Menu Manager CK Menu Manager CK
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Menu Manager CK

Admin Navigation
Menu Manager CK allows you to manage your menus items with drag and drop. You can add, remove, rename and move your menu items with drag & drop instantly anywhere in the menu structure ! With Menu Manager CK you can see your whole menu structure and change the items params directly in one click. You can create your megamenus very quickly ! You can also edit them quickly in a popup window directly...
Loggie Loggie


By Michael Richey
Admin Reports
Are your server error logs hard or impossible to retrieve? Do you even know how to get them? Loggie can help! If your host is anything like mine, your log files are hard to get to. When they are available, they're slow to retrieve. In my case, it takes 5 minutes or more for a log to appear in the log file - and I must download it repeatedly looking for the errors I'm trying to find. Loggie i...
Auto Update for Joomla Auto Update for Joomla

Auto Update for Joomla

Access & Security
The world's FIRST extension for Joomla CMS to handle automatic core Joomla updates. That's right, just set it, forget it, and stay updated and secure. Put your Joomla update on auto pilot Runs with a simple cron task Emails you when a Joomla core update is completed Keeps your site secure Super easy to set up Save time updating your websites...
Jinspector Site Inspector for Joomla Jinspector Site Inspector for Joomla

Jinspector Site Inspector for Joomla

By Realvision Internet
Site management tools
Jinspector Site Inspector for Joomla gathers information about your Joomla! installation, and reports to you via email at a pre defined interval. Reports can be sent to specified user groups, or a custom email address, or addresses, daily, weekly, two weekly or four weekly. This is very useful as it's no longer necessary to login to your site to check if your Joomla! version, or your Joomla! ext...
Admin Menu Hider Admin Menu Hider
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Admin Menu Hider

By foobla
Admin Navigation
Simple Joomla! plugin allowing you to hide menu items in the back-end of a Joomla! site. This light-weight plugin helps you hide admin menu and admin bar items in Joomla! back-end simply by selecting the check-boxes corresponding to said menu items and click "Save". You’ll have a simplified menu for your clients, users. That will help you hide some important menu items that you don’t want the...
Frontend User Manager Frontend User Manager

Frontend User Manager

By Carlos M. Cámara
User Management
Do you need to allow User Listing (We are working on Management and it will be available soon) to your site managers in the frontend? Do you need to show Joomla! Profile Fields in your Users Table? Joomla! does not provide this feature by default. Front End User Manager allows user listing in the frontend of your component. These are the feature already included in the component: Show Joomla! Us...
MK Dropzone MK Dropzone
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MK Dropzone

By mapkcode
MK Dropzone - The one that resizes your Joomla! images Tired to use photo editing softwares to resize your images to upload them into your Joomla! folders? Now it's past, finally you can upload multiple photos simply dragging them into the dropzone area and it will automatically save them into the folder destination in 3 differents output: big_, intro_ and the original one. You can set the M...
Power Email Power Email
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Power Email

By JoomlaXTC / Monev Software LLC
Make your emails have an attractive design to give a good impression and raise your brand awareness. Format all email messages with your own template. Select any of the built-in examples or create your own in a WYSIWYG editor with easy place holder tags for Date, Website name and URL, Content, and more. Templates can be assigned to a specific component or system-wide and include multi-language s...
myCPanelLink myCPanelLink


By Emil I Bohach
Admin Navigation
Creates a link, in the admin status area, to your web sites Control Panel, not to be confused with your Joomla control panel, for quick access. 4 steps to implement. Set the position of the module to status. Set the URL of your web hosts control panel (the default shows how most Control Panels can be accessed). Determine which users can view/access the links. Publish a...
JUserPrune JUserPrune


By Innato BV
User Management
A plug-in that automatically removes frontend user accounts that have not been activated or used during a configurable period, or have been idle for too long (also configurable). Specified user accounts can be excluded from being processed. When the plug-in is fired, is configurable, for example only when a registered user logs in. In this way the server load can be reduced. Also available as a P...
Autosave Autosave


By Roger Creagh-Osborne
Have you ever lost your finely crafted words by being called away and having the session timeout? Do you switch between Wordpress and Joomla and miss the automatic saving of edits in progress in the other system? Do you edit on a Mac and habitually press Cmd+s to save your work - and find that TinyMCE crashes you out without saving? The Joomla content plugin xbAutoSave allows for timed automatic...
Show Control Panel Show Control Panel
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Show Control Panel

By Marathon Software
Admin Navigation
This module provides a quick link, in the form of an icon, to the Control Panel on your Joomla! back-end menu bar. Version: 2.0.4 - 08/09/2017 Added: Joomla! Update System compatibility Version 2.0.0 - 23/08/2009 Added: Now works in 1.5 Native mode. Downloads: When downloading, make sure you download the correct version - either 1.5 LEGACY or 1.5 NATIVE. Activation: To activate it: - G...
Show K2 Show K2
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Show K2

By Marathon Software
Extensions Quick Icons
This module provides a quick link, in the form of an icon, to the K2 Dashboard on your Joomla! back-end menu bar. Version 2.0.4 - 08/09/2017 Added: Joomla! Update System compatibility Version 1.0.0 - 28/02/2010: Initial Release Activation: To activate it: - Go to Modules Choose Administrator Activate the Show K2 module Publish it to the MENU position. Acknowledgments: This module is a...
SmartIcons SmartIcons


By Bogdan SUTA
Admin Navigation
SmartIcons is now free and open source SmartIcons is an replacement tot the QuickIcons module in the administration back-end to create custom shortcuts to ease administration. Features: - Full support for Joomla! 3 - Quick and simple installation using a script that does all the heavy lifting. - Make as many shortcuts to internal components and external sites. Makes administering your site easie...
Component listing Component listing

Component listing

By Codeboxr
Admin Navigation
Component Listing or Quick Component Listing module for admin panel is another innovative Joomla module from Codeboxr. This one is a admin part module.Download and install this module in “cpanel” position for admin part. Here position cpanel is default for Joomla control panel right side module position for the default template “khepri”. Special thanks to Jeff Koertzen....
Admin Messages Admin Messages

Admin Messages

By Carsten Engel
Admin Performance
This administrator module shows the number of unread messages. With blink (optional). This module should be published to the administrator module position 'status'. Translated to 53 languages....
JExtBOX Article Auto Manager JExtBOX Article Auto Manager

JExtBOX Article Auto Manager

By Galaa
This extension helps to manage your articles easily such as archive, move to another category, change access level. The latest version 4.0.0 was completely rewritten and the new visual query builder was added. See the screenshot. It provides following article managing operations: - Archive - Unpublish - Publish - Move to Trash - Move to Another Category - Assign or remove the Featured status - C...
phpSyntaxCheck phpSyntaxCheck


By Emil I Bohach
Admin Performance
The module phpSyntaxCheck will place a link on your admin status bar to a PHP syntax checker to allow you to track down those annoying little typos. 4 steps to implement. Set the position of the module to status. Set the URL of a php syntax checker or just leave the pre-filled one. Determine allowed viewers/users of this link. Publish and save it. The phpSyntaxCheck link should now appear in t...