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Displays Facebook feed, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, Youtube feed, Pinterest feed, Flickr feed, Vimeo feed, SoundCloud feed, VK feed, RSS feed on your site.
Simple Social Media Stream extension is the best choice for those who are looking for an easy way to share their social networking updates or display feeds on their Joomla ready website.
This extension gives you a combined social media stream for all of your social network updates and can display them in 3 different layouts: Wall, Timeline, Carousel. It supports 11 and growing social networks including Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, Pinterest feeds, Instagram feeds, Youtube feeds, Vimeo feeds, RSS feeds, Flickr feeds, SoundCloud feeds, VK feeds and includes about 21 feeds options.
Your visitors will be able to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter from your website. They will also have the option to reply, retweet or favorite the Twitter posts on your stream. They can even filter your social stream by a social network.
You can also change the style of your stream using the theme manager and/or custom CSS stylesheets, and make it unique to your website.

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Main Usages:

  • To broadcast all your social network news, photos, videos and updates from multiple social network accounts as a single stream to your visitors.
  • To create a single social stream for multiple social network accounts with multiple profiles.
  • To create a multi-network photo or video gallery on your website.
  • To create a news stream from multiple RSS feeds on your website.
  • To broadcast all social network news related to a specific search term or hashtag from multiple social media channels on your website.
  • To display feeds like Facebook feed, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, Youtube feed, Pinterest feed, Flickr feed, Vimeo feed, SoundCloud feed, VK feed, RSS feed on your site.
  • To display social media or social display or social media display on your site.
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  • Facebook share, Twitter share.
  • Facebook timeline, Twitter timeline, Instagram timeline, Youtube timeline, Pinterest timeline, Vimeo timeline, Flickr timeline, SoundCloud timeline, VK timeline, RSS timeline.
  • Facebook wall, Twitter wall, Instagram wall, Youtube wall, Pinterest wall, Vimeo wall, Flickr wall, SoundCloud wall, VK wall, RSS wall.
  • Facebook carousel, Twitter carousel, Instagram carousel, Youtube carousel, Pinterest carousel, Vimeo carousel, Flickr carousel, SoundCloud carousel, VK carousel, RSS carousel.

Main Features:

3 different display modes:
- Wall, Timeline, Carousel Feed

Supports 11 and growing social networks:
- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, RSS, SoundCloud, VK

3 ways to add to your website:
- Add Social Stream on a page
- Add Social Stream as a Module

Fully Responsive:
- The extension is fully responsive which enables you to be used in mobile-friendly websites.

Slideshow Presentation View:
- Feature to display social items in full lightbox slideshow for presenting and wide screens.

More than 30 feed options:
- Facebook page wall public posts.
- Facebook album public photos.
- Facebook page public photos.
- Facebook page public videos.
- Twitter user latest Tweets.
- Twitter list Tweets.
- Twitter search Tweets with hashtags.
- Pinterest latest user public Pins.
- Pinterest latest public Pins from a specific board.
- Flickr user latest public photostream uploads.
- Flickr group public photostream uploads.
- Instagram user posts including photos and videos.
- Instagram search posts by tags.
- Instagram latest posts by location ID.
- Instagram search by geographical location.
- YouTube user latest uploads.
- YouTube public playlist uploads.
- YouTube search by term.
- Vimeo user public (a. videos, b. likes, c. appeared in, d. all videos, e. subscriptions, f. albums, g. channels & h. groups) feeds.
- SoundCloud user tracks public feed.
- VK user or community wall feed.
- RSS feed URL latest entries.

More Features:

