CookieHint CookieHint


By reDim GmbH
Cookie Control
? Free Cookie Notification that helps to fulfill the GDPR (DSGVO) ? This plugin and its functions are designed for maximum website performance ? Joomla! 4.0 BETA bug and issue reporting to ❤ THANK YOU! For over 100k downloads since the GDPR launch and the awesome feedback! With CookieHint you can add a cookie notification to your Joomla! website with a few steps. You just need...
Cookie Information - Consent Solution Cookie Information - Consent Solution

Cookie Information - Consent Solution

By Cookie Information
Cookie Control
This is a GDPR consent solution plugin created by Cookie Information. For more information visit: Description This plugin will easily implement the Website Consent solution from Cookie information into your website. The plugin adds the required scripts and SDK library for Cookie blocking to the Joomla installation. The solution contains: - Consent pop-up - Privac...
Responsive Notification Message Alert Responsive Notification Message Alert

Responsive Notification Message Alert

By JoomlaKave
Alerts & Awareness
Show your Notification or Message to The Users. Perfect to Attract Attention to Special Offer or Announcement A plugin to display notifications or special messages to the users while visiting websites. In the back end you have options to customizable positions to display your notification box. you can write your message and customize the link and the button. You can choose custom styles to chang...
Gogodigital Cookie Consent Gogodigital Cookie Consent

Gogodigital Cookie Consent

By Gogodigital Srls
Cookie Control
Gogodigital Cookie Consent is a Joomla Plugin to add Cookie Consent script to your Website: Cookie Consent is a wonderful script, that you can find here, allows to show a warning for cookie policy....
Social 2s Social 2s

Social 2s

By anton
Social Share
Social 2s is a J! 3.x plugin to display the buttons of the most popular social networks. It's focused on speed. There are lots of Joomla plugins that do that. So why Social 2s is special? Social 2s doesn't load external javascript if not needed, and only loads the required javascript. Say goodbye to load hundreds of unnecessary scripts and say hello to a faster web. Supports Article and Category...
Starlite Notification Bar Starlite Notification Bar

Starlite Notification Bar

By StarLite
Popups & iFrames
StarLite Notification Bar is a Joomla plugin which is used to direct your site's visitors and promote your website's most important content like notification, promo, event or anything related on the header of a website. Setup is very easy, You can set text-color, background-color of the bar, You can show HTML content in the bar. There is an option to show the notification box at top or bottom. And...
NotifyVisitors - Notification Management Software NotifyVisitors - Notification Management Software

NotifyVisitors - Notification Management Software

By Aman
Create notifications and show them to target audience based on multiple filters like location, traffic source, browser or device type, visit frequency or duration, time of day, page views, operating system, cookie, leave intent targeting, custom data rules and many more. Features : - Built for marketers. No code changes required after one time integration. - Get detailed Analytics, performance re...
Notification Icon with Dynamic Update Notification Icon with Dynamic Update

Notification Icon with Dynamic Update

By JoomlaKave
Articles Display
Display Notification For New Article in your Site Home Page or other pages for Joomla Show notification as like as Facebook notification in your Joomla website. It display latest published articles and category. It helps to attract visitors about the new arrivals article and category in your website. Latest Joomla 3.6 Supported ✪ CORE FEATURES; ✔ Multi Color Multi color text. ✔ Cl...
Simple Pop-Up Simple Pop-Up

Simple Pop-Up

By Anders Wasen
Popups & iFrames
PopUp anything on your site! PDF's, Youtube, image gallery, articles and more... Use Simple PopUp to show a message, as a image gallery, add any content to it from the Joomla Article editor. Pop-it up on page load (or not), pop-up only once for each user using cookies, add links through the Article as well. No need for menu items to pop-up the box! (version 1.1 only, see below). Simple PopUp wi...
EU e-Privacy Directive EU e-Privacy Directive

EU e-Privacy Directive

By Michael Richey
Cookie Control
Comply with the GDPR and EU e-Privacy law (AKA the EU Cookie Law)! Block all cookies until the user has accepted them - Session, Language, even 3rd party cookies and cookies set by JavaScript! Those are some big claims, so I must explain that there are some caveats. 3rd party cookie blocking requires PHP 5.3 and the PHP Reflection Classes. Blocking cookies set by JavaScript requires IE8 or gre...
OpenSSO login OpenSSO login

OpenSSO login

Access & Security
Login to Joomla with Oracle OpenSSO Features Login in OpenSSO and use sso token cookie to login to Joomla application Login in Joomla verifing username and password in OpenSSO and create sso token cookie to login to other OpenSSO connected apps When session at OpenSSO is destroyed, you can work in Joomla app Logout destroys sso token cookie Saves password to Joomla DB after successful login, so...
PopUp Aholic PopUp Aholic

PopUp Aholic

By Ed Hathaway
Popups & iFrames
PopUp Aholic is your 100% FREE model popup box loaded with features & options! Current version: v1.2.9 has all new Cookie Session code to support Joomla websites required to comply with their countries Cookie Law. If you are upgrading, please make sure you adjust these new settings to your specific needs. PopUp Aholic came about because a client asked to have one on their Joomla! website to prom...
Cookiebot for Joomla Cookiebot for Joomla

Cookiebot for Joomla

Cookie Control
CookieBot is a GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent and Notice plugin for your Joomla! website. What Cookiebot Offers Cookiebot is a cloud-driven solution that offers: - A highly customizable consent banner to handle user consents and give the users the required possibility to opt-in and -out of cookie categories. - A cookie policy and declaration, with purpose descriptions and automatic categorization...
CMSE Overlay CMSE Overlay

CMSE Overlay

Popups & iFrames
Display alerts, advertisements, warnings, cookie policy accept and more with an overlay window that requires user action to close. There are 2 available modes which can be enable individually or together. Fullscreen Window: cover the entire browser window and set a content container in the center with any type of media. Set a background color with transparency or opaque. Blur the page images to...
extramail notification for jomsocial extramail notification for jomsocial

extramail notification for jomsocial

By mahesh bhosale
JomSocial Extensions
custom mail notification for jomsocial , user can get notification when somebody like or comment on his photo or get notification when somebody start discussion in group...
CBX Pushover for Virtuemart CBX Pushover for Virtuemart

CBX Pushover for Virtuemart

By Codeboxr
VirtueMart extensions
Virtuemart Store notification on the go ! a popular service for push notification for desktop browser, iOS or android devices. This plugin will help to get virtuemart new order notification to your mobile via pushover. Your store gets news sale, you get instant push notification in your mobile. Notification Types New Order Free Order Seller/Vendor Friendly Plugin setting for s...
JPetition JPetition


By Daniel Rjadko
The powerful responsive component to create your own unlimited number of petitions and collect the signatures as easy as possible. Features: Users can create your own unlimited petitions Users can sign petitions, not before filling the form Administrator can define if he want to publishing petition or not Built beautiful inside and out to adapt to work on every device List of: Petitions have...
Web Push for Joocial Web Push for Joocial

Web Push for Joocial

By Extly CB
Web Push plugins for Joocial - Integration with OneSignal and Pushwoosh Web Push plugins for Joocial are two useful extensions to install and enable Web Push notifications on a Joomla! site. What is a service worker A service worker is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from a web page, opening the door to features that don't need a web page or user interaction. Today,...