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AI voice generator with realistic text to speech. Generate lifelike text to speech (TTS) audio. Auto-convert content into natural audio, and embed via our players.
Make your content more engaging with our voice solutions.


➤ Create your free GSpeech account (no credit card required):
➤ Create a website:
➤ Connect your Joomla to GSpeech:
➤ Create a RHT Player:
➤ Create a Full Page Player:

✔ Auto convert your content into engaging audio.
✔ 3 Player Types: Full Page Player, Button Player and Circle Player.
✔ Listen to selected text. Player will appear, when You select a part of the text(RHT Player).
✔ Welcome Message. Play audio when user visit your website.
✔ More than 70 languages supported!
✔ 16 Different styles!
✔ Personal dashboard page.
✔ Audios plays statistics.
✔ Country statistics.
✔ City statistics.
✔ Device statistics.
✔ No server requirements.

✉ SUPPORT: Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions:

REQUIREMENTS: No server requirements.

➤ IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use reviews to submit bug reports, feature requests, and suggestions. For such stuff use the contact us page instead

Both Machine Voices as AI voices are really good, supported by neat dashboard for settings with loads of functionality, great features !
Ease of use
On the front end for users it is very easy to use. Back end requires playing around with the options to chose what you like, easy to do.
Superb. Never before had such support like Simon provided us to make it work like envisioned.
Fast, friendly and professionally good.
The documentation of this brand new version of this extension could/will be further extended. The basic and most important docs are online.
I used this to: Text to speech on our multilingual website. This extension can even read the English text from the website and speak it instantly in another language, Spanish, Russian, you name it, and present the visitor with the translated text in a box. I love this extension !!!
Owner's reply: Thanks for such a beautiful review!

Best Regards,
This extentions just works great. It´s not overloaded with too many functions that nobody needs. It reads the text clear and it sounds good.
Ease of use
Very easy. You just need to enable it, and it works. Additionally you can change some settings to your needs.
I read a lot on the forums when there are issues and the developer are always fast in response if there are any problems.
The documentation is very clear and helpful. If you work often with extensions you probably won´t need it, but if you do, it will help a lot
I used this to: We´re using this for our homepage. It´s a great tool especially for people with reading difficulties and to create barrier-free websites.
Gspeech is easy to use and It will do more than I need. Paid version has great additional features.
Ease of use
So easy, just enable plugin and works...
I do see on forums that they do appear attentive and helps me to solve problems. When I needed help from them, they replied via email
Their documentation is well written and in a clear.
I used this to: I use it on every of the sites I work on. Impressive when some hear for first time.... It's very helpful for all my websites.
Imagine if you will, the most sophisticated technology being used in the simplest of ways; making your site more interactive. It's here!
Ease of use
GSpeech is very easy to configure, setup and install.
Having quality support for quality technology is something you don't see every day. GSpeech knocks out competition in the aspect of support.
I used this to: My company website, personal website and for people with low-vision who can't see or are blind. Click, highlight and have content read to you!
Exactly what I was looking for.
Sometimes the punctuation is ignored by the voice, but well, it´s a computer - and for that it´s great!
Ease of use
It was very easy to install it on our website. Just took a few minutes and easy to handle.
Perfekt! Thank you Simon for your help! I received an answer within a few hours at the same day. And together we solved my problem.
Nothing to complain about.
I used this to: ...a website for a school to make sure everyone (including disabled children) has the possibility to understand what is going on on the school website.
The users of other Creative Solutions will recognize the great functionality of this extensions like all theyre other extensions. The best!
Ease of use
A lot simpler then I would of thought, When a client asked me about adding speech to text, I wasnt sure I could deliver, this made it easy.
You can't get any better support out theyre. Simon is always here for me to help and he will also be theyre for you.
Documentation is straightforward and very helpful in a jam. You wont need it for basic usage but it great when you need it.
I used this to: Of course this is a niche product that I don't install on every site but it's great to have that options. Clients who need this will be amazed of the functionailty and being able to use it just as a greeting is also great.
What a great extension! A lot of our site visitors are older people. Now they can listen to our site in Dutch. The Dutch is even well spoken, super. What I also like at GSpeech and your other extensions is the ability to design the extensions so they suit my own template. Your support is also fast, good and pretty. Hope to see more extensions from you.

Good plugin

Posted on 05 March 2013
Really good plugin does what it says, easy.

i like the audio greeting, but would be nice to have an option to only greet the visitors only 1 time per session, or 1 time per every 7-8 page visits. when audio greeting is on, and users click on site links, the audio greeting keeps playing on every link click.

Fantastic plugin
Owner's reply: Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We will add similar functionality on next release.


Posted on 19 February 2013
Excellent customer service! Support awesome! Product easy to use, easy to install, and a personalized touch super! thank you :)

Amazing Product

Posted on 09 January 2013
Perfect product, great support. Plugin installs in 5 seconds, no errors, no documents needed its that easy.

My site is full of extra modifications, so had a htaccess problem, a quick post in the forums, same day reply. Problem solved. To add to this, it was the 2nd of Jan, festive time and support was immediate and accurate. A credit to Joomla.
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Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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