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SP Page Builder 4 is a fully visual drag & drop page builder for Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4. Create beautiful pages through live editing with the powerful drag & drop front-end page builder where everything is instant and visual.
Manage pages, add-ons, integrations, and settings right from the front end! It's a visual layout tool to help you build layouts and add content for new pages and articles (after integration is enabled). The content editor interface allows you to separate your page builder from your template and get complete control of your content.
The component can be used with almost any Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4.1 template. And yes, you can switch templates without losing your content and used design, colors, and images.

Free Joomla Page Builder Features

SP Page Builder sports tons of incredible features that will make it the easiest ever to build a website. Find the perfect SP Page Builder templates to create the best websites. The free Joomla page builder is hugely versatile and utmost user-friendly. You will love the extension for sure. Let’s see some of the core features of SP Page Builder free.

Design & Build Everything Visually

Lightweight, efficient, and feature-rich, in SP Page Builder every change is visual and instant. It comes with an ultra-flexible Frontend Editor that lets you create beautiful pages through live editing with the power of drag & drop.

Flexible Front-end Sidebar & Addon Settings

The Front-end Sidebar and Addon settings are moveable and you can drag them anywhere on the page you like. So that you can smoothly work and edit your website pages on any screen size without the placement of the editor disrupting your workflow.

Manage Workflow Using Layers

Layers—one of the core features of SP Page Builder turns your builder into a layered interface and lets you customize everything at any stage.

Speed Up Workflow With Organized Dashboard

Taking a modern approach, SP Page Builder comes with an intuitive and organized front-end dashboard where everything is manageable from one spot.

Create Complex Page Layouts

Get structural addons like Row, Column, and Div to create any page layout you want. You can add as many addons as you want inside the Accordion, Tabs, and more to create complex layouts with minimal effort.

Customize Content with 6 Different Viewpoints

Preview how your content will look like on the storefront and customize your content accordingly with 6 different viewports.

Resize Column Width by Dragging

With SP Page Builder 4, resizing the column width is a breeze! The width of a Column can be adjusted by clicking and dragging on the Column boundary.

Add Amazing Lottie Animations

With the SP Page Builder Lottie addon, you will be able to use Lottie Animations inside your page and catch the attention of your site visitors right away.

Powerful Media Manager

The SP Page Builder Media Manager lets you manage and control your media files with ease. All the files are listed and sorted into their respective category so that you can easily get access to them.

Use Your Own Custom Icon Pack

Instead of fiddling around with custom code now, you can easily upload and use your own customs icon pack with SP Page Builder.

Endless Customization Freedom

From customizing font style, colors, unlimited undo and redo options, and getting a more personalized look by adding custom CSS to a page element, the possibilities are endless with SP Page Builder 4!

Export & Import Pages

Export a previously created page layout and later import it to get the structure back and build a site in the shortest period of time.

Pre-designed Layout Bundles & Blocks

Speed up the development of your site with a plethora of pre-designed layout bundles for any business niche and ready blocks for various website sections.


Version 4.0.9

Fix: Image addon width and height issue
Fix: Alert addon issue if border added
Fix: Div addon drop as sibling issue
Fix: Pages still kept checkedin after clicking the save & +button
Fix: Column remains hidden on Mobile view but margin still shows issue
Fix: Outer margin issue for the nested section
Fix: Accordion addon styles issue in faq mode

Version 4.0.8

New: New Open Graph options added in the SEO section and 3 new meta properties added into page view
New: New visibility and order options added into addons’ Advanced settings, Row’s & Column’s Responsive tab
New: NoReferrer and NoOpener options added for Links
Update: Slideshow Addon and Feature Addon updated for responsive devices
Fix: Nested row duplication issue
Fix: Addon id issue for custom CSS
Fix: Heading addon missing TextShadow option added
Fix: Addon visibility is not working correctly issue
Fix: Nested row margin issue

Version 4.0.7

Update: The Page Category feature is restored
Update: Render multiple SP Page Builder modules in a nested row
Fix: Feature Box addon’s title font family, icon remove option, wrong class selector for width, and background hover color issue
Fix: Media Manager disappearing issue when scrolling down and selecting an image
Fix: Page redirects issue when Add New Page, Save, and Close button is pressed
Fix: Performance issue – Out of Memory when multiple slider type addons are added to a page
Fix: Column background overlay, Row overflow, and center alignment issue




You can open an issue on Github ( ) to report bugs, fix or others. No forum support for this extension or free download. Please don't open any customization support issue.

