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The Ultimate RSS Feed Display module get from a RSS/Atom Feed url news and display them in a nice style format and is very similar with your contents style. You have the absolute control over the RSS content,text,image,date and title. You set the way you want to dsiplay the feed news!

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Some features:
+ Remove unwanted words/chars from text (title and/or feed item description)
+ Feed Filtering by keywords
+ TinyURL support
+ Image Cache added - optimized
+ Feed items Pagination
+ Multiple RSS Feed URL supported!
+ Facebook or youtube thumb images supported
+ Lightbox News Reader (2 Modals=Colorbox (jQuery),SqeezeBox (Mootools) )
+ Set table dimensions (columns, rows,padding)
+ Set Align for Title,Text,Image
+ Set Order for Title,Text,Image
+ Enable / Disable Text,Image,ReadMore,Date & Title
+ Limit Chars for Title
+ Limit by words or chars the text
+ Image Source (1st text image or RSS Enclosure tag)
+ Skip small images parameter added
+ Set image Size Width, Height,margin
+ ReadMore style options (Joomla's style,inline,custom)
+ Clean HTML code (content usualy have dirty html code)
+ Allow HTML Tags (exclude tags) from option above
+ Allow HTML Tags or Exclude Html tags from option
+ Date Format & Date Items Order
+ CSS style for customizing output
+ You can override css & tmpl within your MVC Joomla! template.
+ Feed Source Logo
+ Joomla 3,2+ AJAX pagination support

Keywords: RSS Feed,RSS, RSS Reader, RSS News, Feeds Display, Feed news, Feed items displayer, AJAX

Absolutely Amazing

Posted on 05 March 2018
I don't think there's anything this extension can't do.
Ease of use
Extremely easy to use & the developer is always available to answer questions.
The developer goes out of his way to fix whatever problems you have as long as they are related to the UFD.
Value for money
Unfortunately, the lightbox does not work anymore on sites that use https and the module is no longer updated
Value for money
Not anymore
I used this to: This module was the best to show RSS feeds on the website with a fantastic lighbox. I uninstalled it from my sites
Owner's reply: HTTPS not supported when you are trying to load non https links
This is not limitation of our product but browser blocks mixed content.

So your review it's completely wrong!

Very good, perfect!

Posted on 21 April 2016
Many options.
Some options (i need) missing on version 1.3.57.
The developer has created all the wanted options and all fixed in ver. 1.3.59
Ease of use
It is easy to use.
It's a very nice admin area where you can set everything.
Very good and very fast support.
Help with everything i needed.
Brings out 2 new versions in 1 - 2 days.
Support answers very fast!
All the options are in the document.
Very good!
Value for money
Never seen so much options and the looks are very good.
It's a small price and you get a perfect product!
I used this to: News on my homepage (personal).
Perfect , nofollow essential function, easy custom
Ease of use
Is ok
Very easy
Value for money
Works exactly as the author claimed
Ease of use
Very easy to configure and use
Excellent and responsive
Good documentation
Value for money
Needed to show a play icon overlay over the rss feed images and author made it for free for me excellent support as well
I used this to: DIsplay rss feed for my videos on the homepage
Installs and works out of the box.
Ease of use
Multiple confirguration options are available.
Friendly and solve the problem i had with corrupted code coming from facebook.
Documentation is not needed; it's easy to use and self explaining.
Value for money
I used this to: Importing multiple RSS feeds from facebook pages
We have install the module nicely. We have tring to display feed in arabic language but not woking at all and it's display like "???" instead of arabic language.
Owner's reply: It's unfair to rate the product when you have not searched well the availble parameters. When your feed is not UTF-8 some times it's logic to able to reconginse the characters, that's why there is a Encoding Charset option in advanced parameter group


Posted on 03 February 2014
This litle module is amazingly powerful and flexible. We used it build a big beautiful aggregator page for worldwide hunting news. On a weekend, Stergios helped us fix a baffling scripting conflict on the front page. I only wish that level of outstanding support was more common in the Joomla world. In terms of what it can do and the support behind it, absolutely an all-time Best Buy. Plus, there's now an upgraded version that works even better than the original.
Is an excelent module, with support always available!

Perfect module.
A module and service which are surely worth their money. I had some little issues due to jquery (classic in joomla 2.5) and he manage to install and configure a 3rd party extension which solved problems with other extensions as well.

Perfect module.
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Ultimate Feed Display

Last updated:
Jul 23 2018
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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