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This module displays a global "last modified" date that informs the visitor when the last change was done to the site.

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** db8 Site Last Modified for Joomla 3.x (native) **

The Site Last Modified date and time are based on the creation and modification date and time of the articles in your site, and it takes into account the websites & users timezone level. It uses PHP date format to format the date/time. It has an update notification & can be updated using Joomla's one-click-update.

Latest version: db8 Social Media Share J3.x v2.6 [23-December-2014] - Added filter="raw" to mod_db8sitelastmodified.xml to make it possible to add HTML code to "Text before/after Date" fields.

** db8 Site Last Modified for Joomla 2.5 (native) **

The Site Last Modified date and time are based on the creation and modification date and time of the articles in your site, and it takes into account the websites & users timezone level.

It uses PHP strftime format. Text (and HTML code) can be added before AND after the date/time. And the Joomla 2.5 version has 3 language files on board: English, French & Dutch. It has been tested on Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 1.7.5 (It might run on 1.6 but has not been tested).

** db8 Site Last Modified for Joomla 1.5 (native) **

The Site Last Modified date and time are based on the creation and modification date and time of the articles in your site, and it takes into account the users access level and whether an article is published or not.

It uses PHP strftime date/time format (for date/time display in localized format, based on selected language). Text (and HTML code) can be added before AND after the date/time. And the Joomla 1.5 version has 5 language files on board: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish.

** db8 Site Last Modified for Joomla 1.0 (version 1.0)**

This module displays a global "last modified" date that informs the visitor when the last change was done to the site. It displays the last modified/created date of all articles, regardless their access level and publish state.

The module has three parameters:
* Module Class Suffix (for individual module styling)
* Label (for any text, but only in front of the date)
* Date/time format ( Formats the date value according to the MySQL format, so only limited date/time localization possible )

Note: both versions do not display any other changes, e.g. in Section/Category or Modules:
* The date+time of changes in Section/Category descriptions are not stored in the Joomla tables.
* The usage of the checkedouttime of User defined Modules wasn't implemented in this module.

Simple & easy

Posted on 08 April 2016

A useful extension, though the content is in an HTML list for some reason. Also, you can't leave the end punctuation empty.

Ease of use

Simple, though I had to bang the display into shape by neutralizing the HTML list's padding and bullet.

I used this to: Showing last updated date on a product catalog site.


Posted on 16 October 2014

Nice compact module that does what it's supposed to. Thanks for providing!


Posted on 10 May 2014

Great job!

Thank you very much!!

Simple, but much effective!

cu freewilly

This extension is very nice, it works what it is made for. It is very simple and tiny module. Easy to understand and modify and deploy in site.

Thank you very much for sharing nice module!


Posted on 30 March 2013

Easy to install, to publish, it does what I need. Thank you.

Thats all, it does what it says. Easy to install, easy to publish, easy to customize. A must have for a site that is frequently updated.

Flawless module!

Posted on 06 August 2010

This is one of those modules that is 100% kosher.

It does what it claims to do, installation is straighforward, administration is a delight. No skills needed. Fit for the royal family!

Here's a tip for newbies like myself.

If you for example want to have two lines like this:

"This site was updated:

05 augusti 2010, 15:14"

The input would be:

This site was updated:



Excellent, straightforward module that does precisely what's intended to do. Easy installation too.

Well, this is awesome - it does exactly what I was looking for, and is very configurable using the date formats I found here (just omit the ' and ' at start and end):


Shame you cannot remove completely the text before the date - seeing as any module can display the title it would be nice to have the option to *only* show the date in the module, and use the title to describe that this is the last modified date.

Thanks though for a great, and useful module.

Owner's reply: Version 2, for Joomla 1.5 native, has just been released. In that version you can completely remove the text before & after the date.


Posted on 04 December 2006

Nice and simple Module. Easy installation and Configuration. It would be great if it also show other site info (ex. Site name, web master/s, today's date, etc)

db8 Site Dev

db8 Site Dev

Free | Development Tools | Peter Martin
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A Joomla Site Development Tool to improve your workflow with Joomla website development. - Create a Checklist for your own workflow - Export your Checklist and import it in all the websites that you develop. - Keep a full overview of everything that you have done and anything that still needs to be done. - The default English Checklist has shortcuts to configuration options in the Joomla admin panel Features Easily manage your own Checklist of everything you have to do before a website can be put online Manage your own Checklist of Categories and Checklist items Import and export your own Checklist Categories and Checklist Items Download and import a default Site Checklist with items related to Joomla website development Have a full overview of everything that has been done and have to be done Easily check or uncheck items to update the status of an item Add notes with details to each Checklist item Add hyperlinks to your notes to create short cuts to specific pages in your Joomla admin or external websites Getting started Download db8 Site Dev Install the package (Component + Module) in the Extension Manager The Component will be installed with one default Checklist Look at how to create a Checklist via Categories + Check Items Look at how the Checklist works and the result in the overview on the Dashboard The About page has an option to export/import a Checklist In case you find a bugs in this software, please create an issue at Github.com If you find this extension useful, please consider leaving a positive review at the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) Background Since 2005 I support with db8.nl companies with Joomla websites. When developing websites for customers I always have to do the same things to configure and optimize the website before putting it live. The awesome Live Checklist created by Rene Kreijveld has proven to be a great tool to keep track of everything that you have to do. It's a list of things you have to do to configure and optimize your Joomla website. However, the list is an offline one that you can use next to your computer. What if such a list would be inside the website you were developing? I decided to develop this extension to have such a checklist tool within the website that is under development. Website developers can add their own checklist or Generate a default Live Checklist. db8 Site Dev v0.9.3 consists of an Admin Component and Admin Module and is available with the following language packs: - en-GB (UK English) - da-DK (Danish) - de-DE (German) - fr-FR (French) - nl-NL (Dutch).
c m
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db8 404 Errors

