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Page Builder 5 is a fully visual drag & drop page builder for Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4. It comes with a powerful backend and frontend editor with an intuitive interface, seamless navigation, and a streamlined design system.

Page Builder comes with a wide range of fully functional addons and ready-to-use sections and layouts to speed up your process tenfolds. From creating and managing pages to add-ons for every web functionality, it is a powerful solution for site builders of all levels! With Page Builder, you can create visually stunning websites while maintaining full control and flexibility over your content and design. The content editor interface allows you to separate your page builder from your template and get complete control of your content.

The component can be used with almost any Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4.1 template. And yes, you can switch templates without losing your content, design, colors, and images.

Free Joomla Page Builder Features

Page Builder sports tons of incredible features that will make it the easiest ever to build a website. Find the perfect Page Builder templates to create the best websites. The free Joomla page builder is hugely versatile and utmost user-friendly. You will love the extension for sure. Let’s see some of the core features of Page Builder free.

Streamlined Backend Editor

Experience the power of an intuitive interface, seamless navigation, and a streamlined design system with the backend editor.

Create Custom Color Palettes

No more hassle of remembering color codes. Save your favorite colors and re-use them in the addon’s color settings for future use.

Elevate Typography With Font Book

Get complete font freedom with Font Book. You can install & use Google Fonts or your own Custom Fonts.

Design & Build Everything Visually

Lightweight, efficient, and feature-rich, in Page Builder every change is visual and instant. It comes with an ultra-flexible Frontend Editor that lets you create beautiful pages through live editing with the power of drag & drop.

Flexible Front-end Sidebar & Addon Settings

The Front-end Sidebar and Addon settings are moveable and you can drag them anywhere on the page you like. So that you can smoothly work and edit your website pages on any screen size without the placement of the editor disrupting your workflow.

Manage Workflow Using Layers

Layers—one of the core features of Page Builder turns your builder into a layered interface and lets you customize everything at any stage.

Speed Up Workflow With Organized Dashboard

Taking a modern approach, Page Builder comes with an intuitive and organized front-end dashboard where everything is manageable from one spot.

Create Complex Page Layouts

Get structural addons like Row, Column, and Div to create any page layout you want. You can add as many addons as you want inside the Accordion, Tabs, and more to create complex layouts with minimal effort.

Customize Content with 6 Different Viewpoints

Preview how your content will look like on the storefront and customize your content accordingly with 6 different viewports.

Resize Column Width by Dragging

With Page Builder 4, resizing the column width is a breeze! The width of a Column can be adjusted by clicking and dragging on the Column boundary.

Add Amazing Lottie Animations

With the Page Builder Lottie addon, you will be able to use Lottie Animations inside your page and catch the attention of your site visitors right away.

Powerful Media Manager

The Page Builder Media Manager lets you manage and control your media files with ease. All the files are listed and sorted into their respective category so that you can easily get access to them.

Use Your Own Custom Icon Pack

Instead of fiddling around with custom code now, you can easily upload and use your own customs icon pack with Page Builder.

Endless Customization Freedom

From customizing font style, colors, unlimited undo and redo options, and getting a more personalized look by adding custom CSS to a page element, the possibilities are endless with Page Builder 4!

Export & Import Pages

Export a previously created page layout and later import it to get the structure back and build a site in the shortest period of time.

Pre-designed Layout Bundles & Blocks

Speed up the development of your site with a plethora of pre-designed layout bundles for any business niche and ready blocks for various website sections.


Version 5.2.5

Update: Bootstrap version has been updated to resolve vulnerabilities
Update: Enhanced accessibility for Navigation and Divider addons
Update: Added support for Vimeo ‘player’ prefix in video links for the video addon
Fix: Fixed column width calculation issue occurring after upgrading from SPPB 3.x to SPPB 5.x
Fix: Fixed column option button hidden issue in frontend editor when the row is fluid
Fix: Fixed page content missing when performing module ‘save as copy’ action
Fix: Fixed Table addon undefined item issue in old layouts (Pro only)
Fix: Fixed addon title margin issue
Fix: Fixed Optin form addon popup width issue (Pro only)

