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It's a powerful classifieds tool for building the classifieds section on your website. It’ll do all the hard work for you.

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If you are looking for an easy to use extension for creating classified ads with your Joomla 3, then DJ Classifieds will be the best solution for you.

This classified ads extension is suitable to create any type of classifieds. It does not matter if you want to create general ads section, job listing, real-estate ads, dating portal or city portal classifieds.

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension comes with many useful features.

Your classifieds can bring you extra revenue by monetizing the many options available to users.
This extension offers advanced search module flexibility and provides a highly configurable locations setup.

You are able to set the unlimited amount of custom fields.

Get the whole community engaged on your site, with auction selling options that make it a smooth and efficient service, for both buyers and sellers.

Easily customize the layout of categories into a blog and table view, and even in the advert details view as well.

DJ Classifieds classified ads component has a built-in slider which gives the possibility to display classifieds in an attractive way!

Each user or advertiser can access a personal panel to manage ads.
DJ Classifieds users can add images and video urls from Youtube or Vimeo

It also offers many free modules - you can build your classifieds website easily and quickly.

DJ Classifieds works with many 3rd party Joomla extensions and it offers premium apps - you can add extra functionality to DJ Classifieds allowing to use extra features.

Some of the DJ Classifieds classified ads extension features:

  • Auctions Buy now feature
  • Watermarks Email templates
  • HTML5 geolocation option to edit ads by unregistered users
  • multiupload Search in defined radius from Post Code. Now user can search classifieds only in certain distance from his place.
  • Possibility to display extra fields in category (table or blog) view. You can choose if you want to make separate column for a filed in table view or if you want to display all extra fields in one column 'additional info'. Possibility to disable adding adverts to certain category. You can use this feature to force your users to posting ads in subcategories not in main categories. For example in 'vans' instead of 'cars'.
  • 'Move to top of the list' feature - now your users can move their ads to top of the list and you can charge for that.
  • Jomsocial integration plugin included
  • Community Builder integration
  • Easysocial integration
  • GDPR component integration.
  • Responsive templates support
  • Payment plugins - Payment plugins allow you to charge for classifieds with different payment methods.
  • Types - Types are like additional categorization for adverts. You can use it for things like “free”, “exchange” or whatever comes to your mind.
  • Durations - If you want to charge different price for the amount of time the advert is published you can add unlimited durations.
  • Monetize - Place any banner, or adsense ad in different module positions inside the component! There are planty of module positions inside the component that you can evaluate for your promotional or other purposes.
  • Locations - Highly configurable locations setup. Set country and almost any location scenario (country-state-city , or country-city-suburb-street etc), Works with google maps module, Unlimited locations
  • Categories - Unlimited categories, Categories with images, Display amount of adverts in category, Individual rates for category (you can charge for posting into certain category), Restrict category to certain usergroup
  • Extra fields - In DJ Classifieds you can set unlimited set of custom fields to fit them into business areas your site will advertise.
  • Show Google Maps on click
  • Microdata tags support

Multifunctional modules

  • DJ Classifieds comes with free modules that let you build your classifieds joomla website easily: search module categories module maps module user menu module
  • Advanced search module - The search/filter gives you the option to allow to search/filter the results basing on many different conditions.
  • Google-maps-integration
  • Videos and images - let users add images and videos - youtube/vimeo set amount of images set weight of the images advanced images pre and post processing [recreate] search for ads with videos and images


DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver 3.7.5

New features:
- Possibility to define custom return urls in the PayPal plugin.
- Added support for new DJ-Reviews structure.
- New calendar script used in custom fields.

- Resolved problem with warnings on adverts list.

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver 3.7.4

New features:
- Blocking save button during advert creation , to prevent multiple store of new adverts.
- Possibility to hide page title on categories tree basing on "Show Page Heading" menu parameter
- Module DJ-CLassifieds CategoriesTree possibility to select layout
- Categories ordering parameter in DJ-Classifieds Category Tree module
- Added extra check for images requirement when adding adverts.
- Support in advert details for microdata tags from
- New parameter "Map img on start" allows to show blank image instead of map when advert is loaded. Map is shown after slicking on "Show Map" button.
- Updated confirmation method of PayPal payment.
- Added support to "date from-to" custom field in ask seller form.
- Respecting post code in address geolocalization used in new advert creation form.
- Including subcategories in selected category parameter of DJ-Classifieds Maps module.
- Disabled restriction that at least one duration have to be assigned to all categories.
- Possibility to clear user profile
- Possibility to limit number how many adverts can be posted for last 5 minutest, last hour and last day.
- New tag [[purchase_details]] available in "Buynow - buyer notification email" [ID34]
- Remember selected duration after category change in advert creation form
- Contact form in user Profile
- Possibility to select Adverts types in DJ-Classifieds Maps module
- Possibility to assign selected from category custom fields to all subcategories.
- New parameter in DJ-Classifieds search module which allows to specify source of input hints (adverts, regions, categories)
- Possibility to use other then TinyMCE editor for description.
- Export user profile with all details to XML file
- Export adverts to XML file
- Automatic link generation for WhatsApp field


