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Simply set-up your twitter info and add your user names separated by commas and your feed is shown on your site as a great looking, sliding feed.

Add a Twitter Feed To Your Website with Several Display Options


  • Multiple Twitter User Names can now be used, just separate with a comma in the admin.

  • Scrolling Twitter Tweet option with speed control

  • Add Multiple Twitter User names and View their tweets in your feed.

  • Show tweets which contain a keyword

  • Highly configurable, many visual options such as color pickers

  • Using Twitter API with authentication

  • Supports updates directly from Joomla! Administration area

  • Single install package for Joomla 2.5, 3.x

  • Any user follow me button, you just enter the username of the account you want them to follow

  • Conflict switch to allow you to try different modes if it is conflicting with any of your other extensions.

  • Joomla! Module

  • Option to use a tab that shows at the side of your page

  • Options to show as a scrolling/slider box

  • Show images in your tweet feed

This extensions is highly flexible;

You can have your twitter feed as a static or scrolling/sliding feed in any module position on your site, or you can have it as a side tab with a static or sliding/scrolling feed.

Tab or Slider

The new Tab options is very popular as it allows you to save tons of space. You can control the height of the feed also, which means you can save even more space.

There is an option to turn the built in slider/scrolling feature on or off, turn the tabs on or off, or to control the speed of the slider as well as the pause time.

You can configure the built in follow me option for any username you choose. Fully compatible with the latest Twitter API and guaranteed to work, even with the forthcoming Twitter changes! We also have a great, free support system on our website.

NEW optional feature! Put your multi user twitter feed inside a tab so it is shown on the right or left side of the page. When you mouse over it, it will slide out and have a scrolling feed of your twitter feed. It's the most compact way to show a twitter feed on your website.

====IMPORTANT===== after installing the twitter feed module, please follow the steps written in the description to configure the authentication mechanism. We have a video tutorial here:

Extension has two twitter modes. One is twitter Timeline, where tweets of a single twitter user are displayed, and the other is twitter Search, where you can enter a twitter search query, and then everything related to that query on twitter will be displayed.

Works as claimed. Options for styling help make it look good, including option to show images.
Ease of use
Installed with no problems. Had a conflict with another plugin that was solved by their handy code selector.
Support quick to reply and very helpful.
Value for money
Worth the small fee to have something that looks good.
I been using this extension for about nine months now and I am very happy with it. The customer service for this extension is very good. I had my questions answered in a timely fashion. I would recommend purchasing this extension.
After using the free version I upgraded to the pro version for the rotating twitter that the free version does not offer.

After having trouble making it work, I contacted support which answered back in an email in a few hours.

I then realized that the problem was mine, by not looking closer at the settings. Kudos for this extension.

Good value for money

Posted on 17 September 2013
We bought this extension after having used the free one and we can assure that the money spent is really less the the value we got.

All the problems have been solved also in holiday time.

And surely it solves very well all the last problems with Twitter display. Thanks guys
Owner's reply: Just wanted to say think you for your feedback!
After Twitter retiring their API v1, most of our used Twittermodules stopped working. WDS however is a great module, first to work with the new API and highly customisable in comparison to all the others out there. Above all, service is outstanding!
Owner's reply: Thanks, I'm glad you like our extension.
I use the Pro version on the site of sports community and it was easy to implement, and the few questions I had were very fast and accurate answered. I am very happy with it.

And you should take account that a Twitter module only can display what Twitter's API provide. So, it is a complete extension, the price should be no barrier to get the Pro version.
Owner's reply: Thanks, yes this version is still only $8.95 and comes with free on site, secure ticket support. Thanks
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Last updated:
Apr 29 2022
2 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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