Version 5.2.4

Update: Improved accessibility to Accordion, Button, Article, Tab, Icon, Icon Group, Alert, Image Content, and Form Builder addons
Update: Responsive options added for carousel gap (Testimonial Carousel, Image Carousel & Client addons) (Pro only)
Update: Div addon’s hidden by device functionality improved
Update: Added the option to hide input labels in the Form Builder addon (Pro only)
Update: Added deep integration of EasyStore pagination status addon (Pro only)
Fix: Fixed column responsive issue for xs device (Pro only)
Fix: Fixed Addon Access Level issue in the Backend Editor
Fix: Fixed EasyStore common addon dropping & sorting issue of Product List item (Pro only)
Fix: Fixed popover addon custom class missing issue (Pro only)

Version 5.2.3

update: Enhanced category field to adapt both Single and Multi-select in backend editor
update: Added navigation option for overflow tab item in backend editor
Fix: Fixed addon's title color issue in frontend editor
Fix: Fixed language filtering issue in article & module
Fix: Fixed article saving issue (Pro only)
Fix: Fixed easyStore route issue if url suffix is enabled (Pro only)
Fix: Addressed other known issues

Version 5.2.2

update: Enhanced generative text AI generation (Pro only)
update: Implemented context menu opening based on available space in frontend editor
update: Disabled 'save as copy' and 'save & new' for easystore (Pro only)
Fix: Fixed animation visibility issue
Fix: Fixed installed font list not loading issue
Fix: Fixed installed language list showing issue in frontend editor without published (Pro only)
Fix: Fixed addon/column tools positioning issue

Version 5.2.1

Fix: Fixed AI controller not found issue in frontend editor (Pro Only)
Fix: Fixed the issue of the issue of duplicated articles with empty content (Pro Only)

Version 5.2.0

New: Introduced AI text and image generator
Update: Backend editor now supports pasting content across multiple pages
Update: Modal popup addon now includes an option to manage content overflow
Update: Text editor's color palette now includes a global color list
Update: Improved responsiveness of article columns field
Fix: Fixed typography issues occurring after upgrading from SPPB 3.x to SPPB 5.x
Fix: Fixed text editor expand issue in Joomla 3
Fix: Fixed ListField issue in the frontend editor for Joomla 3
Fix: Fixed addon width issue in Div addon

Version 5.1.6

Update: Joomla 5 compatibility
Update: PHP 8.2 compatibility
Fix: Fixed a client addon carousel item problem
Fix: Resolved a preview issue with nested div addons in the Product List addon
Fix: Addressed the issue with dropping saved addons

Version 5.1.5

Update: Implemented sortable feature for EasyStore addon list in frontend editor
Fix: Fixed image layout button link migration problem
Fix: Added frontend-to-backend navigation button
Fix: Fixed layers panel options popover positioning in frontend editor

Version 5.1.4

New: Option to set color, typography, padding, and margin for Popover Meta, Text Content, and Popover Link in Popover addon
Update: Enhanced the dropping functionality of the Product List addon for EasyStore
Update: Added multiple captcha options for the Opt-in Form addon
Update: Redirect to the last page after logging in to the frontend editor
Update: Added a backdrop to the options in the Layers Panel
Fix: Fixed smart search issue
Fix: Resolved the SendinBlue API issue in the Opt-in Form addon
Fix: Fixed addon hidden issue in category view
Fix: Fixed addon parser parent value issue
Fix: Fixed the background color in the Image Layout addon
Fix: Fixed image carousel issue when center padding is set to 0

Version 5.1.3

Fix single page preview link issue from backend editor
Add context menu functionality for productlist item in frontend editor (settings, show/hide and delete)

Version 5.1.2

Fix: Bug Fix

Version 5.1.1

Fix single page preview link issue from backend editor
Add context menu functionality for productlist item in frontend editor (settings, show/hide and delete)
Fix: Fixed table addon issue after updating to 5.1.0
Fix: Fixed carousel pro undefined property warning issue
Fix: Fixed module field value update issue
Fix: Fixed repeatable item link attachment issue