  • Resolved problem with missing days when buying some promotion again.
  • Added noopener noreferrer to website link
  • Resolved problem with calculation for characters.
  • Resolved problem with Bootstrap styling problem on labels elements
  • Resolved problem with auctions counter
  • Resolved problem with date format when wrong date is provided
  • Resolved problem with auction countdown on Safari browser
  • Resolved problems with notices on profiles search results.
  • Function cURL used for payment verification in DJ-CLassifieds PayPal plugin
  • Resolved problem with notifications in helper from DJ-Classifieds Items module
  • Resolved problem with Deprecated notification about function for article links generator.
  • Resolved problem with currency show always on right side of price field, when price using as a custom field
  • Resolved problem with missinf DS declaration in DJClassifiedsSEO library
  • Resolved problem with "Drive Directions" in advert details.
  • Resolved problem with fields types inputbox, textarea, date displayed as a label translation.
  • Replaced all single apostrophes and QQ signs from language files.

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver 3.7.3

  • GDPR solution for DJ-Classifieds
  • New Profiles list view with search module.
  • Resolved problem with preview while advert was edited by administrator
  • Possibility to display archived adverts in adverts list and search
  • Possibility to select type of user custom fields in DJ-Classifieds Registration
  • Resolved problem with promotion days restriction after changing category
  • Displaying in user adverts view Images from category when there are no image.
  • Possibility to restrict "Ask Seller Form" via Subscription Plans
  • Possibility to add and delete from Favourites in module DJ-Classifieds Items
  • Resolved problem with default displaying of profile info in blog view.
  • Resolved problem with missing mod attributes on blog adverts list.
  • Resolved problem with missing durations to categories assignment in renew advert process
  • Resolved problem with profile edition when fields group wasn't assignment
  • Added into ask form mail new tag [[contactauthorname_link]] which links to sender profile.
  • Possibility to Follow user adverts
  • Possibility to send into sender copy of message from Ask Seller form
  • Resolved problem with & in Subscription Plans redirection
  • Resolved problem with links to files attachments during advert edition
  • Resolved problem with RTL table title
  • During advert creation when only numbers available in price then automatic coma deleting from price field.
  • Resolved problem with displaying empty elements in multicategories plugin.
  • Resolved problem with redirections after advert creation
  • New sort option in DJ-Classifieds Items module which allows to sort via days left in promotion special
  • Resolved problem with custom fields values while advert was edited by administrator

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver 3.7.2
- Resolved problem with promotions assigned to advert during manual payment confirmation
- Blocking save button while images uploading is in progress.
- Possibility to select path for storing advert images
- Possibility to select path for storing profile images
- Possibility to select path for storing category images
- Creating separate folders for images from each 1000 advert
- Creating separate folders for images from each 1000 profiles
- Creating separate folders for images from each 1000 categories
- Possibility to resize images during upload process.
- Possibility to display only adverts with auctions in DJ-Classifieds Items module
- Hidden favourites icons on list when favourites feature disabled in global configuration.
- Resolved problem with link to edit password in profile details.
- Resolved problem with showing categories durations on renew advert process.
- Custom page title for categories
- Administrator can edit and delete adverts on front.
- Custom fields groups
- New trigger "onBeforeDJClassifiedsDisplayAdvertMap" in administrator advert edition
- Promotions periods restricted to durations during advert creation
- Resolved problem with function "filegetcontents()" used in noCaptcha
- Resolved problem with default ordering by name in Category Tree view
- Resolved problem with default ordering by name in Category Tree module
- Resolved problem with smart table position 'djcf-items-table' when there is less adverts than limit
- Resolved problem with translated label "Please login" in ask seller and abuse forms
- Resolved problem with adding to favourites where there was only one advert on list.
- Resolved problem with selecting module in DJ-Classifieds Regions Select
- Resolved problem with searching in custom fields from data range.
- Resolved problem with double load of categories selector in advert creation view
- Resolved problem with misssing images during advert edition as guest
- Added in Ask Seller message auto change new lines to html
- Changed default social code link to SSL protocol.
- Auction timer in advert details.
- possibility to pay AUP points as standard DJ-Classifieds points.
- Resolved problem with missing author when editing advert in administrator by button edit
- Resolved problem with missing images when editing advert in administrator by button edit
- Resolved problem with currency position detail page of bank transfer payment .
- Resolved problem with missing default SEO title in adverts category page.
- Filter "price negotiable" in search module.
- New "Categories" parameter added to the "DJ-Classifieds - Shipping" plugin.
- "Offer" feature added to subscription plans app.
- price 0.00 converted to free shipping in the shipping plugin

