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A plugin to show one article inside another, replaceable text, such as instructions or terms, can be shown inside any article. Include the code {article=Article ID}

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or {article=Article ID,| any field |}

In your article, you can optionally show a value of any field from #__content table such as title, introtext, fulltext, metakey, metadesc, etc.

Publishing the same text on several pages and then willing to make changes in it, can be tedious. You have to change the text on all the web pages separately.
However, with Place an Article plugin, you simply make changes in one article, and it will automatically apply on all the websites with your text.

Example: {article=453}

Example: {article=453,fulltext}

Possible fields: 'title','alias','introtext','fulltext','state','catid','created','createdbyalias','modified','images','urls','metakey','metadesc','hits','featured','language'

This plugin is a great idea. Nevertheless it doesn't work with modules_anywhere.

I'm giving the rating just because it includes a backlink to their website, which is fine, what I don't like is that they don't say that on the plugin description.

One problem

Posted on 17 October 2011
It publish any article including *unpublished*. It would be much better to add a verification for published/unpublished and insert only materials with *published* status. So if an article is no more actual I can unpublish it and now I'm sure that it disappears from all articles wherever it was inserted.

Very handy plugin

Posted on 16 October 2011
I consider this plugin as a must for sites with not trivial content structure. It helps me a lot to keep tidy content consistency as I tend to put articles once written in different context and places. 5 stars also for the nice and friendly support.
This pluging is simply superb.

I would say it is THE EASIEST WAY to embed the contents of one article within another.

Just as the author says, insert the tag {article=article_id} where you need another article inserted and the pluging replaces the tag with the entire content of the that article beautifully rendered with all the CSS and HTML just as it should appear.

I used this plugin in a very handy way to simplify a complex content item page which was constructed in Dreamweaver and cut pasted into Joomla No Editor mode. The page had a lot of layers along with associated javascript behaviours which did the job of hiding and displaying layers when user moused over links on the page. It also included Dreamweaver Spry effects.

The layers contained formatted tables which would require frequent editing. So the tables had to appear in WYSIWYG mode in JCE. But this was not possible since JCE does not correctly render content of complex pages with hidden layers and divs.

So what I did was to pull the tables out of the main layered and scripted page and replace them with appropriate "Place Article" tags. The actual tables were kept as separate content items which could then be easily edited in a WYSIWYG manner without touching the complex scripted page.

What a great help "Place Article" is to handle this hybrid Joomla/Dreamweaver design methodology !

A million thanks to the author.

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Place Article

Joomla Boat
Last updated:
Jan 17 2019
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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