Version 5.1.0

New: Added EasyStore compatibility
New: Added new Popover addon
New: Added Before-after addon
Update: Enhanced frontend editor design for better alignment with the backend editor
Fix: Resolved problem with updating nested and deep addon rows in the layers panel

Version 5.0.10

New: Implemented a feature to fix legacy page content for improved compatibility
New: Added a new "Border" field to enhance design customization options
Update: Enhanced the Articles Scroller addon by introducing a control wrapper and enabling indicator settings
Fix: Fixed multi-word search issue on page list page.
Fix: Fixed the team carousel item links
Fix: Fixed an issue with the Tab addon's icon or image options
Fix: Fixed a bug where accordion bodies were missing
Fix: Fixed the missing child issue within deep nested row in the layers panel
Fix: Included missing selector text and text-related settings for images and icons in the modal addon
Fix: Fixed issue displaying only the initial category in multi-select for article addon.

Version 5.0.9

Update: Enhanced Media Security
Update: Added options for slideshow item padding and margin
Update: Increased max animation duration and delay value
Fix: Fixed typography unit problem in the Timeline addon
Fix: Fixed feature box addon disappear, button alignment and background hover color issue
Fix: Fixed the responsive margin problem in the frontend editor for columns
Fix: Fixed problems related to emoji saving
Fix: Fixed content display problem in form builder, contact form, and opt-in form
Fix: Fixed “undefined property” problem in start row element
Fix: Fixed the textarea resizing issue
Resolved the problem of saving unpublished pages
Fix: Fixed page renaming issue

Version 5.0.8

Fix: Resolved a module class not found issue.
Fix: Addressed a problem with loading the language list.
Fix: Fixed css path issue of the Magnific CSS

Version 5.0.7

Update: Enhanced security measures
Update: Improved media Access Control List (ACL) functionalities
Fix: Resolved a page freezing issue associated with duplicate ids
Fix: Fixed layout and gradient problems in slideshow transitions when upgrading from SPPB version 3 to 5
Fix: Corrected the positioning issue of the Tab addon for videos and iframes
Fix: Addressed SVG icon undefined error for custom icon packs
​​Fix: Fixed the issue where the select field failed to update after changing devices
Fix: CSS duplication problem occurring on the SP Portfolio page
Fix: Ensured proper display of installed fonts in the FontsField
Fix: Resolved warning issue with window reload
Fix: Fixed problem with editing table addon in the backend editor
Fix: Resolved content saving problem in the JCE editor
Fix: Page List Searching issue

Version 5.0.6

Update: Added thumbnail size selection options for articles and articles scroller add-ons
Update: Added translation string for google font api key instruction, row, column and add-on
Fix: Email sending issue in form builder for module section
Fix: Page Builder 3 to Page Builder 5 conversion issue in device based hiding
Fix: Page saving issue in Joomla 3
Fix: Slideshow video issue
Fix: Missing depends key in article scroller
Fix: Heading addon title color issue in the preview
Fix: Styles duplication issue for spacing settings
Fix: Text field cursor position issue
Fix: Email and license key spacing issue
Fix: Old addon id missing issue

Version 5.0.5

Fix: Undefined constant LAZYLOAD_PLACEHOLDER issue

Version 5.0.4

Update: Highlight layer item on hovering addon
Update: Reorganised import, export, clear content, and collapse/expand options in frontend editor
Fix: Iframe and script tags missing issue from addons
Fix: Slideshow autoplay issue after switching tab
Fix: Margin and padding issue for empty fields
Fix: Addon id missing issue in old addons
Fix: Acymailing subscription issue for same email address
Fix: Missing link color in navigation addon

Version 5.0.3

Fix: Image loading issue in Windows Operating System
Fix: Lazy load placeholder issue for videos
Fix: Issue with deleting multiple media files

Version 5.0.2

New: Added responsiveness for Flex properties in Div addon
Update: Implemented HTML sanitization in frontend editor to prevent XSS vulnerability
Update: Added tooltips for settings options

Version 5.0.1

Update: Enhance the security of the media manager.
Update: Enhance the access control list (ACL) for the media manager.
Fix: Resolved the infinite loader issue with installed fonts.
Fix: Fix the issue where pages are not saving due to a null value in the CSS field.
Fix: Improve the position of frontend portal popovers for left and right docked panels.
Fix: Resolved the styling issue with sections.
Fix: Fix the issue with an invalid index in the spacing field.
Fix: The custom CSS code for the div addon does not work under the custom CSS class.