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This Administrator Module displays a list of 404 Errors in the back-end Control Panel, so the errors are clearly visible for Webmasters right after login. The Module retrieves the lists of 404 Errors from the Redirect Manager. With the Module webmasters become better aware about incoming traffic to non-existing pages so that they can redirect those to working pages. The Module has a couple of configuration options: number, order, order direction of the 404 errors, and the Redirect Status: All, Disabled, Enabled, Archived, and Trashed. The default is to show a list of 5 Errors, Disabled (= 404 errors that have not yet been redirected), ordered by number of hits, starting with the most hits. With this default setting a webmaster will notice the non-existing page with most traffic best. Creating redirection for those will probably solve most future 404 errors. Note: In order to display 404 Errors, Joomla's Redirect Plugin should be enabled. Installation: Extensions > Extension Manager > [Install] Extensions > Module Manager > Filter [Administrator] > [New] Configure Module: under [Module] assign to Position "cpanel" & under [Advanced] set Bootstrap Size to 6. Language files included: de-DE (German) en-GB (UK English) es-ES (Spanish) fr-FR (French) nl-NL (Dutch) Change log: Version 1.1 [28 January 2015] File: mod_db8404errors-j3x-v1.1.zip Corrected language packs & added 3 new languages (French, German, Spanish) Version 1.0 [28 January 2015] File: mod_db8404errors-j3x-v1.zip First release.
db8 Social Media Share

db8 Social Media Share

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The Social Media Share module displays social media icons that visitors can click to share a page with their own social network via social media. The module has 6 Icomoon icons (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Email and Pinterest) that can be styled via CSS or Font Awesome icons that can be loaded using the fontawesome Layout Override. In the back-end the order of the icons can be set by adding ordering numbers. An icon can be disable by adding "0". For Pinterest an url to an image (e.g. your logo) can be set in the "URL of Logo for Pinterest" field. Changelog: -- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.6.0 [31-March-2015] -- Conditional loading CSS + "Fontawesome" Alternative Layout -- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.4 [18-April-2014] -- Moved the CSS import to the tmpl file so that template overrides will be easier. Added minified version of CSS. -- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.3 [17-April-2014] -- Fixed for automatic future update notifications & one-click-update functionality -- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.2 [16-April-2014] -- Added information screen to Module back-end with links to documentation and github. -- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.1 [16-April-2014] -- Has 6 icons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Email and Pinterest. The icon images have been replaced with icomoon icons made with http://icomoon.io/app/ -- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.0 [6-February-2014] -- Added 1st version to github with 4 image icons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.
db8 Latest Weblinks

db8 Latest Weblinks

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The db8 Latest Weblinks displays the latest added weblinks. The clicks on the weblinks are handled by Joomla's default weblink component and the hits are counted. In the back-end a Weblinks category or multiple categories can be selected.
db8 Kiva Team

db8 Kiva Team

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The Kiva Team module displays Kiva Team data: Team description, Team members or Team Loans. The module displays Team data from the micro-finance website kiva.org and has 3 different display settings: Team description with statistics Team members Team Loans Install, add the module to your site, configure what to display: Team, Lenders or Loans, and under the [Kiva Team Page] [Kiva Team Members] and [Kiva Team Loans] tabs the display settings can be configured.
db8 Tab Reminder

db8 Tab Reminder

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This System Plugin changes the Title in the Browser Tab when the Visitor focuses on another Browser Tab. To see this effect: - go to the demo site: http://d3m0.nl/ - open a new tab and navigate to another site - the title in the tab of the d3m0.nl site should change.
Options Manager

Options Manager

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With Options Manager you can Export and Import your Global Options and use Activate Options to switch between the Imported Global Options and the previous Configured Global Options. Furthermore, it will make it easier to distinguish which Menu Items have Options that are different from the Global Options. Options Manager has been developed for Joomla website builders and administrators: No more tedious clicking on Options. No more unexplainable Menu Item issues. Save Time!

db8 Site Last Modified

Peter Martin
Last updated:
Feb 22 2017
Date added:
Nov 30 2006
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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