Directory, Forms, Database Management, Content Construction, Tables & Lists

Display and manage data from any MySQL database, build Joomla reports and data tables easily and with huge list of features using ChronoConnecivity.

ChronoConnectivity is a raw CCK (Content constructions kit) for Joomla, it helps you list and manage (delete/update) the data in any of your database tables, with full permissions support, and full integration with Chronoforms.

Some of latest release features:

  • Read, save and delete database tables data, connect multiple tables together.
  • Build listing tables or custom lists.
  • Your lists may include search, sorting and pagination.
  • build web forms, all forms elements are available and Google NoCaptcha widget is available for spam prevention.
  • upload and download files.
  • Export to CSV and send data to other servers using cURL or send emails.
  • PayPal payments and IPN support.
  • multi language support.
Bien, graphisme réussi en construction de listes, de nombreuses fonctionnalités, accès à toutes les tables standards de Joomla.
Ease of use
Reste complexe à mettre en place pour les liaisons entre les tables (par exemple pour les champs additionnels.
Beaucoup trop faible, beaucoup de questions restées sans réponse.
Elle existe. Aide importante mais quelques manques d'exemples avec la gestion des champs additionnels.
I used this to: CCK, création de listes et de formulaires avec possibilité de modifications de champs en frontend sans donner l'accès au backend.
It's great in picking up where Chronoforms leaves off, as this extension is focused more on retrieving data than capturing it.
Ease of use
It's easy, but easy <> simple. It's flexible enough to address many types of needs, but that means many moving parts.
It's pretty much limited to the forum. I have the impression that those closest to the product only respond to questions that interest them.
The weakest link of the product, but in their defense, it would be tough to do good documentation on this tool.
I used this to: A dashboard to review the results of a 140+ question survey done in Chronoforms. It lets you see or download all results or view/download by category and question.
Parts I can get to work, work. But seeing as i purchased this for a very specific task and can't get it to work I'll score accordingly
Ease of use
not very intuitive, and lack of documentation or sample code really make doing anything a hassle
3 short FAQs covering the absolute basics. No step by step, no how-to's.
I used this to: creating a page that displays select information from user profiles, and custom fields created by membership pro
Display information from database without writing select statement, that is a huge help.
Ease of use
It is not that easy but it is not hard to learn
Support is great. GreyHead always answers my questions. Thank you GreyHead.
I always find answer from Forums.
I used this to: Display list of information from database and connected to Chronoforms to be able to edit incorrect information.
When combined with ChronoForms, ChronoConnectivity is a must have for any serious Joomla developer. Even for the "beginner", these two provide a lot of functionality with a minimum of knowledge required of PHP or JavaScript.

For the more advanced developer, they provide the ability to really stretch the imagination. The docs could be better, but the support offered in the forums can't be beat. There have been a lot of good tutorials added lately, and I understand more are on the way.

Great job and kudos to the developers!!

Max and Greyhead are simply the best when it comes to support.
I have been using chronoforms for about a year and I would say that it is so powerful. So far I have done everything that came across my mind.

Yes this does not mean it is for everyone but even for beginners this add-on can help a lot.

The most important thing is that on chronoform website the support is great.

Chronoforms is one of the best add-on joomla ever.

Thanks Max.
Together with Chronoforms, this component is essential for any truly functional site. I have only just started using it and already the possibilities seem endless. The only limitation is my lack of programming knowledge.

Once again and excellent product with equally excellent support.
I have been using ChronoForms for a few years and one day I was asked to display back event registrations to authorised logged in users only. Enter ChronoConnectivity!

Since then I have built a couple of websites that are full blown applications (an affiliate book store and a real estate website) using ChronoForms to enter book and property details and ChronoConnectivity to display back the details in different required formats with appropriate security so that only the website owners can update the sites.

I am not a programmer but where a few lines of PHP code have been needed, I have been able to find examples on the very active ChronoEngine forums. I am so impressed that I purchased the unlimited subscription for ChronoForms last year and then the unlimited subscription for ChronoConnectivity today! I want to make sure these guys stay in business and continue to develop, improve and support these great products!

Great Tool

Posted on 28 October 2009
This has been invaluable to me and developments I have progressed. As a simple way of getting data out and into a database and displaying it back it is awesome.

Personally this for me is a must have.
I was already using Chrono Forms but this new component from Chrono is just as good.

You can quickly setup screens frontend/backend that allow to you view/add/edit/delete data from any tables.

I used it to setup an area where my users can add information about projects they've worked on.

You need an hour or two to get up to speed with the way it works and as always the forum support is brilliant so thanks again to both Max and Bob for the speedy replies that helped me when I needed it most.



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Chrono Connectivity

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GPLv2 or later
Free download
c p
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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