Video Gallery Lite Video Gallery Lite

Video Gallery Lite

By Huge-IT
Among multiplicity of Joomla Video Gallery extensions Huge-IT Video Gallery can be loved by you more than ever. Video gallery can be the best part of your website. If you have a video content, why not to demonstrate them in their best way? Beautifully organized video gallery in a page will give a high status to your site and be pleased by it’s visitors. Our Video Gallery extension has been set t...
Spider Video Player Lite Spider Video Player Lite

Spider Video Player Lite

By Web-Dorado
Multimedia Players
Spider Video Player Lite supports both HTML5 and Flash, allowing you to play videos on any mobile device. Spider Video Player for Joomla! is a video player extension that allows you to easily add videos to your website with the possibility of organizing videos into playlists and choosing a preferred layout for the player. Spider Video Player is one of the best video players available in JED. Spide...
Yendif Video Share Yendif Video Share

Yendif Video Share

By Yendif Technologies
Multimedia Players
The most powerful and flexible video player & gallery extension that helps to add video content in your Joomla! Websites. It can be simply used to show a single video or to build large video sharing websites. Yendif Video Player is a kind of media player for playing back digital video data. Now, Creating an awesome video player in your Joomla! Websites have become simple by using Yendif Video Sha...
Video Embedder Video Embedder

Video Embedder

By extro-media
Multimedia Display
Video Embedder The eXtro Video Embedder plugin is used to embed videos from different video platforms into your Joomla article. It supports many video platforms, embeds the videos responsive, and the best: it's free! The following video platforms are supported: Youtube Vimeo MP4 files Dailymotion Dotsub Funnyordie Liveleak Metacafe Myvideo Screenr Stupidvideos Traileraddict and new in V1...
Individual Page Background Changer Individual Page Background Changer

Individual Page Background Changer

By JoomlaKave
Page Background
Decorate The Page Background Individually for Individual Pages/Articles of your Joomla Site A nice module for Joomla that enables you to set individual background of individual pages of same site. This single module can let you change the background of a single page. So, if you want variations, let's say - you want 5 different backgrounds for 5 individual pages/menus of a same site, All you need...
BM Cool Menu BM Cool Menu

BM Cool Menu

By Brainymore
Menu Systems
This is a Module for joomla 2.5 and 3.x BM Cool Menu help you show menu with many configs for color. You can config almost color on menu (text, background, active background, border). Select Menu: Select a menu in the list Start Level: Level to start rendering the menu at. Setting the start and end levels to the same # and setting 'Show Sub-menu Items' to yes will only display that single level....
Videobox Videobox


By Hitko Development
Multimedia Players
Videobox is a Joomla! 3.6+ extension for adding video (and audio) to your site. It supports videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as music from SoundCloud, Twitch streams, and HTML5 supported video and audio formats. It offers several ways to insert a video, including direct player, pop-up player, and a video gallery. Just put the video link in the Videobox tag and you'll be up & running! Gettin...
Advanced Custom Fields Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

By Tassos Marinos
Content Construction
Extend Joomla core fields collection with advanced custom fields such as File Upload, Google Map, Vimeo Map, YouTube Video, Vimeo Video, Progress Bar, HTML 5 Video, HTML Audio, Facebook Video and many many more. List of supported Custom Fields File Upload A Drag & Drop File Upload Field that allows you to upload any kind of files in the backend and display a download link in the front-end. Def...
joombig video slider vertical joombig video slider vertical

joombig video slider vertical

By Jonh Smith
Multimedia Players
1.- DESCRIPTION joombig video slider vertical plays any kind of video file that Player supports ( FLV / H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V), YouTube and Stream Videos. The Pro version supports multiple playlists in a single player with a stylish scrolling and sliding playlist panel. Players, Playlists and Videos are added in the controller component along with your custom...
Bits on the Run Advanced Bits on the Run Advanced

Bits on the Run Advanced

By baboon
Streaming & Broadcasting
★Self-Serve Video Publishing - Manage your content with ease ★ / Bits on the Run manages the complete video workflow: upload, transcode, stream, and analyze. We handle the complexities so that you don't have to. With just a few clicks you can design your own video player, encode to multiple bitrates, deliver to the iPad, and more. ★Manage Your Video Content Upload your...
Floating Vine Video Anywhere Floating Vine Video Anywhere

Floating Vine Video Anywhere

By JoomlaKave
Social Media
Show Any Vine video Anywhere in Your Website A shortcode enabled plugin to display Vine Video in Joomla Websites. You can easily show video in any page using the simple shortcode. Just install the plugin and configure it with Vine video ID. You can show custom title, description and other supporting buttons. ✪ Core features ✔ Simplified Control** No non-sense and easy backend control...
video gallery display beautiful video gallery display beautiful

video gallery display beautiful

By joomhome team
Video conference
video gallery display beautiful , it easy to install the module using the Joomla Installer in the administration, and then that you have published the module into the position you can using for videos youtube or video vimeo web joomla With the option to have multiple video on screen, it's easy to customize each one via the modules administration panel. Video slider features video player modules th...
SP Page Builder SP Page Builder

SP Page Builder

By JoomShaper
Content Construction
Free Joomla page builder is what you’ve been looking for? Download SP Page Builder for FREE! This is the powerful, feature-rich and super fast drag and drop visual page composer for Joomla. This free Joomla page builder lets you visually create a fully responsive and mobile ready website in minutes. The frontend (also backend) tool shows changes instantly without refreshing the page. It empowers...
Random youtube video fancy zoom Random youtube video fancy zoom

Random youtube video fancy zoom

By Gopi Ramasamy
Social Media
Random YouTube video fancy zoom (This is a jQuery based fancy zoom) joomla module create the YouTube video gallery in the website. This plugin retrieve one random video from the video list. In the admin we have option to add video link. In the page it will display YouTube image automatically also we can add our own images for the video. Features of this plugin 1.Simple to use. 2.Fancy zoom effec...
Age Checker - PRO Age Checker - PRO

Age Checker - PRO

By Ed Hathaway
Site Access
Age Checker - PRO is a simple and stylish way to verify your visitors age before allowing them to see or view your site's content. It's primary function is to verify the visitors age input and if it meets the standard you established in the module settings, they'll gain access. If their input does not meet these standards, they will receive an error message. YES... visitors can lie about their age...
Aixeena Slideshow Aixeena Slideshow

Aixeena Slideshow

By Top Position
Aixeena Slideshow is a Joomla module that adds beautiful animated background slideshows of images and videos, with a message in front. You can use it as a presentation or as a call to action on your web. Aixeena Slideshow uses Vegas Background SlideShow MIT licensed. Aixeena SlideShow allows you to use up to 10 images and 3 videos as background of your module or your body page. In the HTML box...
SJ Video Box SJ Video Box

SJ Video Box

By SmartAddons
Social Media
SJ Video Box - a TOTALLY FREE Joomla module is a useful extension for those building entertainment or portal Website with Joomla! It helps you show any type of video with title, description and thumbnail. Your Website will be more attractive with this module, and more traffic then. SJ Video Box features a navigation by image to go through all videos you have set up in admin. Simplicity is its str...
HM Tube HM Tube

HM Tube

By Lander Compton
Social Media
Include YouTube video anywhere inside articles with JW Player as a Joomla plugin. The plugin admin allows you to set default settings such as Player skin, width, height, auto start, control bar location (the bar with the play button), control bar hide (hide the bar with the play button when control bar location is set to "over), HD, and more. What's New in version 1.1? Minor bug fix related to J...