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Flexible SEF URLs definition using patterns

Route 66 allows you to define your site SEF URLs using patterns and not be restricted by limited URL options! Patterns can include any URL friendly character along with some tokens for generating dynamic variables ( like the article's date for example ). Here are some examples of URL patterns you can use in Route 66:

  • blog/{articleYear}/{articleMonth}/{articleAlias}
  • {categoryAlias}/{articleAlias}
  • {articleAlias}
  • page-{articleId}
  • {categoryPath}/{articleAlias}

It's that simple to add SEF URLs to your site with Route 66. Check out the documentation to see a list of all available tokens for the extensions that Route 66 supports. Last but not least, Route 66 allows you to define different pattern per language when multiple languages are enabled to your site.

SEO Content Analysis Powered by Yoast

Route 66 can analyze your site's content and provide suggestions for improving the SEO score of individual articles right into the article edit form! The SEO analysis is powered by the famous Yoast SEO engine.

Exceptional performance

Unlike bulky SEF extensions that can store thousands of URLs to your site's database, Route 66 offers dynamic and high performance URL generation. In short, Route 66 will not impact your website’s performance.

Duplicate URLs handling - Canonical Links

If Route 66 detects any duplicate URLs it will redirect to the canonical URL automatically. Let's say for example that you have an article with ID 9 and alias "have-a-nice-day" . Let's also assume that you have set up Route 66 using the pattern story/{articleAlias}. The generated URL will be story/have-a-nice-day . URLs like the following which lead to the same article will get redirected to story/have-a-nice-day:

  • index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9:have-a-nice-day
  • component/content/article/9-have-a-nice-day
  • menu-alias/article/9-have-a-nice-day

For optimal SEO, Route 66 automatically adds the canonical url to the page header. This is especially important when pages utilize query and/or anchor variables appended to the URL (story/have-a-nice-day?modal=welcome ).

Route 66 SEF URLs are implemented for the core Joomla! content extensions ( articles, categories and tags ).

Google PageSpeed Optimization

Route 66 now can optimize your site to achieve a high score at Google PageSpeed! Route 66 follows the Google PageSpeed recommendations to make your Joomla site get ranked high by Google.

Facebook Instant Articles

Route 66 now supports Facebook Instant Articles! It allows you to generate a feed of Facebook Instant Articles based on your site's content. You can also filter the feed articles based on categories. Finally, Route 66 comes with built-in integration for Google Analytics and Google DFP!

XML and Google News Sitemaps

Make it easier for Google and other search engines to discover your site content with XML sitemaps. Route 66 can generate those sitemaps for you! It allows you to filter the sitemap content based on categories. The sitemap can include entries from Joomla! articles and Menu items.

Route 66 free review

Posted on 12 October 2018
It does what expected, very useful the SEO functionality.
Ease of use
Its easy to use but in certain case it need a bit of more documentation
Support in the forum, i asked support and i received a fast reply, also with e-mail and with a patch to solve an issue with a sitemap.
I would to see a bit more documentation
I used this to: My personal website:
I got exactly what I wanted - to be able to consistently route to the articles.
Ease of use
I'm still new to this, but I think I understand how to use Route 66.
After installing it, I run into some problems, but help desk support was quick and thorough.
There might be some more documentation, but overall I was satisfied with the amount of it.
I used this to: I couldn't set basic Joomla to use an url system that fits my needs - I wanted to base it on the category alias, and then the article alias, so all of my articles would be accessible like that, and not seemingly randomly, based on their place in the menu system. Route66 does that
Ease of use
very simple
i have not taken support
pretty good
Felt similar to WordPress, made my URLs extremely simple (site/article-name). I've tested a lot of SEF extensions, this one's the best.
Ease of use
Was able to setup within a minute. Works like a charm. It's a light extension which is another bonus.
Support is fantastic. They fixed my issue in speedy time. :-)
I used this to: Using it with a CCK and Joomla articles.

The best extension

Posted on 12 March 2017
How the links must be
Ease of use
Very easy to use


Posted on 16 December 2016
It made Joomla SEF Great!!
Ease of use
5 star only remember to enable Jommla SEF
Very fast also for free version
Good , they should only specify than Jommla SEF but be enabled
I used this to: I use this in all site i developed!!

OMG, this must be in the core

Posted on 11 December 2016
This extension provides the missing piece in Joomla's router allowing you to define custom url style for your articles, categories etc.
Ease of use
You can define your url's structure using predefined "placeholders", pretty much similar with wordpress. Really easy !
I never used support but i notice that the developer is Lefteris, one of the guys between K2 project. So i am really confident in him
I was able to find quickly all the avabilable that i can use to construct my URL's structure. Pretty easy !
I used this to: I was looking for too long for a way to obtain a simple url structure for articles ( without having the menu or category in the URL.
I think this extension SHOULD be part of the core merged into the upcoming new joomla router strategy. IT'S A MUST HAVE ! :
Works great. Once you get your head around a few basic concepts it is very easy.
Ease of use
A small learning curve is needed. I suggest experimenting with some of the settings and view the results
Just a bit of help info on the website
Just a webpage on their site
I used this to: I am going to get this on all my websites. Just what I wanted Highly recommend!

Small and simple

Posted on 11 July 2016
Small and simple extension, very useful
Ease of use
Easy, just insert pattern and ready to go
I recive an email after only 30 minutes, in Saturday :)
Could be better
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Route 66

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Nov 30 2018
Date added:
Jun 20 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c p

Uses Joomla! Update System


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