On Joomla 4, many parts don't work such as saving work on the front-end and the pre-made Blocks Library. No Tech support!
Ease of use
It's not easy to use when it doesn't function properly and there is absolutely NO tech support!
I've been trying to resolve an issue for more than 3 months. All they tell me is to "clear cache" and blame my host provider. NO HELP!!!
I used this to: I have happily used this component on Joomla 3, but on Joomla 4 it's full of bugs and these people refuse to address any of them. They just say, "clear your cache" and blame it on my host provider even though I show them it's their programming that's an issue. DON'T BUY!!!
Tuve problemas correr la extensión con Xampp, soporte tecnico me recomendo cambiar a Wampserver. Nunca pude utilizar las plantillas.
Ease of use
Realmente muy facil de usar, se construye una pagina muy rapido.
Excepcional, tandan un poco en contestar, pero si me resolvieron todos los problemas que tuve.
Bastante util, cuando me tope con conceptos que no entendía dentro de la Extensión
I used this to: Crear una pagina web aprovechando las plantillas, pero como nunca me funcionaron, cree la pagina Web desde cero.
La funzionalità é potenzialmente buona ma il giudizio complessivo è penalizzato dalla pessima politica commerciale.
Ease of use
Funzionalità relativamente facile, ma se si ha bisogno di qualche approfondimento, non contare sul supporto
Pessimo. Hanno acquisito 6 brand buoni per renderli mediocri ed obsoleti, senza curarne il supporto (il forum non è un supporto serio)
Documentazione basica. Se si ha bisogno di qualche approfondimento, non contare sul supporto
I used this to: Usato per valutare la possibilità di usarlo ma sono dei modesti e superficiali artigiani. Non è un prodotto valido per sviluppi professionali
If you are a newbie, I would use another extension like quix or T4. The new update has made things complicated. No front end editing.
Ease of use
It was easy to use. Now it is not. The front page edition is laggy and difficult to use.
I used this to: several websites. I will stop using it and plan the migration to other solutions.
Version 4 functionality invented the wheel again, not as useful as previous versions. Everything is new, but not as dynamic and functional.
Ease of use
NOOOOO, why did you change everything in version 4??
Interface looks like Helix on a diet
I used this to: all my sites, I glad only of them requested to upgrade to version 4. Will not upgrade the others! Better let it be in version 3.8
website's functionality is not bad, it meets these criteria to some degree and is able to perform its intended functions satisfactorily.
Ease of use
They did the mistake to disable administration editing, they made it a mess, it was perfect up 3,8
Sp team has been helpful and responsive Thank you for your dedication and hard work!"
everything is in order They provided sufficient documentation. documentation is comprehensive and contains all the necessary information
I used this to: I use to make websites for my client, what I am doing now using the latest Joomla with sp page builder 3.8
SP Page Builder du fait de sa puissance permet de générer des pages sympas assez facilement
Ease of use
Comme tous les CCK (Kit de Construction de Contenu), il faut un temps d'adaptation, mais la prise en main est facile.
Le support réagit toujours rapidement et propose des solutions adaptées.
L'aide en ligne et le forum permettent de répondre aux questions. Sinon il est possible de contacter le support.
I used this to: Utilisé de manière multiple : site perso ; site de clients avec de la formation pour qu'ils s'approprient l’outil, enseignement universitaire.
Good and scalable tool for building wonderful websites within no time.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Even without coding knowledge, we can build websites.
Good and timely support. Chat or Forum, getting the issues resolved quickly.
Easy to follow documentaion to use the tools and apply in designing websites.
I used this to: School Website. I build a dynamic school website very easliy. The output came really nice.
Terrible functionality, unreliable, and a complete waste of time.
Ease of use
Once one of the easiest to use builders, this is now worse than using any other component I have ever used.
Support is often rude to users, has no respect for customers, regardless of how many years they have been supported.
Lacking good documentation and it's often outdated and incorrect, showing old versions.
I used this to: Multiple Joomla websites commercially and as a volunteer and am now looking for an alternative.

Going downhill

Posted on 29 March 2023
The 4.0.8 release was disastrous, as attested by many in the support forums. Now, weeks later, still no fixes.
Ease of use
Many controls are too small for their content. Some settings change when they shouldn't or vice versa. Some no longer work in 4.0.8.
They keep telling people that 4.0.9 is coming, but it's been too long. One supporter told me kindly to complain to their CEO.
I used this to: Build and maintain both my own site and those of several clients.
SP Tweet

SP Tweet

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SP Image Gallery

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SP Simple Portfolio

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SP Movie Database
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SP Page Builder

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