JSN PageBuilder PRO JSN PageBuilder PRO
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JSN PageBuilder PRO

By JoomlaShine
Content Construction
Introduction JSN PageBuilder 3, the new generation Joomla! Page Builder from JoomlaShine, helps you to build complex web pages during making your coffee. The powerful visual composer was developed by one of the biggest provider who has more than 10 years experience in developing Joomla! templates and extensions. Now creating websites which have various content pages is only a matter of creativity...
Knu Menue Everywhere for Jomsocial Knu Menue Everywhere for Jomsocial

Knu Menue Everywhere for Jomsocial

By Thomy Lehmann
JomSocial Extensions
This module shows the jomsocial community toolbar on every page of your website! Works with Joomla 2.5.x - 3.x and Jomsocial 2.6.x - 4.2.x AND it's for FREE! Features: Shows Jomsocial toolbar in a module position on every site jomsocial notifications on every site Menue and submenue from jomsocial on each page works with joomla 2.5x-3.4x and jomsocial 2.6x-4.1.x The module JS Toolbar Every...
Photogallery for CB Photogallery for CB

Photogallery for CB

By Iacopo Guarneri
Community Builder extensions
Photo gallery for Community Builder is an extension to allow each user to have and manage a personal image gallery. The front end has a nice and very intuitive interface, moreover, pointing the mouse on the icon there is a brief description about the function of the button. Photo gallery for Community Builder is organized by categories, user must first create a folder where images can be uploaded....
vQuiz vQuiz
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By WDMtech
Education & Culture
vQuiz is a very simple, enhanced and fascinating quiz tool, with flexible features user can enjoy with ease. vQuiz provides ability to create various quizzes to evaluate respondent's level of knowledge. vQuiz uses Charts, graphs, and an intuitive flow-oriented interface to make it quick and easy to get an accurate picture of quizzes. It makes beautiful graphic reports of your Quizzes as well as Us...
Digi CB Facebook Page Digi CB Facebook Page
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Digi CB Facebook Page

By Digigreg
Community Builder extensions
By this plugin you can include your Facebook page in your Community Builder Profile. It creates one tab in CB profile, where will be shown your Facebook page. The page address can be entered in two ways: by a Community Builder field or by a custom URL. In the first case, you have to create a text field in CB and select it in the plugin settings; each user of Community Builder will enter own Faceb...


By JEM Team
JEM is a free Event Management Component for Joomla. JEM fully based on the famous Eventlist component, originally developed by Schlu. It's a full-featured package that includes the core component as well as some very helpful modules and plugins. JEM is open source and is developed, maintained and supported by an active community of volunteers. February 2018 We just released Version 2.2.3. Apar...
Quix Quix


By ThemeXpert
Content Construction
FREE visual Joomla page builder with live SEO checking capabilities. Build anything and everything without and design and coding skill, complete Joomla drag & drop page builder. Quix works all popular Joomla template framework like Helix, Helix Ultimate, T3, Gantry and more. Comes with 100+ premium designed layouts and templates. Free Joomla Page Builder With Instant SEO Take control of your...
EasyLayouts EasyLayouts
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By Geraint Edwards
Custom Fields
EasyLayouts works with your Joomla content, custom fields, contact forms, menus and modules and allows you to create beautifully formatted content layouts and custom contact forms using a simple drag and drop interface. Control the presentation of your Joomla custom fields with ease - custom fields are no longer limited to being displayed as a list after the title or the end of your article. Add...
inGallery inGallery
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By Oleg Micriucov
Social Display
inGallery allows you to display any Instagram media on you website in a highly customizable galleries. User friendly, flexible, customizable – it’s an essential plugin to show your website visitors your life stream, portfolio, travel pictures or anything else you can imagine. Key Features Visual builder Build a responsive gallery and manage gallery style easily with intuitive visual editor....
One click registration One click registration
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One click registration

By Kim Pittoors
Site Access
This component is very simple and can be used by everybody. But it's actually intended for web developers that need some special input fields in the Joomla registration form that insert data in third party components. Therefore I kept the code as simple as possible and put it all in one file so you can edit it very easily. Customizing the regular registration procedure can be a lot of work, and i...
Golf Scores Golf Scores
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Golf Scores

By TKServer.com
GOLF SCORES is a native Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0 component which tracks members' golf scores. The system is great for tracking 9 or 18 hole golf rounds or even frisbee golf rounds. Golf Scores automatically calculates net scores when gross and handicap are entered to the form. Golf Scores shows scoring history, has a comment area for each round's notes and has full administrative back end for...
K2 for Cb K2 for Cb
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K2 for Cb

By Iacopo Guarneri
Community Builder extensions
K2 for cb is a plugin for Community builder really easy to use. Once installed in the panel of community builder can edit the graphics settings for cb and k2 indicate the id of the category of k2 which will be included in the articles. For the category of k2 is advisable to create a new one, where we give permissions to users to create and edit their own articles. In this way the frontend, the pro...
CB Video & Image Gallery CB Video & Image Gallery
Paid download

CB Video & Image Gallery

By HindInfotech
Community Builder extensions
Photo gallery and Video gallery is a Joomla 3.x Community Builder plugin. It is based on community builder and a other component called com_photogalleryforcb for managing the videos and photos from administrator Features Allow only youtube video in video gallery plugin. lightbox gallery for photo gallery plugin. Allows to create and publish based on users. Multiple image upload processing. Inclu...
Digi CB Module Tab Digi CB Module Tab
Paid download

Digi CB Module Tab

By Digigreg
Community Builder extensions
By this plugin you can publish module in Community Builder profile, inside a tab. Would you publish a menu module, a custom html module, would you publish latest visits module in CB? With Digi CB Module Tab you can include up to six different module positions in a tab. Layout is Bootstrap based (two rows and three columns). Set the names of module positions where you want to place a module in Co...
Discreet Dating Discreet Dating
Paid download

Discreet Dating

By Nordmograph
Dating & Relationships
Discreet Dating is a powerfull non intrusive dating component for your Joomla community (Community Builder, Jomsocial, EasySocial ) It shows to allowed users (minimum age required) a list of selected users (according to their genre and location, and eventualy an optional sexual orientation field). These users can be tagged as 'Date' and/or 'Down'. Tagging a user as 'Date' means that you would lik...
Forms Forms


By Balbooa.com
Balbooa Joomla Forms is an Advanced Joomla Form Builder. Create Joomla Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, Online Surveys or any other types of forms. Balbooa Joomla Forms is a Drag and Drop Forms Builder that allows you to quickly and easily build modern and beautiful Joomla forms without touching a line of code. Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder is the best solution If you would like to create a modern a...
AllEvents AllEvents


By Emmanuel Lecoester
Calendars & Events
Manage All your Events AllEvents is a powerful, features rich, easy to use Joomla Events&Calendars Management extension. 40 amazing layouts The multitude of displays allows you to easily integrate AllEvents in the graphic of your site. Joomla native support AllEvents is an plugin designed for Joomla CMS. The component uses the latest available API for Joomla 3 Responsive Calendars Pages, Modul...
EasySocial EasySocial
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By stackideas
EasySocial is the best social network extension for Joomla! It allows you to start your own social network on Joomla! Fast and easy. Instantly engage and interact with your members with one extension on your desktop, smartphones and tablets. EasySocial membership and registration flow is highly customizable for a wide range of community websites. Why choose EasySocial? Start your own modern s...