Version 5.0.0

New: Redesigned backend editor with enhanced user experience
New: Improved frontend editor
New: Enhanced sidebar user experience for easier access to Addons, Sections, and Page Settings
New: Introduction of the Color Library in the frontend and the backend editor
New: Redesign of Color, Typography, and Box Shadow features
New: Copy and paste functionality for addons, with "Paste Above", and "Paste Below" options and a shortcut for on-the-go pasting
New: Sorting feature in Layouts, making it simpler to locate your desired layout
New: Introduced Font Book, a feature allowing Custom and Google font installation.
New: Implemented a Media Manager in the backend.
New: Added functionality for sorting saved addons & sections.
New: Added options to add or remove addons to favorites for faster access.
New: Added support for CSS variables in the color picker.
New: Integrated article editing from the backend editor.
New: Introduced rollback support for the Page Builder 3.x series to enhance backward compatibility and facilitate migration from previous versions.
New: Detected outdated addon structures and implemented warning notifications to prompt users to upgrade to the most recent addon structure.

Version 4.0.9

Fix: Image addon width and height issue
Fix: Alert addon issue if border added
Fix: Div addon drop as sibling issue
Fix: Pages still kept checkedin after clicking the save & +button
Fix: Column remains hidden on Mobile view but margin still shows issue
Fix: Outer margin issue for the nested section
Fix: Accordion addon styles issue in faq mode

Version 4.0.8

New: New Open Graph options added in the SEO section and 3 new meta properties added into page view
New: New visibility and order options added into addons’ Advanced settings, Row’s & Column’s Responsive tab
New: NoReferrer and NoOpener options added for Links
Update: Slideshow Addon and Feature Addon updated for responsive devices
Fix: Nested row duplication issue
Fix: Addon id issue for custom CSS
Fix: Heading addon missing TextShadow option added
Fix: Addon visibility is not working correctly issue
Fix: Nested row margin issue

Version 4.0.7

Update: The Page Category feature is restored
Update: Render multiple Page Builder modules in a nested row
Fix: Feature Box addon’s title font family, icon remove option, wrong class selector for width, and background hover color issue
Fix: Media Manager disappearing issue when scrolling down and selecting an image
Fix: Page redirects issue when Add New Page, Save, and Close button is pressed
Fix: Performance issue – Out of Memory when multiple slider type addons are added to a page
Fix: Column background overlay, Row overflow, and center alignment issue




You can open an issue on Github ( ) to report bugs, fix or others. No forum support for this extension or free download. Please don't open any customization support issue.

All I need

Posted on 15 February 2024
Page Builder is an all in one solution, which covers all I need to build very professional looking, well structured, respo Web-systems
Ease of use
It is like drawing my ideas - sometimes surprised, how much can be customized and what is possible.
Support is very good, quick and qualified answers, good tone, no complains.
Documentaion is fine. Complains just for the template documentation, but Page Builder docu is good.
I used this to: Building a platform for event and coaching proposal as well as a shop.

Might want to look elsewhere....

