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SP Staging is a tool with the ability to manage remotely all Joomla! extensions from a central coordinator site on all your Joomla! sites. Imagine using the core Joomla! Extensions Manager with all its functionality (install, find updates, update, upgrade Joomla! etc), but instead you can control all your sites from one place. So in summary with SP Staging you can:

  • Manage extensions remotely from a single place,
  • Use your own site as a coordinator. That way you do not share your sensitive sites data with us, or anyone else!!!
  • Update simultaneously your extensions to many sites,
  • Install simultaneously zip package files to many sites,
  • Remote backup.
  • Monitor your sites, and services healthiness.
  • Execute SQL queries, and PHP scripts under Joomla! environment remotely!!!
Multiple sites can be managed easy from one mainpage.
Also its possible to select only sets of updates and send files to install.
Ease of use
No questions, all self explained.
Reacts in few hours and also added my feature requests in shortest time.
No questions, all functions well described.
Value for money
I used this to: Manage multiple Joomla websites.
It makes my live so much easier. I manage a lot of Joomla! websites and wanted to do that from one place. This extension make that possible.
Ease of use
Everything speaks for it self, even my daughter can help me now
Support is only done by e-mail. Maybe a user forum would help. But the developer reacts pretty fast, so cudos for support
Since the extension is so simple to use the documentation doesn't even have to be there. But still it is.
Value for money
It saves me so much time that value for money isn't even an issue to discuss.
I used this to: Monitoring, managing and updating websites from one place. I had installed it and a few days later there was a Joomla! update available. I updated 30 sites in 10 minutes (while i had my diner). I love it.
The only extension on JED that helps to easily manage, backup and update multiple Joomla! sites in few clicks.
Ease of use
The extension is easy to use, however I'd recommend reading the documentation in order to properly configure the websites.
Documentation is available on developer's website. Was helpful enough to understand how to configure the extension.
Value for money
It's the only product of this kind. Definitely it's worth every penny of its price.
I used this to: I manage 15 Joomla! sites and find keeping them all updated and backed up a hard job. SP staging is very helpful here. If you use Admin Tools on your sites, don't forget to allow direct access to "components/com_spstgsrv/packages/actions_log.json".
It simply works as advertised and works well. Occasionally problem but an update can easily be applied manually to all sites at once.
Ease of use
Easy to install, configure and use.
The couple of times I emailed for support the reply was quick and accurate. A+
Documentation could be written better - something I would gladly help with if desired due to how much time and headache this saves me.
Value for money
Excellent value! Not only saves valuable time save but aids in not overlooking any site when performing updates.
I used this to: I manage approximately 40-50 websites with SP Staging. I've been using it for around a year and only wish I'd found it sooner!
For anyone considering this extension, you'll kick yourself for not getting it sooner.
After my favorite monitoring solution does not support J!3 I was looking for another extension to manage my J! websites. This extension is simple to install and makes it very easy to monitor updates on my different websites. Sometimes the extension is a little bit tricky, but the developer is very helpful in these cases.
I purchased this extension, because you loose overview very soon, even if you have only a small amount of websites to administer. What extension is installed in which version and where? SP Staging solves this problem. You have one Manager site and multiple satellite sites (or Clients, called servers). You install the manager module of SP Staging on your manager site and the server module(s) on any site you want to monitor.

Though I had a little trouble in setting up the whole system (forgive me, the documentation could be more clearly) - there is noch reason for not giving a five star rating to it. Support is very helpful an fast and solved all issues and questions short term. Glad to have purchased it.

Time saving extension

Posted on 21 December 2013
Im am using the new version of Sp-Staging for over 40 sites (Joomla 2.5 and 3.2) and is saves me a lot of time. Easy install on all sites. Developer helped me quick with some minor issues.

This extension is well worth the money and recommended when you want easy maintenance of your Joomla websites.

Needs work

Posted on 26 November 2013
I've used this extension for several months for 30 sites - and with multiple correspondence to the developer.

Pros: Sits on your own server so you aint giving 3rd parties access to you sites (unlike Watchful). Has some powerful features.

Cons: Spend just as much time getting this to work and manually updating the client as you would just manually updating.

Good in theory - but due to bugs - needs to be finished.

As a commercial product we need to give honest reviews - else we are wasting everyone's time - and degrading the review points system.

Hope these guys come through - as Watchful has similar issues too.
Owner's reply: Because we take seriously users comments, we followed your advice and fully restructured the component.

Many of the bugs were caused by functionality that people do not use. Therefore we removed the problematic functionality and we made it much simpler to use.

Now it is as simple as core Joomla! extensions manager with the big difference that it can install/update extensions on many sites at once!

Thanks for your review that initiated the process of fixing things.
This is a good idea which deserves to be upgraded. This could be a good tool for multi sites management. However, I regret my money. This is a beta version, many bugs. It doesn't worth buying it now as developer seems to leave this project starving.
There are a few obvious things on this app which should be fixed (can't email using SMTP and can't test for missing slash at end of URLs) but otherwise this is an outstanding component.

This will save me hours and is well worth the investment of time to get working.

First class support who were more than happy to help get it working
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SP Staging

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GPLv2 or later
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