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One Page Checkout Component for Virtuemart 3, Virtuemart 2.x and Virtuemart 1.1
This is true one page checkout which really raises your sales. It is simple to install, and fully support multilingual sites including RTL. One Page Checkout uses AJAX for loading shipping methods, supports advanced payment modules such as PayPal Pro and works on all versions af VirtueMart (1.1.x and 2.x). RuposTel OnePage Checkout is bundled in Joomla Installer and has nice configuration backend. This One Page Virtuemart checkout has several fully styled checkout templates. We believe this is the most sophisticated One Page Checkout component available for Virtuemart and we provide continuous support for it since 2008.

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One Page Checkout for VirtueMart - Features
- all the checkout steps are at one page right under the basket at the cart page of virtuemart or at the component page. No need to create any template positions.
- Supports checkout from an external site where basket is automatically filled with products set in URL
- One Page Checkout supports registration with already existing email addresses
- One Page Checkout runs on SSL or without, no core hacks are needed in VirtueMart
- One page Checkout supports any shipping methods (such as UPS, USPS, Fedex) and they are loaded faster then in the standard checkout
- One Page Checkout supports many custom payment gateways used around the world (Klarna, Paypal Pro, iDeal, Stripe payment and others)
- One Page Checkout supports inline credit card payments:, PayPal Pro, UK Payment Mehotds, CardPay and ALL default VM methods. WE PROVIDE FREE ONE PAGE CHECKOUT SUPPORT if you find a problem with a payment processor or shipping processor.
- you can choose a default shipping country in registration fields or have a default coutry set by joomla language or Geo Location per IP address
- default shipping has many options such as to choose the least expensive not zero, the most expensive or none, shiping or ship to address can be disabled within One Page Checkout
- hundreds of optional features which you would expect at the checkout (Google Adwords Conversion tracking, Free shipping only to one country, Free shipping as an shipping option, Checkout as link to a subscribtion, Disable a specific payment for a selected shipping, Disable a specific shipping per payment), zero shipping for digital products or gift certificates
- supports AWO coupon system (free shipping coupons and other coupons), vmUpload, vmBonus, k2 and much more
- OnePage Checkout for VM1 has own system for invoice generation and postal cheques from MS Excell templates to pdf with data of the order with a nice order management.
- One Page Checkout for VM1 has own order management system where you can update user data instantly without page refresh with AJAX from backend.
- One Page Checkout for VM2 now has sophisticated affiliate tracking that can be used with Google Adwords, Analytics,, and

RuposTel One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 

One Page Checkout je upravený proces objednávkového systému na Vašej Joomle a ktorejkoľvek verzii Virtuemartu (1.1, 2.x, 3.x). One Page Checkout zvyšuje tržby vo Vašom internetovom obchode zjednodušením objednávkového procesu a zobrazením ceny dopravy ešte predtým ako sa užívateľ u Vás registruje. Ak hľadáte profesionálny systém pre úpravu logiky Vášho objednávacieho systému a bežné funkcie Virtuemartu Vám nestačia, náš produkt je určený práve pre Vás. One Page Checkout obsahuje stovky funkcií ktoré rozširujú štandardnú funkcionalitu Virtuemartu a podporuje meranie konverzií pomocou rozšíreného kódu Google Analytics

Rozšírené funkcie mimo iného obsahujú

  • podporu priameho odkazu na stránku objednávky aj z externého systému, emailovej kampane alebo mobilnej aplikácie

  • odosielanie emailu pre majiteľa ešte pred platbou

  • úprava stránky poďakovania - článok zobrazený pod alebo nad bežnými informáciami

  • stránka poďakovania môže obsahovať zhrnutie objednávky - vhodné v prípade že nepoužívate žiadnu platbonú metódu (objednávky plne hradené z kupónu)

  • platba závislá na doprave (dobierka iba pre slovenskú a českú poštu a pod)

  • vlastná podpora špeciálnych modulov dopravy a platby - Zasilkovna, Fedex, UPS, USPS a ďalšie

One Page Checkout für Virtuemart wird ihren Umsatz bedeutend steigern. Es nutzt AJAX zum Laden von Versandarten und ist kompatibel zu allen Versionen von VirtueMart (bis Version 1.1.6, Virtuemart 2.x, Virtuemart 3.x). Die Installation erfolgt über den Standard Joomla Installer und verfügt über ein schönes Konfigurations Backend.