Posted on 09 February 2024
It is great... when it works. So many bugs but the Dev teams seems to be driven to add more "stuff," whether it works or not.
Ease of use
Fairly easy to use, overall. Again, when it works... mostly it works as expected but there are several unresolved issues that impede EoU.
Devs push out "new" features; neither requested nor needed, while ignoring reported bugs. Support queries answered days later, if at all.
Some available, a lot of information outdated or simply missing altogether... rarely updated between versions; even with major changes.
I used this to: I use this for designing and customizing websites for customers.
Does what it said straight out of the box. I had some initial difficulties finding out how things worked but nothing too serious. Help was available via documentation and technical support.
Ease of use
This was the first time I have used Page Builder and found it easy to use but needed a little practice and familiarisation which is not unusual with new software.
My lack of experience required technical support which was forthcoming.
The documentation could be improved which I understand is already underway.
I used this to: developing an antiques website and shop.
In summary I would recommend this product.
Allows anybody to create great beatyful web sites - great flexibility for mobile view versions.
Ease of use
very easy to use - once in the component - the use becomes immediate.
Really great support - I have been using Joomshaper products over the years and whenever necessary I got great support on any kind of issue!
Honestly speaking - I have never really used the documentation - my weak point - would have been useful to me .
I used this to: Latested SP PageBuilder version used on 4 web sites and Iwill use it on all sites I need to make anew as I need to make new site versions having various Joomla3 sites I need to create on Joomla4
very high functionality of the component, allows you to create incredibly beautiful web pages
Ease of use
Easy to use, you can quickly and easily do everything yourself even if you don’t know programming
great support. solve my questions quickly and efficiently. It was difficult for me to realize my ideas, but the support helped me, I’m happy
The documentation can be found on the official website, everything is clear and you can do it yourself.
I used this to: I use this component to create web pages and landing pages. I like adding new features to my site
This page builder has very wide range of different add-ons and functions.
Ease of use
At first needs a bit time to get into it due to large amount of different functions and options, but it's totally normal.
I used this to: I use this for building different websites with various complexity for my customers.

Not Ready

Posted on 20 November 2023
After being put off on the refund, I gave it some more time. It looks like it has potential, but it is currently not in the condition it needs to be for prime time.
Ease of use
I compared it to what I normally use. Nice page, and it doesn't even come close, period. Now I am continuing to use NicePage
It is always somebody else's fault or your hosting company's fault. Have worked with every page builder, This the worst experience ever for support.
Not updated for Joomla 5 Screenshots are not relevant in some cases.
I used this to: I have a small web development firm that we use for small to medium-sized projects..

very functional

Posted on 06 November 2023
Functional, purposeful, very pleasant for everyday use, it helped me a lot even though I am not an advanced user.
Ease of use
Easy of use.Easy to use, simple, purposeful, with a lot of options
Great support from a team of people who know everything about joomla.
Documentation is well written, but it seems to me that it did not cover all the possibilities and challenges
I used this to: I use it for work, hobby user, we had big savings when we switched to joomla, I'm a fan of open and free code.

Great Flexibility and Support

Posted on 03 October 2023
SP Page Builder offers a drag-and-drop interface and various templates, making it a flexible choice for Joomla web development.
Ease of use
The extension is intuitive, featuring real-time front-end editing that simplifies the web-building process, making it accessible for all.
Customer support is responsive and helpful, providing timely solutions to issues, which adds a layer of reliability to the product.
The documentation is comprehensive, covering everything from basic setup to advanced features, serving as a valuable guide for users.
I used this to: I use SP Page Builder for both light and content-heavy websites. Its flexibility and ease of use allow for quick updates and customisation. Reliable support and thorough documentation further streamline the development process.
I have built multiple websites using the Page Builder extension as well as the templates offered by JoomShaper and I am never disappointed
Ease of use
Makes creating and editing easy and quick. After learning how to fully use PB I don't build websites without it now.
The team at Joomshaper have eagerly and politely solved any and every problem I have had since I have used the extension. The best support!
I used this to: I have used this for several financial websites, as well as industrial, dental and medical websites
SP Simple Portfolio

SP Simple Portfolio

By JoomShaper
SP Simple Portfolio extension is a free Joomla! 3.x component designed to create media (image or video) portfolio functionality into your CMS website. Allows designers, artists, photographers to create, manage and publish a very modern and outstanding filterable portfolio. Present your best work to customers and new clients in an attractive, professional and responsive way. It’s very easy and...
SP Easy Image Gallery

SP Easy Image Gallery

By JoomShaper
Introducing SP Easy Image Gallery a Joomla extension for stunning image gallery showcasing in your websites with easiest of functionalities. Dedicated album creation, image adding and a whole lot other systems of SP Easy Image Gallery will give you a glitch free experiences of beautiful image display. SP Easy Image Gallery serves you with lots of in-house options like customization of thumbnails,...

SP Page Builder

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Jan 18 2024
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GPLv2 or later
Free download
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J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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