Live Chat Support Live Chat Support
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Live Chat Support

Live Support
Live Chat Joomla extension is designed to provide a live support on your Joomla website. With live chat support, you can have a real time live chat with your customers on your Joomla website. It is easy and simple. After install this live chat support extension, it doesn't need any configuration in your administrator panel. All what you need to do is adding a menu. If your customers need your live...
ChatBro - website user chat ChatBro - website user chat

ChatBro - website user chat

By ChatBro
ChatBro is a real time live chat for your website. It increases user engagement of your Joomla site by enabling users to chat with each other in a live group chat. Chat can be configured to synchronize live chat conversation with Telegram or VK. Synchronization with Telegram or VK allows you and other people to chat with your website visitors using Telegram or VK mobile app chat. It is very conve...
Kide Chat Pro Kide Chat Pro
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Kide Chat Pro

By JoniJnm
Languages: Catalan, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Persian, Serbian, Polish Works in Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1 Captcha User color Ability to view history Ban users Icons Sound notification when a message is sent Template system Private messages BBCode Commands Module Kide Users Inline Change tab title when...
Operator Assistant Operator Assistant

Operator Assistant

By Valerio Finazzo
Live Support
Operator Assistant implements a live chat: the guest user initiates a chat with an operator to request clarification and / or further details. Operator Assistant was created to satisfy a personal need, to have a kind of non-hosted service, free of charge, be integrated into the site of a small traffic. Operator Assistant is a package for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x, within which are a component of the back...
Live Assistant Live Assistant
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Live Assistant

By igonos sa
Live Support
Live Assistant is the first fully NOT HOSTED live support component! Everything is on your Joomla installation, no fees for servers and hosted solutions service, everything is completely on your hand and with no limits! Live Assistant is a powerful support and assitance system component for Joomla. You can interact with customers with a easy to use chat system increasing sales and customers satis...
123 Web Messenger 123 Web Messenger
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123 Web Messenger

By TOPCMM Software Crop
123 Web Messenger is an IM software for your website, with text and video chat options, which enables one to one private chat among users. Available in English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Dutch, etc. 123WebMessenger can be installed to any CMS easily! And the best part is once the module is successfully installed, a hosted web messenger will be assigned to your Joomla! Just like Facebook ba...
SIMAnswers SIMAnswers
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By Mike Feng
Question & Answers
SIMAnswers is the complete Questions and Answers solution for Joomla. In fact, imagine Yahoo Answers for Joomla, but on steroids! SIMAnswers works in exactly the same way as Yahoo Answers, with a ton of extra features! Looking for beautifully designed, Bootstrap enabled, fully responsive, feature packed extension? Search no more! With its robust features, not only can SIMAnswers be used as a Q&A...
codoPM codoPM


By codologic
codoPM is a Private messaging system for Joomla. It is built by taking inspiration from Gmail. It is simple and has a very user friendly UI. One Inbox, which means all messages appear as if you are having a chat conversation. --changelog V2.0-- 1. autocomplete for searching users 2. option to send messages to multiple users at once 3. added support for translations 4. cyrillic characters bug fixe...
Simple Skype Call To / Chat button Simple Skype Call To / Chat button

Simple Skype Call To / Chat button

By RickR2H
Online Status
This module adds the standard Call To and Chat button to the site. No fancy stuff, just the button. You can put some extra text before the button through the parameter settings. Changelog: Version 1.0.2 - 2-07-2014: - Changed the Skype Javascript link - CSS added to style the button Version 1.0.0 - 30-07-2013: - First stable release...
Chatwee Social Chat Chatwee Social Chat

Chatwee Social Chat

By Pawel Lesniak
Build a buzzing community using our responsive, customizable chat extension with multiple chat rooms. Sign up for free and get going. There are multiple Joomla chat extensions available, so how's our different? Well our focus is primarily on online communities and their growth. Why? Because your website audience matters! People coming in to your site have a direct impact on whether your endea... live chat live chat
Free live chat

By Joombooking
Live Support is awesome free live chat software based on cloud service. With, you can support visitors in a quick and effective way. This plugin simplifies the installing widget to your website by enter site id into the configuration Features - Configure visitor login status - Configure chat widget for frontend and backend No referral or hidden link...
Crikeyes Crikeyes


By Softnotions Technologies Pvt Ltd
Live Support - hosted
Add live chat to your website!! Engage your website's visitors using Crikeyes live chat plugin, which helps your business to grow, as you stay connected with your customers always. Crikeyes provides a live customizable chat widget that can be added to any web page & is available for most of the popular content management systems available. You can easily chat with potential clients in real time &...
Ajax Chat Ajax Chat
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Ajax Chat

By Webkul
Instant Messaging
Joomla Ajax Chat - Ajax Chat is an awesome component in Joomla and fully customizable web chat component implemented in ajax. Ajax chat provides Options to chat with all logged in user on the website. Ajax Chat is a very simple component to chat with your customers who are registered on your site. Features: Integrate with Community Builder, JomSocial, and EasySocial. Backend option for showing...
Teamspeak 3 Web Viewer Teamspeak 3 Web Viewer

Teamspeak 3 Web Viewer

By mediahof
Phone & SMS
TS3 Web Viewer Module which makes it possible to display one or more teamspeak servers at once. Visitors of a website are able to see what channels exist, who is connected to them and how long (the) serves are active. BEFORE RATING We really want you to enjoy this mod as much as we do! If you have any troubles please contact our support team at Tha...
Comm100 Live Chat Comm100 Live Chat
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Comm100 Live Chat

By Comm100
Live Support - hosted
Comm100 Live Chat Joomla Plugin Comm100 Live Chat Joomla Chat Module is specifically designed for you to quickly install Comm100 Live Chat onto your Joomla site. With Comm100 Live Chat Joomla Chat Module, you can have live chat monitoring code and the chat button on your Joomla site pages with just a few simple steps and provide easy live support to your page visitors. Comm100 Live Chat is the e...
jAnswers Factory jAnswers Factory
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jAnswers Factory

By thePHPfactory
Question & Answers
It provides the perfect Question & Answers solution for the Joomla! CMS integrating features well know from the Yahoo Answers system. Layout & Themes Fully customizable CSS Monetize Pay per question Pay for featured question (gold, silver) Pay per contact Key Features Multiple question statuses: Open questions, Undecided questions, Answered questions User points system based on various...
RizVN Support RizVN Support

RizVN Support

By Phuoc Nguyen
Online Status
This module helps your visitors contact with supporter via Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype, AIM, Phone, Email by clicking on the icon. It displays online status of Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype, AIM and beautiful tooltip for Contact via Phone. Fully customizable from back-end :) Perfect for corporate websites, business websites, ecommerce websites... where you want to interact with the customers or take...
Skype Status Pro Skype Status Pro
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Skype Status Pro

By Joomex Team
Online Status
This module allows you to add to your Joomla!® website Skype’s main icons in a nice and friendly way. Highly effective as it’s very easy to use and customize it. Features: * transparent background,to fit almost every website template; * total width and total height (try to maintain proportional dimensions eg.300x300); * shows your Skype online status on your website; * loads status icons...