A rock-solid solution for creating and using responsive images with Joomla 4 from the developer that brought the images lazy loading and a bunch more goodies into Joomla 4.
A working solution, that many developers trust and use since 2016

Or images done right©

  • Generates Avif images and source sets
  • Generates Webp images and source sets
  • Use Imagic or GD for image processing
  • A clever way to handle any component/module
  • Dead easy helper function for layout files
  • Versioning because Cache Invalidation Is Hard
  • Dead easy to customise

What it does

Transforms content (or layout) images to responsive images, eg image tags with srcsets (optimal size depending on the device screen, browser width).

Absolutely essential!

Posted on 23 April 2024
Absolutely essential for responsive websites showing single images. Should become part of Joomla!'s core in the very near future!
Ease of use
No problems. You must test, which parameters are the best for you.
Reaction of developer within several hours. Very good communication.
Everything seems to be documented. I misunderstood the use of custom fields.It does't mean the input-fields of the tab "Images and Links".
I used this to: Any image on my website. I store large images to serve users with 4k-screens as well as older mobiles.
Изображенията се преоразмеряват съобразно платформата правилно. Добавя и lazy за изображенията във FCP.
Ease of use
На практика няма нужда от някакви настройки. Настройките са прегледни.
Да, има поддръжка от разработчика, макар и да няма нова версия за J5.
Има, макар и не много голяма. Авторът съдейства за отстраняване на проблеми.
I used this to: ????? ????????????? ????. ????? ??????????? ?? ??????? ? ???????????.

Powerfull plugin

Posted on 10 December 2023
This plugin does a great job of highlighting the swats found in articles
Ease of use
If you want to use this plugin for other images that are not in the article, then you need to configure it according to the documentation
I used this to: Blog website. Many thanks to the author for creating a useful plugin, I would like to simplify the documentation
Restricted FS

Restricted FS

By dgrammatiko
File Management
Introduces restricted access to a specific part of the images folder (images/user/userName, where userName is the actual user name). The plugin could be enabled per user group. The code is tiny, extremelly efficient and doesn't require any configuration other than selecting the user groups that will act upon it. Also, no nasty hacks or monkey patched code. It's a proper solution that doesn't need...

Responsive Images

Last updated:
Jul 28 2023
10 months ago
Date added:
Dec 18 2021
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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