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✔ Social Autopublish. The social media content management tool. Simply, Joocial auto posts your content to social networks.

Joocial is the next stage of auto-posting evolution, beyond simply auto-publishing content to a social network.

=== NEW: Facebook - Simplifying App Review for business apps with data access levels ===

Joocial speaks up for a unified content strategy in the selection, creation, maintenance and distribution over the web. Social channels are integrated to publish rich messages from cohesive sources, promptly, engaging your audience.

Achieve 360-degree social management with Joocial

Joocial builds upon the base of automated auto-posting to supply innovative features for state-of-the-art community management. Joocial basic configuration begins with the same steps as social auto-posting: multiple unlimited channels, requests and posts administration, rules, RSS feeds for article generation and integration with over 60+ Joomla! application extensions.

Once the first stage is completed, the social strategy can take advantage of modern techniques to multiply audience engagement.

In a nutshell: Auto-posting features

Control Panel: An operative dashboard to have a quick view of your social media actions.

Social Composer: An editor to create your messages. Composer allows you to take advantage of the designed strategy for automated and manual social posts. Therefore, all social posts follow the same planning to reach a higher degree of consistency.

Requests and Posts: All activities can be managed and monitored. Requests and posts can easily be cancelled, repeated or rescheduled.

Rules: rules provide a method to organize content, customize and distribute it along various social channels. For instance, Joocial can apply rules by category, author, language, words, or regular expressions.

Channels: Social channels define the main integration area from your content to social networks. In this optimized area, the required authorizations are simply granted according to your account profile.

  • Channel types supported in Joocial:

    • Facebook Group and Page
    • Twitter channels
    • LinkedIn Profile, Company, and Group for Partners channels
  • ** ⚡ Google My Business - NEW!**

  • ** ⚡ Web Push - NEW!**

    • ** ⚡ OneSignal - NEW!** - Send web push through your website
    • ** ⚡ PushAlert - NEW!** - Push Notifications for Web and Mobile Browsers
    • ** ⚡ Pushwoosh - NEW!** - Reach out to your web audience with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Support for images.
  • ** ⚡ Push Notifications for mobile apps - NEW!**

    • ** ⚡ OneSignal - NEW!** - Send push notifications through your mobile app
    • ** ⚡ PushAlert - NEW!** - Push Notifications for Web and Mobile Browsers
    • ** ⚡ Pushwoosh - NEW!** - iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone.
  • Content-Oriented Social Channels:

    • Blogger
    • EasySocial
    • NEW: Google My Business
    • Google Page Speed reports
    • JomSocial
    • Medium
    • Pinterest
    • Telegram
    • Tumblr
    • VK Profile or Community

60+ Extensions Plug-ins: Joocial plug-in implements the largest Joomla ecosystem hub for social networking. The social hub is outside the range of other sharing solutions, including all plug-ins in a handy package.

RSS Feeds grabber: To enrich your auto-posting from native content, RSS Feeds grabber provides a boost to social timelines adding complementary posts to the main topics.

Other RSS Feeds grabbers support: It smoothly integrates other article importers, like Article Generator, obGrabber, FeedGator, Feed2Post, RSS2Content, among others.

Joocial management features

✳ Second-generation Social Composer

✔ In this instance, Social Composer adds new dimensions to create precise messages according to the designed strategy: media manager, publishing attributes, channel chooser, agenda and repeats.

✳ Post Management Tools

✔ Social Publish Toolbar and Editor Button to define social post properties right in the integrated content source.

✳ Virtual Manager

✔ A high-level virtual assistant to manage when messages are published following a defined agenda or repeats, according to working hours.

✳ Evergreen messages

✔ If there is no content to be published, the virtual assistant can retrieve and republish messages marked as evergreen, depending on frequency.

✳ Social Tags Plug-ins

✔ Facebook Open Graph and TwitterCard support automatically add content tags.

✳ Front-end Community Auto-Posting

✔ Users can enable their social channels to report all user activities to user channels.

✳ Front-end Jootool

✔ To configure channels and manage content. Collaborators can be organized as authors, editors, publishers, and managers.

Plug-ins for Joomla! extensions included in Joocial

Joocial manages content from the following Joomla! extensions to social networks. Notably, Joocial-enabled plug-ins support extended features: integrated Post Management, Post Editor Button and Toolbar, evergreen posts and front-end/back-end user interfaces.