- Alle Schritte des Kaufvorgangs werden auf einer Seite direkt unter dem Warenkorb / Einkaufswagen von Virtuemart oder auf der Komponentenseite dargestellt.
- Unterstützt doppelte E-Mails in stiller / optionaler Anmeldung: GAST EINKAUF
- Unterstützt SSL auf der Warenkorbseite
- Unterstützt benutzerdefinierte Versandarten (z. B. UPSv2), wie sie durch AJAX aufgerufen werden. Kann zu kostenfreiem Versand weitere Versandoptionen (wie z.B. 24h-Lieferung) zur Verfügung stellen.
- Unterstützt einige Online-Kreditkartenzahlungen wie z.B.: PayPal Pro, UK Payment Methods, Swedish payment methods, CardPay. PayFlow wurde noch nicht getestet!
- Sie können bei der Registrierung ein Land für den Standard-Versand auswählen
- Korrigiert viele durch VirtueMart erzeugte ungültige HTML-Tags auf der Warenkorbseite (und während des Kaufvorgangs) und hat eigene Vorlagen für angemeldete und unangemeldete Einkäufer
- Unterstützt das Senden von E-Mail-Bestätigungen nach Abschluss des Zahlvorgangs über PayPal oder ähnliche Anbieter
- Unterstützt viele Steuerkonfigurationen, einschließlich den USA und der EU
- Für jede Zahlungsart kann ein anderer Text auf dem "Absenden"-Button und ein anderer Info-Text gewählt werden
- Zu jeder Versandart können Zahlungsarten deaktiviert werden
- Sauberes installieren und deinstallieren ohne Dateien oder Modifikationen auf dem PC zurückzulassen
- 14 Tage Geld-zurück-Garantie im Falle einer Fehlfunktion mit Komponenten (in der Regel aufgrund verschiedener nicht unterstützter Befehle)
- Support und kostenlose Updates für ein Jahr

Update: Neue Funktionen getestet
- Bestelldatenaufbereitung (viel schneller als beim Original VM können E-Mailadresse des Benutzers, Benutzername und anderes geändert werden)
- Aktualisierung des Status von mehr als einer Bestellung auf einmal

RuposTel One Page Checkout per Virtuemart  
One Page Checkout è la soluzione definitiva altamente personalizzabile per la pagina di checkout del tuo sito e-commerce. È compatibile con tutte le versioni di Virtuemart (1.1.x / 2.x / 3.x). One Page Checkout alza i tassi di conversione, rendendo le operazioni di checkout più facili e veloci raggruppando in una sola pagina tutti i passaggi utili al checkout.  
Si tratta di una soluzione ideale per chiunque cerchi una logica di checkout avanzata quando le funzionalità base di Virtuemart non sono sufficienti. Questo componente comprende centinaia di funzionalità aggiuntive suggerite dagli utenti ed è in continua espansione. RuposTel One Page Checkout ha anche una funzione di "tracking", che innesca il codice di Google Analytics su ogni ordine e lo invia a Google. In questo modo si saprà la provenienza dei clienti e le pagine che hanno visitato. 
Le features aggiuntive includono: 
- Link diretto al carrello (senza l’utilizzo della funzione Aggiunti al carrello) 
- Invio mail al venditore prima del pagamento 
- Pagina di ringraziamento personalizzata ad ordine effettuato 
- La pagina di ringraziamento personalizzata può includere i dettagli dell’ordine. 
- Plugin avanzato per la spedizione e il pagamento. Sono supportati (klarna, usps, ups, fedex, zasilkovna, pick pack pont e altri) 
- Validatore di IVA per il nuovo sistema fiscale dell’Unione Europea dal 01/01/2015 
- Rilevamento del paese tramite indirizzo IP

Excellent support!!!

