Embed & Include, Print & PDF, jDownloads extensions

Compared to other PDF viewers this one is focused on integration with jDownloads and searching. But you can also still embed other PDF files from your website.

- Uses the pdf.js webviewer
- Set pagenumber to open by tag or url.
- Joomla Highlight smartsearch integration
- Set search by url.
- Show the PDF file as Embedded, popup or in a new window
- Customize height and width for each PDF embedding.
- Advanced jDownloads integration
- Show one page as an image
- Editor button

Jdownload is not yet aviable for Joomla for but you can use the plugin with external files.

Community Builder list

Community Builder list

By M Rodenburg
Community Builder extensions
Show a Community Builder list in a module with custom presentation-template with the possibility of using/presenting all user fields from CB and Joomla. Features: - Create your own layout in a simple editor - Use all existing fields - Responsive columns - Set number of user to show - Order random...
Universal buttons

Universal buttons

By M Rodenburg
Editor Buttons
Universal buttons give you the possibility to create your own editor buttons. Want to create a help popup? You can! Popup an upload page from another component? Easy! Is your favorite plugin lacking an editor button? Create one your self! A button for Article Template? You can make it! Features Create unlimited amount of buttons with one extension Set authorization on group level for each butt...
CB profile

CB profile

By M Rodenburg
Community Builder extensions
This plugin allows you to show Community Builder user profiles in the content. Features: - show multiple user in the order that you want - Resize picture - Select a CB user list to show - show by username or email - create own template with every field you want...


M Rodenburg
Last updated:
Oct 02 2022
2 months ago
Date added:
May 24 2021
GPLv2 or later
Free download
p e
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System