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Tired installing a dozen of plugins to your J! website?
Tired updating a dozen of plugins?

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Solution is here! The Ultimate Site Tools plugin includes 15 actions to 1 plugin! All actions can be enabled or disabled separately from the others . Install one - Maintain One!

Version 1.4.5

Google sitelinks search box added

version 1.4.0

Now you can block referer's visitors. Even visitors visits directly your site they will stay blocked. You can protect getting visits from pirate/warez sites

=== Quick Overview ===

1) Set Site Generator name - (Change generator tag for security reasons - bots can search and detect that is a Joomla site)
2) SEO Title (Option for other title at front-page and other for other pages)
3) HTML Optimum Load (Strip out all double empty lines, comments and space tabs )
4) Refresh your page Periodically (This feature is useful for often updated sites (like news portals) )
5) Redirect from www to non-www or non-www to www (Use only one instance, google likes it)
6) Bing Site Verify Code meta tag
7) Yahoo! Site Verify Code meta tag
8) Google Analytics Tracking Code
9) Google Webmaster tools (meta verification code)
10) Module's Position Display (tp=1) only for Superusers (site protection)
11) Disable RightClick to not allow content copy
12) Group Password Reset Block for certain User groups (even custom) (Don't allow hackers/bots to request password reset via Front-End (site protection) )
13) Advanced Email Cloak (based on Joomla's default plugin) but with 2 important features! Our Cloak Email checks WHOLE page content for e-mails (not only in articles) and replaces emails with PNG Images... Finally feel safe from spam bots!
14) Block Visitors that coming from bad referers like warez sites
15) Google Sitelinks Search Box

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Very handy

Posted on 29 June 2013
Lots of handy tools here. I especially like the ability to forward non-www to www URLs; no more need to do so via an htaccess file. I'm going to start installing this on all our new websites.
Owner's reply: Thank you, more and more features will be added!

It's about time!

Posted on 02 December 2011
This guys description is exactly correct. "Sick of umpteen plugins" This is really cool. Everything I need for every site. Plus it has extra features like removing space in the code for each page. Dead simple to setup too.

I used to have to install 2 or 3 things to change or remove the generator tag, give the homepage a custom title and add the site name with custom separator at the end of each page.

Then install a Google Analytics plugin for tracking.

This has some really cool features on top of that. The redirect to non www is something I had to do manually. Right on!

There is a bunch of site security settings too, I haven't needed yet. Right click disable is interesting.

Plus more. Oh yeah, it's like dirt cheep too. Again, finally all these things in one plugin!!

Thanks for being a Joomla programmer.
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Ultimate Site Tools

Last updated:
Jan 13 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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