Posted on 08 January 2018
Ease of use
Great additional for Virtuemart webshops
Support is the best, which i can experience up to now!
Documentation is detailed and accurate
Value for money
Great value for money!
I used this to: Webshops, as developer
Stan has thought of everything and then some, I often look through the settings and am amazed at what can be done.
Ease of use
Very easy to use once you have tested it, run it in a test area first and play. No harder than learning to use anything else.
Stan offers superb support, often emailing the same day. There is a time difference for me so I am often amazed at the speed of response
Excellent help files with support
Value for money
I have been subscribing for years. I hate to pay for anything but this is such good value for money.
I used this to: Multiple clients who run e-commerce stores. This has helped increase sales considerably.
A lot of common options at hand, and much, much more! Even some features that I did not know, and turn out to be a great user experience!
Ease of use
Easy to use, even with sophisticated features!
Stan is always great to explain and help! Nothing seems too complicated for him!!
New features are explained on the developer website.
Value for money
Looking for customisations, and setting up VirtueMart checkout THE way YOU want ?
Look no further!
Need no other extension and time saver!
I used this to: every eCommerce website since 2012!

Excellent Component

Posted on 27 July 2016
Improved shopping experience
Ease of use
Extensive configuration but understandable and easy to use
Value for money
Good price for a complex component
I used this to: E-Commerce Website
The default checkout in Joomla/Virtuemart is not intuitive at all. OPC quickly and easily creates a very user friendly checkout page.
Ease of use
The default functionality is good. Change theme design with a click. Lots of optional functionality, if you dont understand, Stan will help
Stan provides the best software plugin support. I use WordPress, Magento, and Joomla plugins. Noone beats Stan for customer service.
Good documentation, and if you dont understand something, just Chat with Stan and he will help you out.
Value for money
Exceptional value for the money. Quickly resolves the lackluster Virtuemart checkout. Customer service Stan provides is invaluable.
I used this to: Corporate Ecommerce
It does what it says! It makes checkout process much more comfortable and provides many features
Ease of use
A lot of settings for a lot of functionalities.
Stan is really helpful and fast, but the best is that he is willing to help !
Value for money
Great extension, excellent support, highly recommended!

A Joomla AllStar

Posted on 23 February 2016
Excellent. Does things I would not have expected. A model of high functioning software at reasonable cost.
Ease of use
This is sophisticated software so takes some reading of docs to get full benefit. But is well-configged out of the box - not hard to set up
Fantastic support. Stan is accessible, helpful, and very fast. A rare star in the online world, judging by his product and support.
Value for money
Worth every penny. There is so much thought and effort clearly behind this software and it saves so many other hassles.
The support is excellent, and the OPC has the most extensive functionality I have seen on the marked.
Ease of use
Easy to use :-) yeeesssss.
Value for money
A lot of back ground functionality, like IP geo, shopper groups etc....
I used this to:
The extension has everything we need and a lot of extras that we have not yet scratched the surface of.
Ease of use
Very easy to set up, some oddities of our own set up did cause minor issues but they were quickly solved.
Grade A and by far the best of any Joomla! or other third party extension I have used.
Value for money
Considering the features and the excellent support this is the best value for money of any Joomla! extension.
I used this to: The shopping cart of four sites.
Very good component, love the many options very versatile
Ease of use
You can just install activate and use right away, but has many options for customization you can use to make it work the way you want
Great support, very helpful when i needed it
Value for money
Worth every penny
I used this to: Eshops i'm making and for my own

RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart

Stan Scholtz, RuposTel
Last updated:
Jan 12 2017
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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