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This course management (event management) component allows you to have a complete event listing and booking system on your Joomla! site. Your customers can book an existing seminar or register at a prospect list. The OSG Seminar Manager PRO comes as package with multiple modules and plugins like Upcoming Events, Calendar, Search, Manual Booking and Invoice, Voting of coure topics.....
100% Money Back Guarantee for fist-time members!

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  • Limit of the bookability of events to specific user groups (access levels for courses and categories)
  • publish courses (events) in multiples categories or tags, as list and as course details,
  • publish course (event) templates without dates (preview of courses (events) - interested parties list)
  • publish an unlimited number of prices
  • display of prices can be scheduled, for example, early bird discounts ,which are automatically hidden.
  • display of the participant list and waiting list in the frontend
  • display of free seats
  • support of 2nd currency using a static exchange rate
  • display up to 5 price groups depending on Joomla! Usergroups (e.g. prices for members)
  • display if a course (event) is already fully booked
  • offer documents to download
  • list trainer profiles (trainer lists) and the courses of the trainer
  • display of more course (event) details (day, time, room, etc)
  • and much more..

Users can:
* book multiple seats on events or
* register as interested party to events without date
* pay via Paypal
* registered users can view their invoices in front-end
* registered users can view favorites


  • All changes to personal data are logged. (A requirement of the GDPR)
  • Rebooking of several participants at the same time
  • automatic users registration,
  • attachment of invoices on booking confirmation emails,
  • customize email and invoice templates,
  • administrate all users on this list in back-end and notify them on new course (event) dates,
  • prices can be displayed with or without VAT,
  • sending particpants or groups of participants emails directly from the backend,
  • automatic PDF invoice generation
  • generate PDF attendee lists,
  • create custom fields for the application form,
  • clone courses (events) from templates,
  • organize course (event) with tags or categories,
  • administrate tutors, tutor profiles,
  • allow acces to the backend with limited rights (manager and trainer roles)
  • and much more

Mit dem OSG Seminar Manager können Sie auf Ihrer Joomla! Website Ihre Veranstaltungen präsentieren. Sie können feste Termine oder auch Interessentenlisten veröffentlichen. Die Teilnehmer könnnen sich über Ihre Webseite anmelden. Im Administrationsbereich können Sie Ihre Veranstaltungen, Kursttermine, Trainer und Teilnehmer verwalten.
Der OSG Seminar Manager PRO kommt als Paket mit vielen Modulen und Plugins wie zum Beispiel: Kalender, Nächste Termine Modul, Suche, Bewertung von Kursthemen u.v.m.
100% Geld Zurück Garantie für Erstmitglieder!

Ansichten im Frontend:

  • Veröffentlichung von Kursen (Events) in multiplen Kategorien oder Tags, als Liste oder in Kursdetailansichten,
  • Anzeige von Kurstemplates ohne Datum als Interessentenliste,
  • Anzeige freier Plätze oder von ausgebucht oder abgesagt
  • Anzeige einer zweiten Währung und meherer Preisgruppen (z.B. Mitgliederpreise)
  • Download von Kursdokumenten
  • Anzeige diverser Details wie einzelne Sitzungstermine, Zeiten, Veranstaltungsort u.v.m
  • Anzeige von Trainerprofilen

Teilnehmer können
- mehrere Plätze auf einer Veranstaltung buchen
- sich auf Interessentenliste setzen
- über Paypal bezahlen
- Ihre Rechnungen und Buchungen im Frontend einsehen und
- Favoriten setzen

- automatische Userregistrierung
- Versenden von Anmeldebestätigungen und Rechnungen
- Indivuduelle E-Mail- und Rechnungsvorlagen
- automatische Information von Interessenten über neue Termine
- Teilnehmer oder Gruppen von Teilnehmern können vom Backend aus per E-Mail angeschrieben werden
- Preisanzeige mit oder ohne Mehrwertsteuer
- automatische Rechnungsgenerierung und -versendung
- Anmeldeformular erweiterbar
- Kurse kopieren
- diverse Zugriffsrechte für den Administrationsbereich (Trainer, Manager)
- Trainerverwaltung
- und vieles mehr

The component has everything needed to sell courses online. Furthermore, the developers are disposed to further developing for custom needs.
Ease of use
Very easy to install. Intuitive to use. Although the huge functionality it remains easy to use.
Very forthcoming and helpful. Sigrid answers instantly on my questions. The main advantage of working with OSG is their dev-experience!
Well documented component in German and English. You finde almost always an answer to your questions. Their is also a community that helps.
Value for money
You get a very useful tool for little money. The subscription price is very low for what you get. Updates and furter developments included.
I used this to: Schools and institutions. I use it for smaller schools, but also for institutions, mainly in the sports area.

Excellent Component

Posted on 20 November 2019
Very extensive functionality for announcing, registration and the follow up of courses.
This functionality extended over the last years
Ease of use
Because of the huge amount of options the learning curve is quite long. If you know your way around it’s easy to maintain
Support is very good. There is a forum where you can find a lot of answers to your questions. Otherwise the moderator responds very quickly
There is extensive documentation online available. Surely for a start very helpful. More complex options might take some time to find
Value for money
Great value for the money. Improvements & extensions over the last 5 years made the component very mature. This price is very reasonable.
I used this to: The publication of courses regarding Infection control. Also for the registration of participants, sending confirmations including iCal, creating (manual) invoices & certificates, send reminders.
OSG Seminar Manager

OSG Seminar Manager

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Education & Culture
This course management (event management) component allows you to have a complete event listing and booking system on your Joomla! site. Your customers can book an existing seminar or register at a prospect list. The OSG Seminar Manager is based on the Course Manager 1.7. It has a great number of new functions, error corrections and enhancements. Frontend: * publish courses (events) in multiples...
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OSG Seminar Manager PRO

Open Source Group GmbH
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Mar 17 2019
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Mar 13 2019
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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