  • Extension licensing and one year of automatic updates.
  • Images lazy load feature.
  • Load more items button for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, VK, Flickr.
  • Option to get specific sets of posts for Facebook page feed. Posts published by this page, or by others, or by both on this page.
  • Ability to get posts in a certain datetime on Facebook.
  • Ability to get tweets generated in a given date on Twitter.
  • Filtering the stream items using a search phrase.
  • Ability to order the filter network icons.
  • Option to order the stream results by date of the item or randomly.
  • Limiting the maximum number of results to display on the stream.
  • Limiting the title, description & comments' words count to display for each item on the stream.
  • Caching of social feeds with defining of cache time to reduce up download time.
  • Read more link for long block of texts.
  • Ability to open links in new window or parent window
  • Option to change the status of links to follow or nofollow.
  • Opening images & videos in lightbox window.
  • Video icon overlay on stream video items.
  • Ability to enable/disable animation and defining the rotate delay & filter direction for Wall.
  • Option to adjust the spacing between the columns in the wall.
  • Option that, let blocks to adjust and re-size to fill the gap in the wall.
  • Option to display timeline in one column or based on browser screen width.
  • Share posts on Facebook, Twitter from your website.
  • Fully documented + all examples.
  • Fully extension inline descriptions.
  • 5 built-in templates.
  • Theme manager.
  • Custom layout & CSS stylesheets.
  • Allowing to select from different themes.
  • Customization of stream body background color, border color, border size, background image & font color for all display modes.
  • Customization of stream item background color, border color & border size for all display modes.
  • Select the font size for the stream.
  • Display your social stream module in different positions on your website.
  • Including photo comments for Facebook.
  • Displaying number of likes & comments for Instagram.
  • Displaying the post type icons.
  • Allowing to set the feed block width/height.
  • Allowing to set the image width/height for images & thumbnails.
  • Allowing to select the width/height for videos.
  • Option to define, how to display the image for each item (Boxed or Expanded).
  • Option to allow loading images over https.
  • Processing multiple IDs per network.
  • Processing multiple feeds per network.
  • Ability to select the content blocks to be included in each item in stream output.
  • Adding unlimited social streams on your website.
  • Ability to add multiple social streams in a page on your website.
  • The ability to define the number of items displaying in each slide for different screen widths on Carousel layout.
  • Supporting for multi-byte character set languages.
  • Feature to display social stream items as lightbox slideshow.
  • Auto-resize responsive lightbox window.
  • Online debug log.
  • Ability to translate to any language.


  • All Demos:
  • Wall Modern layout:
  • Modern layout - Dark skin:
  • Wall Flat layout:
  • Wall Modern classic:
  • Fixed Height Wall Demo:
  • Video Stream Demo:
  • Social Tag Board:
  • Wall RSS Aggregator:
  • Wall Demo - Metro layout - Dark skin:
  • Wall Demo 6 - Modern 2 layout - Light skin:
  • Carousel Feed Demo 1 - Modern 2 layout:
  • Carousel Feed Demo 2 - Modern layout:
  • Timeline Demo 1 - Modern layout:
  • Timeline Demo 2 - Default layout:


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Social APIs Restrictions

There are some restriction from social network APIs that are making some limitations for us on top of building this plugin that are listed here.
- You cannot get the feed from a Facebook group. Only page, album, photos, videos, and personal feeds are supported.
- On Facebook, if you want to get a feed from a personal account (instead of a page or album), you need to "create your own Facebook app" and connect that account to the plugin using your own Facebook app.
- Twitter account should not be set as “Protect my Tweets”.
- Twitter search API can only grab the items that are posted in the last 7 - 9 days.
- Twitter API does not provide the image data for re-tweets.
- For Instagram User Feed, you can only get results from accounts you have an access token created using that account.
- Getting feed from other Instagram accounts which you have not listed under your connected account(s) may not be possible if your website server IP is getting banned by Instagram.
- Pinterest re-shared items will not include the original shared item.


  • The extension requires the PHP version 5.6.x or higher.
  • The extension requires the Joomla version 2.5 or higher.
  • This extension requires both PHP's multibyte string extension AND iconv extension (enabled by default on most servers).
  • PHP's XML extension is required (enabled by default on most servers).
  • PHP's cURL extension is recommended (required for Facebook & Twitter feeds).

Package Includes:

  • Simple Social Media Stream 1.0.7 extension package.
  • Full documentation files in HTML format.


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning to Simple Social Media Stream extension, please contact us via our website at