  • Joomla Content
  • Joomla Weblinks
  • On new user
  • AdsManager
  • Agora Pro
  • BT Property
  • CMGroupBuying
  • Cobalt
  • CommunityBuilder
  • DJ-Classifieds
  • DOCman
  • DPCalendar
  • DT Register
  • EasyArticles
  • EasyBlog
  • EasyDiscuss
  • EasySocial
  • Event Manager
  • EventBooking
  • Eventlist
  • Fabrik
  • FAQ Book
  • FlexiContent
  • HikaShop
  • HWDMediaShare
  • IProperty
  • JCalPro
  • JComments
  • JDownloads
  • JGive
  • JomEstate
  • Jomres
  • JomSocial
  • JomWall
  • JoomBah Jobs
  • JoomCareer
  • JoomDonation
  • JoomGallery
  • JoomShopping
  • JReviews
  • JTicketing
  • JU Directory
  • JU Downloads
  • JV-LinkDirectory
  • K2
  • Komento
  • Kunena Forum
  • ListBingo
  • Matukio
  • MijoShop
  • Mosets Tree
  • Music Collection
  • Ohanah
  • Phoca Download
  • phpBB Forum (via p8pbb)
  • Remository
  • RSEvents!
  • RSForm!
  • Seblod CCK
  • SimpleCalendar
  • SobiPro
  • Testimonials (Infyways)
  • Testimonials (JoomPlace)
  • TZ Portfolio
  • VirtueMart
  • ZOO

Other integrated Joomla! extensions via 3rd party plug-ins

  • Acymailing
  • JEvents
  • Preachit!
  • SermonSpeaker
  • Zefania Bible

Extensive list of features

  • Control Panel
  • Install from Web and Live Updates
  • Requests
    • General Management
    • Full Unicode/ Emojis
    • Image Preview
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Publish
    • Calendar View
  • Evergreens
    • General Management
  • Rules
    • General Management
    • Override Settings
    • Rule Message Control
    • Add Static Text
    • Text Replacement
  • Posts
    • General Management
    • Full Unicode/ Emojis
    • Image Preview and Validation
    • Short URL / Original URL Edition
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Approval
    • Manual Publish
    • State Change
  • System Check
    • Component
    • Modules
    • Plugins Management
  • Post Management
    • Social Publish Toolbar
    • Social Publish Button
    • Post This control
    • Evergreen Post
    • Posting Date Agenda
    • Repeats
    • Image Chooser
  • Virtual Manager
    • Working hours
    • Evergreen Strategy
    • Advanced Options
  • Channels
    • General Management
    • Facebook Page
    • Facebook Group
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn Profile, Company and Group for Partners
    • Blogger
    • EasySocial
    • ** ⚡ Google My Business - NEW!**
    • Google PageSpeed reports
    • JomSocial
    • Medium
    • Pinterest
    • Push Notifications - OneSignal
    • Push Notifications - PushAlert
    • Push Notifications - Pushwoosh
    • Image Support
    • Telegram
    • Tumblr
    • VK Profile or Community
    • Web Push - OneSignal
    • Web Push - PushAlert
    • Web Push - Pushwoosh
  • Extensions Plug-ins
    • 60+ Extensions Plug-ins
    • Facebook Open Graph Tags plug-in
    • Smart Generator
    • TwitterCards Tags plug-in
    • Smart Generator
    • Social Profile Backlinks for Google, LocalBusiness support
    • Write Your Own Plugin API
  • RSS Feeds
    • General Management
    • Feed Details
    • Publishing
    • Content Creation
    • Image Grabber
    • Filters
    • Content Grabber
    • Auto Tweet Generator
  • Rule Engine
    • Rule Types: Access, Author, Catch all, Category, Featured, Language, Media, Regular expression, Scope, Groups, Term, and Word.
    • Modes: Normal or Deny All
  • Social Composer
    • Mobile Sharing for Joomla! (only Joocial + Composer App)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • WhatsApp
    • Control Panel and Stats
    • Composer Editor
    • Requests management
    • Posts management
    • Multi-Site management
    • Facebook OpenGraph Tags support
  • Paywall Mode
  • Shorteners
    • Firebase Dynamic Links
    • (default)
    • Yourls


Date: 26 February 2021

  • NEW: Support of sh404sef shortener
  • Fix: Push Notifications - Fix the empty tags initialization
  • Usability improvements, optimizations and code styling

Very limited integration

Posted on 18 March 2021
Very basic integration with inability to capture and share photos and videos from EasySocial.
Ease of use
Non standard admin interface makes navigation difficult and frustrating
I found support to be very slow, they ignored supplied information which made the support process unnecessarily long.
Documentation was incomplete. It did not include uses-cases for the plugins that I needed, it also did not have very good error lookup
Value for money
Did not perform in accordance with their sales literature, component functionality is over-sold. Also mobile app is now discontinued.
I used this to: I wanted to use this to share photos and videos from easysocial to facebook, twitter and instagram, but the easysocial integration cannot pick up photos or videos and the mobile app required to share to instagram has been discontinued with no release date for its replacement
Owner's reply: The user describes the functionality and support service of a mobile application that is not part of the extension published on JED. So, he didn't understand what feature is supported by the extension and what features of the service are provided by the mobile app.

