customfields as pathinformation source, Oriel can dynamically display different albums / galleries / images for each item. Simply define the source of the images in an article customfield and publish the module on the same page as the corresponding articles.

Dynamic Updates

Maintaining and updating galleries as soon as new images / albums are added can be time consuming. Not anymore! Oriel Pro does it all for you. The Dynamic Source approach allows you to easily upload new albums and images via FTP. The images are automatically added to the gallery. Just tell your photographer where to put the new images and Oriel Pro will do the rest.


Oriel Pro allows you to benefit from the full potential of the included UIkit3 framework. All relevant container elements can be extended with your own classes in the backend module and thus be adapted to your needs. No matter if it's the complete gallery, the album overview or the images. Either a specific class has already been defined by us or you can define one (or more) own class(es) in the backend.


Version 1.2.1

November 2020
  • Added: Option to either select compressed / uncompressed image as album cover
  • Fixed: Wrong language string used in translation for Dynamic source

Version 1.2.0

November 2020
  • Added: Dynamic Source Integration for some of our Components
  • Added: Option to Define a Link title that will be rendered as tooltip above the external link
  • Added: UIkit CheatSheet Tab (List of usefull classnames)
  • Added: Configurable grid animation for albums overview
  • Changed: Prioritization of cover fallback image (1.cover.*** 2.first image of folder 3.first image of first subfolder)
  • Changed: Cover Images gets now resized too when Thumbnails are enabled
  • Changed: Upgraded to default UIkit Version 3.5.9
  • Changed: AutoHeight Calculations improved (no JS anymore)
  • Changed: JQuery integration (you can now include Joomla!'s jQuery Version)
  • Changed: Security Improvements
  • Changed: German translation improved
  • Changed: OrielPro Gallery object structure
  • Removed: Fixed Height for Thumbnails
  • Others: Thumbnail Generation Refactored
  • Others: Refactoring & Code Optimizations

Version 1.1.1

October 2020
  • Bugfix: index.html overwrites information from description.html or description.txt

Version 1.1.0

September 2020
  • Added: Options to handle anchor links on images
  • Added: Define target window for external links
  • Added: UiKit 3 - scroll integration when using anchor links
  • Added: German translation

Version 1.0.7

April 2020
  • Added: Option to disable Image lightbox link on touch devices if overlay is used
  • Bugfix: External Link not working in Lightbox Gallery Mode
  • Bugfix: Masonry Grid
  • Bugfix: AutoHeight script not always loaded

Version 1.0.6

April 2020
  • Intial Release


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OrielPro Dynamic Gallery

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Nov 17 2020
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Apr 07 2020
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