= 2.10.0 - 14.03.2020 =
- Fix : Latest problem of loading some Facebook images on Safari due to API change has been fixed.
- Fix : Latest problem of displaying of user information on Facebook items has been fixed.
- Fix : Fixing the "This content isn't available right now" problem on Facebook.
- Fix : Instagram profile information display problem fixed.
- Fix : Instagram official API v1 credentials setup removed of the plugin.
= 2.9.0 - 12.01.2020 =
- New : Instagram login information setup added.
- Fix : Instagram getting feed by location ID problem fixed.
- Fix : Instagram IP banned restriction problem resolved.
- Removed : Instagram getting feed by geographical location removed.
= 2.8.1 - 02.12.2019 =
- Fix : Instagram conflicting of cached feeds problem fixed.
- Fix : Use Facebook user token if no page is connected to the plugin.
- Fix : Fixing the item gap problem in photo gallery display mode.
- Fix : Replacing ... with Read More in Word Limiter.
= 2.8.0 - 06.11.2019 =
- Fix :: Instagram lacking user info problem fixed.
- New : Facebook getting personal profile feed feature added.
- New :: Making sharing buttons responsive.
- LinkedIn removed from the extension.
= 2.7.1 - 07.10.2019 =
- Fix : Setup multiple Facebook pages listing issue fixed.
= 2.7.0 - 03.10.2019 =
- Fix : Facebook feeds duplicate description issue fixed.
- New : Access token added into the authenticated accounts section.
= 2.6.0 - 18.09.2019 =
- New: Facebook multi account authentication feature added.
- Fix: Facebook problem with API v4 fixed.
- Fix: Page username problem in Facebook API Credentials setup fixed.
- New: Instagram multi-account authentication feature added.
- Fix: Instagram proxy setting authentication problem fixed.
- Fix: Instagram access token tool public_content permission problem fixed.
= 2.5.0 - 05.09.2019 =
- New: Adding own App credentials setup for Facebook.
- New: Ordering results by default added to settings.
- Fix: Minfor bug fixes.
= 2.4.1 - 09.06.2019 =
- New: Adding notifications plugin to display the component notfications in administrator.
- Fix : Fix displaying duplicate feeds on load more.
- Fix : Minor bug fixes.
= 2.4.0 - 19.03.2019 =
- New : API proxy setup setting added.
- New : Added the sb-img class to all image tags on social stream.
- New : Feature to disable images lazy loading on the social stream.
- New : Adding meta data to carousel items.
- Deprecated : Google+ API deprecated and removed from the component.
- Fix : Twitter embedding connection refused error handled.
- Fix : Fixing the problem of displaying Instagram user info on items.
- Fix : Fixing the load more problem of Instagram user items.
- Fix : Fixing the images lazy loading problem.
- Fix : Fixed the 'call stack size exceeded' issue on wall filtering.
- Fix : The problem of wall relayouting while doing load more fixed.
= 2.3.1 - 14.02.2019 =
- Fix : Fixing the problem of displaying Instagram user info on items.
- Fix : Updating documentation URL.
= 2.3.0 - 13.01.2019 =
- New : Instagram hashtag feed API deprecated and replaced with a new solution.
- New : Feature to get other Instagram user public feeds without an access token.
- New : Flickr Photoset/Album feed support added.
= 2.2.0 - 20.11.2018 =
- New : Adding image proxy feature to support caching images.
- New : Feature to connect and generate Twitter, Facebook API credentials directly in plugin.
- Fix : Fixing embed images style issue in the carousel.
= 2.1.0 - 02.11.2018 =
- New : Display a preview of simple shared links in tweets on the item.
- New : Feature to add custom height for carousel items.
- Fix : Displaying Facebook Likes and Comments count.
= 2.0.0 - 26.08.2018 =
- New : Adding a feature to display embeds in the twiiter feeds.
- New : Adding Flickr Social Network.
- New : Adding VK Social Network.
- New : Adding SoundCloud Social Network.
= 1.0.9 - 15.08.2018 =
- Fix : Some of notice errors fixed.
= 1.0.8 - 18.07.2018 =
- Page scroll lazy load problem fixed.
= 1.0.7 - 20.06.2018 =
- Fixing issue of custom code Ads.
- Fixing issue of not applying themes.
- Fixing issue of links color.
- Fixing issue of timezone.
= 1.0.6 - 29.04.2018 =
- Fixing the image loading problem when multiple carousels added on the same page.
- Fixing https images loading for Facebook shared item type.
= 1.0.5 - 10.04.2018 =
- Fix: Instagram user public feed deprecated problem fixed.
= 1.0.4 - 12.03.2018 =
- Fix: Loading only published Ads to streams.
= 1.0.3 - 07.03.2018 =
- Fixing the wall re-layout option problem.
= 1.0.0 - 24.10.2017 =
- First release.

Fantastic Support

Posted on 22 March 2020
Very neat component, I would like to see Linkedin added sometime in the future
Ease of use
Overall easy , the only problem is you have too many choices for layout, which is a good thing
I have NEVER received support as good as this. The level of support was awesome and so really helpful
Very good, well documented and very good English, I found it very easy to follow
Value for money
EXCELLENT, I got this on offer at USD20 but would happily pay the full asking price in the future
I used this to: Compiling posts into a media hub for Physicians during the COVID-19 outbreak
The component does what it explains and fetch feeds from social accounts easily and effectively.
Most recommended component & module
Ease of use
Very easy to use component & module to get feeds from social accounts.
Support is great and responsive.
They are response and accurate.
Documentation is complete and covers every things of the product.
Value for money
Awesome value of money for this product.
Awesome value of money for this product.
I used this to: to fetch feeds of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, .....

