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Creative Contact Form is a powerful contact form builder with amazing visual effects. You will be surprised by count of all the possible features!
Over 145,000+ sites are already using Creative Contact Form.

Main Features

Insert forms anywhere in content
All texts are fully customizable
Flexible field types - name, email, phone, address, url, number, textarea, select, multiple select, checkbox, radio
Completely new checkbox, radio selection effect, implemented special for this extension
Load countries list (239 countries)
Flexible and user friendly interface for inputting checkbox,radio/select options
Set pre-checked/selected options for checkbox,radio/select types
Multiple email recipients, BCC, custom reply to email, from email
Automatically fill in User name and email if logged in
Allows page redirect to URL or menu item after sending email
Set all fields as required or not
Ajax based - no page reload
High level Spam protection
Custom email subject
Shake effect if field is not valid
Very easy to install and configure

Creative Contact Form is structured for creating:

  • Contact Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Reservation Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Contact Data Pages
  • and much more.

You will get ready-to-use form just after installation!

SUPPORT: If you think you found a bug or have any problem or question concerning this extension, do not hesitate to contact us via

REQUIREMENTS: This extension requires Joomla 3.X or higher.


1. How can I install Creative Contact Form?

Sign in to Joomla! administrative panel as a Super User, then go to Extensions > Extension Manager page. Press Choose file (Browse) button and select the .zip folder of Creative Contact Form. Click Upload and Install.

2. How can I activate Creative Contact Form plugin?

Navigate to Extensions > Plug-in Manager page, and search for Creative Contact Form. Enable System - Creative Contact Form plugin, and you will be able to load forms with a shortcode in articles and custom modules.

3. How can I publish the created forms as a menu item?

Create a new menu item in your menu first. Then, select the type of your menu item to Creative Contact Form.

You will see a field for selecting a form, with the list of active forms titles. Just select desired form there.

4. How can I display my form in a module position?

Navigate to Extensions > Module Manager page, then search for Creative Contact Form Module. Edit it, and set Module Assignment and Position.

Make sure to set status to Published. There is a field Select Creative Form, with list of acive forms. Just select desired form there.

5. Can the form be inserted into a Joomla! article?

Firstly, please enable System - Creative Contact Form plugin from Extensions > Plug-in Manager page. Afterwards, navigate to Components > Creative Contact Form > Forms page from the top menu of your Joomla! administrative panel.

Select the shortcode of the form you want to publish . Copy the code and paste it into your article.

7. Can I send the submitted information of a form to multiple email addresses?

Go to Components->Creative Contact Form->Forms->Your Form->Email Options, where you will find Email To field. It lets you write multiple email addresses as recipients. Make sure to separate them with comma.

Also, CC and BCC options will let you select extra recipients.

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Great customer support

Posted on 15 October 2023
The recaptcha function helps keep my website functional and the hosting server free from spam
Ease of use
Was easy to use with a little tech support from Simon at Creative Solutions
I used this to: Messages from customers for my business. Highly recommend the professional edition.

Contact form

Posted on 22 September 2023
very good, easy to configurate, easy to build new fields, you can build several forms for different purposes
Ease of use
Yes, you learn very quickly how to use it and configure i. Iit is quite intuitive.
Yes, quick support , I had an answer within the same day and solved my problems and questions.
I used this to: a website for a hotel with different forms: general contact, for table booking request and order coupon.
Module de contact simple et efficace, mais complet, qui permet de personnaliser comme on le souhaite
Ease of use
Très simple d’utilisation, au bout de quelques minutes, vous comprenez comment l'utiliser
Service client impeccable, réponse dans la journée à mes mails, malgré une mauvaise manipulation de ma part, très compréhensif
Documentation complète et simple, qui permet de comprendre aisément le fonctionnement du module
I used this to: J'utilise le module pour 2 de mes sites E Commerce, et dans les 2 cas, les retours sont très bons et l'utilisation est la même

Pretty nice!

Posted on 04 April 2023
It does exactly what it it supposed to, plus extra! Just as advertised
Ease of use
Pretty straight forward to use once you get the jist of it. Just as advertised
Support is good enough, though could improve. Response time is key
I used this to: I use it for all my booking websites and also general contact forms..
Der Funktionsumfang lässt keine Wünsche offen. Konnten alle unsere angedachten Ziele damit umsetzen.
Ease of use
Installation und Einrichtung sind selbsterklärend. Für den Nutzer total einfach zu benutzen.
Wir haben innerhalb von wenigen Stunden eine Antwort bekommen und alles wurde zu unserer Zufriedenheit gelöst. Besser geht nicht!
Easy to use :) den FAQ findet man wirklich alles erklärt. Die Software ist aber einfach zu bedienen.
I used this to: Private Vereinshomepage, nutzen es als Online Beitrittserklärung.
A very easy and complete extension for creating our contact form.
Ease of use
Excellent. Easy to install and create a form. No difficult steps and you have a professional looking contact form.
Really excellent & quick support from Simon, CS Creator, you could not wish for better.
Didn't need to read the documentation, as the extension was easy to set up.
I used this to: We use the contact form on our website, which allows people to contact us.
The form has all the functions you need, even for making very complex forms.
Ease of use
The form is easy to use. You intuitively even know what to do. You don't even need to read the documentation.
Instant help in case of problems. I was surprised by the quick response when I had a little dilemma and it was already late at night.
In fact, I didn't even read the documentation. There was no need. I created the entire form intuitively without any problems.
I used this to: The form is used on the company website. Joomla 4 with php 8.1. The form is used to contact customers.

Excellent Support

Posted on 01 March 2023
Excellent functionality, easy to use. I had a small problem with the upgrade that reverted my purchased license back to the free version.
Ease of use
Excellent functionality, easy to use. I had a small problem with the upgrade that reverted my purchased license back to the free version.
I had excellent support from Simon, CS Creator, who fixed everything and it is now working beautifully.
I had excellent support from Simon, CS Creator, who fixed everything and it is now working beautifully.
I used this to: Get quotes. Excellent functionality, easy to use. I had a small problem with the upgrade that reverted my purchased license back to the free version. However, I had excellent support from Simon, CS Creator, who fixed everything and it is now working beautifully.

Excellent Component

Posted on 16 February 2023
Creative Solutions - Creative forms are perfectly created and user friendly.
Ease of use
I found that Creative forms were extremely easy to use and are created that way
Creative Solutions Support Services were extremely quick in dealing with a few issues I had
Creative Solutions have excellent documentation supporting Creative forms
I used this to: So glad to have found Creative Solutions, Creative Forms I use the component for my personal website. Highly recommended.

A piece of cake

Posted on 15 February 2023
It does more than you dare to imagine. The different templates and forms that come with this plugin show the range of functions pretty well.
Ease of use
It is a bit complicated, as all the functions are a bit overwhelming. But overall usability is still excellent.
Brilliant! Helpful and a very fast response time when I encountered some difficulties.
Everything you need, nicely illustrated with screenshots. And the user interface in the backend is pretty much self explaining.
I used this to: Since FoxContact is not available for Joomla! 4 I decided to use this plugin instead for all my Joomla! projects.
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Creative Contact Form

Creative Solutions
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Nov 25 2023
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m p
J3 J4 J5 (b/c plugin)

Uses Joomla! Update System


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