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The liturgical year, also known as the Christian year, consists of the cycle of liturgical seasons in Christian churches which determines when Feasts, Memorials, Commemorations, and Solemnities are to be observed and which portions of Scripture are to be read. The dates of the festivals vary somewhat between the different churches, though the sequence and logic is largely the same.

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This module shows major events in the liturgical calendar in chronological order. Individual events can be shown or hidden separately (e.g. show Christmas and hide Ash Wednesday), with optionally displaying the exact date as well as the number of days since or until the event.

I've been using this module for about a year and i love it.
I really like this module. Installed smoothly with nothing unexpected. The module does exactly what it says, and computing the Christian calendar isn't trivial. I'd like to see three minor updates:

(1) The ability to add/change local celebrations

(2) The ability to change the messsage when there's no upcoming even (i.e., "Ordinary time")

(3) The ability to conditionally style the module based on the liturgical calendar event (i.e., shade for the appropriate liturgical color.)

A great module that went into immediate production on my site!

Thank you

Posted on 23 March 2010
Hi, Thanks for the great component. It works well, yes, indeed it is meant for all Christians. :-) I've installed it in our church site ( and it is under Prayer & Liturgy.
Thank you very much for this module, I really liked. Congratulations for your work and be versatile.
It seems to be for Catholics only, not for all Christians. You should've specified this in the description.
Owner's reply: The component aims to be generic. (As a matter of fact, it has first been used on a Protestant church website and hence it is definitely not "for Catholics only".) You can use the back-end to configure whether each individual event the module knows of should be shown or hidden. In addition, version 1.0.3 has events grouped by denominations in the configuration panel, which may help you in selecting the exact events you would like to display on your website. As a result, I believe that the description is not misleading, it is indeed "for all Christians": you can filter out events so as to show any set of events you wish.


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Liturgical year

Levente Hunyadi
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Feb 28 2015
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Feb 14 2010
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