Beautiful Social Feeds

Posted on 26 February 2020
It is possible to create beautiful social feeds in Joomla with this extension.
It works as explained with beautiful and customizable layouts
Ease of use
This extension is very easy to use and also its documentation is complete and covers all the things that is useful to config it.
I had a question and support helped me in a great way. I had a question and support helped me in a great way.
its documentation is complete and covers all the things that is useful to config it.
Value for money
Its value for money is best in the market. Its value for money is best in the market.
I used this to: to stream and get feeds of my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube

Great support awesome product

Posted on 21 February 2020
The product does any thing that described in the page well.

It supports all of social networks in one extension and it is really great.
Ease of use
The documentation helped me more to config it easily so it is easy to use.
Support is awesome and helped me for my questions more.

Thank you support department guys.
Documentation of the plugin is also perfect and describes all of details completely.
Value for money
Such a best value for best extension for social stream in the Joomla world.
I used this to: I use this extension to show social feeds of my accounts in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,...
The extension is easy to use and its functionality is completed in my opinion and works as like described like a charm.
Ease of use
Very easy to use extension for Joomla. Very easy to use extension for Joomla.
Support is responsive and helps quickly. Support is responsive and helps quickly.
The documentation is complete and helpful. The documentation is complete and helpful.
Value for money
Money is great for this module. Money is great for this module. Money is great for this module.
I used this to: I use this module to show Facebook and Instagram feeds in my site.
Easy to use component with powerful features and layouts. It works as expected.
Ease of use
As long as it is easy to use it's also very powerful to show feeds on Joomla site.
Support is best and responsive all the time.
Support is best and responsive all the time.
Documentation is very complete and helps to configure the component.
Value for money
Best money feed extension and also best among the competitors.
Best money feed extension and also best among the competitors.
I used this to: I use this component to show feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, ...
This is a essential extension for everyone that would like to display social feeds on the site.
It works as described and has great layouts
Ease of use
Not being a Joomla expert but I could use it easily with the details that documentation provides.
Brilliant. The team responds quickly and offers detailed explanations and examples with screenshots that helped me a lot.
Great and perfect and complete that has most of details in it and help you to set up the extension easily.
Value for money
Excellent for this extension.
It has lots of options and great layouts with most of social networks in the extension and it is really valuab
I used this to: Show Feeds of Twiiter, Feeds of Instagram, Feeds of Facebook, Feeds of Youtube and etc.
Excellent extension with more options available to control social feed and supports all of social networks that you can choose.
Ease of use
It is easy to use and support is more helpful.
In a one word it is easy and powerful.
Support is the best and world class and helped me multiple times with a fast response.
Documentation is complete and you can find everything you want to configure the social networks.
Value for money
Value for money is great for this software and service with a world class support.
I used this to: To display Facebook feeds, Instagram Feeds, Youtube Feeds, Twitter Feeds, Flickr Feeds and ...

Best feed extension

Posted on 29 January 2020
It is a best feed extension and works as expected without any issue.

It supports all of social networks in one place.
Ease of use
It is easy to use and configure.
You can configure each of social networks by following the documentation instructions.
Support is as well as the extension and helped me fast.

Support is as well as the extension and helped me fast.
Documentation is complete and helped me more to achieve my goals.

Documentation is complete and helped me more to achieve my goals.
Value for money
Great value for this extension that has component and module for feeds in in one place.
I used this to: Youtube feeds, Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, Flickr feeds, Twitter feeds.

Youtube feeds, Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, Flickr feeds, Twitter feeds.

World class support and App

Posted on 25 January 2020
World class social feed app that has many features and social networks in one place and really worth it to buy such an extension.
Ease of use
Really it is easy to use and the documentation is complete and covers all of things you need to configure it.
Support of the app is World Class and they helped me multiple times regarding my questions.
The documentation is complete and covers all of things you need to configure it.
Value for money
Really worth it to buy this extension with a less price that they recommend.
I used this to: Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Youtube feed, Twitter fee, Pinterest feed, Flickr feed, ...

Simple Social Media Stream

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