This is not a valid review of the published extension. It must be unpublished.
Allows integration and scheduling with the popular platforms with a raft of features. Plus the ability to publish to EasySocial groups.
Ease of use
You need to take time to read the documentation, which is comprehensive.
First class. Sometimes it can take a day or so, but the developers are super helpful and included some features I requested.
Well structured and comprehensive. You do need to sit down and read it!
Value for money
Much better than other well known suites, especially as it integrates with Joomla!
I used this to: Saving a vast amount of time publishing to social media and our EasySocial groups and streams.
Once the planets are aligned, it works. But not quite. Many problems and lost time.
Ease of use
You want to spend money and time on channel configurations, component,
  chrom jobs. Ahead. It's like a very long trip that never ends.
It takes 2 days an open ticket and they do not solve my problem.
Value for money
You want to spend money and time on channel configurations, component
  chrom jobs Ahead. It's like a very long trip that never ends.
I used this to: The component requires that many planets align. Once aligned all this works, but it is not completely safe. I have had many problems and lost time in this. A few weeks ago it stopped working and does not publish, nor do the instant publications.
Owner's reply: Hi, Thanks for reaching out.

We try very hard to document and ease the usage of our extensions. However, some cases require advanced configurations. We provide tutorials for social content management. Still, the setting could be out of reach of novice users. In any case, we'll always be there to help.

Finally, please, take into account that our support service is provided on Monday - Friday / 9am - 5pm (CEST). If you send us a ticket Friday overnight, it will wait until Monday.
It works as it says.
Ease of use
If you know Joomla and have experience to have to work with joomla, it is very easy to work with this extension.
I had problem to use this extension for old version of Android and the team fix this problem very quickly and perfectly.
The documentation and videos can guide you and explain every thing very well.
Value for money
certainly this extension is value for the money you will pay.
I used this to: I use the extension for my clients who are some travel agencies. it works very well with some another Joomla extension which i use for social websites and also tourism companies to use joomla website for booking hotels, tours and so on.

Complete Solution

Posted on 22 February 2017
Full featured extension that will let you manage social postings in every aspect.
Ease of use
Once you understand the terms and set it up, then everything goes straight.
Great support - I ordered the configuration service as I was lazy to go through the docs. They were friendly and fast and setup everything.
Lots of documentation, presentations, videos and FAQs. I barely used them though, as I let them setup the extension.
Value for money
For full social posting management within Joomla, it worths the money. The extension is well thought and developers deserve their earnings.
I used this to: To automate and control blog posts sharing to social sites.
I can't think what it is missing. Thry have definitely put a lot of time and effort in to the product.
Ease of use
Pretty easy, a few concepts to get used to, once you know it is easy....
II had two issues, both dealt with at the same time,
75% of which was nothing to do with the extension, but me and some config with my host
Plenty of it, and thorough
Value for money
I used this to: My site, where I publish, automatically, Seblod articles to Facebook.
Because of their Seblod plugin I can use the fields from my content types, as well as Joomla!
Automate and curate content publishing from Joomla! to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more also including all Sosial media plug-ins
Ease of use
Super easy to use and great support!
I needed some help and there was an amazing support and very quick response from the Extly Team.
Clean and useful full documentation with videos that's make it easy for all users types :)
Value for money
Best cheap that can be, if you think to use some companies to develop apps same as this extension integrated can be 1000++
I used this to: This product can automatically tweet and post for you. Also use it to capture content from RSS feed and reformat into articles. I used also to post the VirtueMart products to Facebook and Google+
I love it and very happy because I bought it. Thanks to

Best Regards

AutoTweet Joocial

Posted on 10 April 2015
Joocial is a comprehensive social media management system and it has great funcutionality. That is saying a lot!!! Considering the different requirements of the various networks..
Ease of use
They make it very easy!
This is the best feature! These Social network change their rules any time they feel like it, and without the great support life would suck.
Very Good.
Value for money
It is a good product for the money. With the great support it is an even better deal!
I used this to: I manage multiple clients websites and their Social media accounts. I have to automate.. Not enough time in the day to it all manually...

Awesome package!

Posted on 02 April 2015
Very powerfull extesion, that makes social management simple and nice.
Ease of use
You need to read documentation 1 time to use this extension.
Brilliant support!!!
Very detalied documentation.
Value for money
All ok.
I used this to: I use this for for all my sites that needs social management.


Posted on 07 March 2015
Powerful App
Ease of use
Study the docs and it's a breeze
I had an issue. At first, they couldn't find it, but kept working with me. Resulted in them doing an overnight upgrade job done
Good. Very good
Value for money
YES very powerful tool
I used this to: social media site in conjunction with other apps
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XT Content Notify for K2
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