VikBooking is an Independent Booking Engine (IBE) for Joomla designed for single property accommodation businesses.
Currently the only Joomla Hotel Booking extension to be certified by TripAdvisor, it perfectly fits all the needs that Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Hostels and Apartments, Camp Sites etc... have.
Build your rooms booking website with VikBooking. No other similar extensions can offer what VikBooking does!
A Booking Engine for an open source CMS that competes with the best systems of the world! Together with Vik Channel Manager, this software suite is certified as a Premier Partner of channels
Here is a list of the most important features:

  • Favourite
  • Report

  • Very detailed Rooms Management system
  • Powerful Pricing System
  • Rates per night and occupancy
  • Different Prices per Seasons of the year
  • Different Prices for the weekend or some days/holidays of the year
  • Options management for rooms services like breakfast, extra beds, tourist taxes etc..
  • Prices can be different depending on the number of people for each room, for example a triple room can be given to 2 adults for a different price
  • Charges depending on the Children age
  • Restrictions for setting minimum and maximum length of stay in some months or dates of the year
  • Restrictions for forcing the arrival week day(s) in some months/seasons/dates of the year
  • Week Days Restrictions to create combinations of stay in some dates of the year like Friday-Monday, Monday-Friday, Friday-Friday
  • Currency Converter supporting over 140 currencies
  • Intuitive Dashboard for the receptionists of the Hotel/Property Managers
  • Coupon System for Discounts
  • Customized Methods of Payment (Supports Customized Payment Processors)
  • Powerful booking system in the administrator with calendars for the availability
  • Administrator management of the bookings collected over the phone/portals
  • CSV Export/Report of the Bookings
  • ICS Export/Report of the Bookings to synchronize any calendar software like iCalendar, Google Calendar, Hotmail etc..
  • Multi Language support with built-in translation system
  • Paypal payment gateway pre-installed
  • Offline Credit Card method of payment pre-installed for collecting credit cards information without charging the clients
  • Bank Transfer method of payment pre-installed
  • SSL support for secure connections
  • Over 40 payment gateways available for popular banks of the world. The payment framework can also be extended with a custom payment processor/gateway
  • SMS Gateways
  • Invoicing System
  • Automated Cron Jobs to schedule actions to be executed repetitively
  • Graphs and Statistics connected to the complementary extension Vik Channel Manager

Vik Booking is the right solution for a Hotel, B&B, Cottage, Bungalows or any other sleeping accommodation business that would like to receive direct bookings from its website avoiding commissions to Online Travel Agencies or third parties. Probably the best hotel reservation system you can find!

every release add new features
Ease of use
much customization possibilities for pricing.
superb, quick response, well done Victoria end Marco!
Value for money
new releases often for free
I used this to: rental of holiday appartments

Great component

Posted on 02 February 2018
It's very complete, and the plugins create a powerfull booking system, but needs more payment methods.
Ease of use
-for install is easy
-for configure, some parts needs mor time.
-for update you need to be a senior programmer
-for modifications forget it!
Great support, answer quickly. but they don't help to you to make modifications
to use is very good, for modifications there is not nothing helpfull
Value for money
Good, but only 6 months for licence (support and updates)
I used this to: Create a hotel booking website.
The support is great for install, configure or update (because you needs know some of php, or xml, and things like these to update).

But if you need some modifications, there is nobody can help you. You need to learn web programming for that


Posted on 19 December 2017
A remarkable range of options. Well thought out. Carefully researched.
Ease of use
Having access to such a wide range of choices means that using VikBooking takes some time to learn how best to use. It's worth the effort.
Helpful, knowledgeable, informed, responsive. An asset to our industry.
Well covered and supported with consideration.
Value for money
Lots of features and benefits. Outstanding flexibility and configurations options.
I used this to: An new bed and breakfast business.

Componente Completo

Posted on 27 November 2017
Componente completo para la gestión de reservas en un hotel. Solución rápida y flexible.
Ease of use
Gran parte de la instalación y configuración se realiza fácilmente. Otras partes cuestan un poco más de tiempo.
Soporte con documentación detallada y completa.
Value for money
Un precio asequible y equilibrado. Buena relación calidad/precio
It includes many features and is almost complete.
Ease of use
It is difficult to use and it is necessary to train the staff, but it is understandable because the extension is really rich.
Good documentation, I found some suggestions.
Value for money
The price is right, it is an excellent product and very complete.
I used this to: B&B.
Of course you can customize the graphics but it is not easy, you have to work on the template. It is a great extension, well-built, designed for senior developers.
Pro: It's a pretty complete extension.
Cons: It is difficult to use and it is necessary to train the staff.

Vik Booking

Posted on 17 October 2017
Very good
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Support is great
Extensive but can be improved.
Value for money
Yes, indeed value for money.
I used this to: My hotel and homestay
sehr umfangreich
Ease of use
sehr leicht zu bediehnen
sehr gut und schnell Unterstützung die man eigentlich sehr selten in anspruch nehmen muss, da es fast keine fragen gibt.
sehr gut beschrieben uns verständlich
Value for money
top preis für eine tolle komponente
I used this to: unsere Ferienappartements im professionellem sinne

Great Component!

Posted on 15 September 2017
A lot of functionalities really helpful for your hotel management.
Ease of use
I felt confortable with this component from the beginning, for me it was really easy to use.
Support very efficent and super fast.
Documentation very detailed that explain you the component configuration step by step.
Value for money
Absolutely yes
I used this to: For my hotel

good component

Posted on 08 September 2017
Ease of use
some parts took a while to learn
great support
Value for money
very good value
I used this to:

Nice work

Posted on 26 July 2017
Nice work, easy to use and install.
Ease of use
Yes easy
Value for money
not too expansive
I used this to: For my hotels
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Vik Booking

e4j Extensions for Joomla
Last updated:
Oct 25 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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