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver
- (+) Google places in search address restricted to DJ-Classifieds country
- (+) Google places in advert edition address restricted to DJ-Classifieds country
- (+) Map dynamically changes upon the location in submission form
- (!) Added correct Itemid for profile links in buynow list on User adverts view.
- (!) Resolved problem with sorting in user adverts view.
- (!) Resolved problem with reset link in Search module.
- (!) Resolved problem with profile links in single advert page.

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver.

  • Resolved problem with saving durations in administrator.
  • Resolved problem with single advert link added to Joomla menu.
  • Resolved problem with Notices in new advert durations select.
  • Added images to Search Alerts notification email.
  • Resolved problem with missing item description tags in abuse report.
  • Adding support for translating custom fields in blog and table views.

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver. 3.7.1

  • Resolved problem with category links generation.
  • Resolved problem with redirection to payment when using free promotions.
  • Resolved problem with inherit of blog view layout.
  • Links to password/email change in DJ-Classifieds Profile
  • Avatar in registration view.
  • Remember latest parent region while creating new region in administrator
  • Resolved problem with displaying of unpublished categories in Multicategories APP
  • Profile link and avatar in blog view.
  • Support for videos
  • New triggers 'onAfterDJClassifiedsDisplaySalesItem' in sales orders and history views.
  • The parameter to disable Administrator notification about advert Renewing.
  • Possibility to restrict durations for categories.
  • Terms and Conditions checkbox in payment page
  • Adding to favorites on adverts list.
  • Verified Seller
  • Cache for categories disabled by default
  • Cache for regions disabled by default
  • User notification email after new points assigned by administrator
  • Resolved problem with favorites view and 404 redirections.
  • Resolved the problem with auctions price start when "buy now" option enabled.
  • Resolved problem with extra images price calculation
  • Added SSL protocol to PayPal payment plugin confirmation URL.
  • Added support for videos from
  • Deleted duplicated labels form component language files.
  • Added to items module new source: "Adverts from author of currently displayed adverts"
  • Resolved problem with watermarks added on profile images during thumbnails administrator recreation
  • XSS problem resolved in blog sorting function
  • Resolved problem with captcha button during advert creation.
  • Resolved problem with adverts displaying in the specific region.
  • Field contact used when searching by word.
  • Resolved problem with blog view on subcategories and subregions
  • Resolved problem with displaying images in DJ-Classifieds Items module on mobiles.
  • Deleted old promotions price in administrator promotions view.

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver.

  • Added new responsive "Magnific Popup" gallery
  • Resolved problem with generating category links

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension - Mercado Pago Payment plugin ver. 3.6.8

  • jroute form fix
  • DJ-Classifieds payments library support

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension - Multicategories App ver. 3.7

  • Resolved problem with prices in additional categories.

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension ver.

  • Resolved problem with EasySocial avatar displayed in advert details.
  • Resolved regions problem with Users expired Subscription Plans
  • Resolved problem with links to new advert, user adverts etc. when view wasn't assigned to Joomla menu
  • Resolved problem with displaying unpublished regions in Regions Module
  • Resolved problem with showing on IE subregions in Search module
  • Resolved problem with listing adverts from regions.
  • Resolved problem with user profile and files Attachments
  • Resolved problem with missing theme library in module DJ-Classifieds Regions Select

Jeżeli poszukujesz łatwego w użyciu dodatku dla Joomla przygotowanego do tworzenia ogłoszeń to nie szukaj już dalej - DJ-Classifieds to profesjonalne rozwiązanie, które pomoże ci osiągnać cele w szybki i prosty sposób.
Jest to poteżne narzędzie dla budowania sekcji ogłoszeń na stronie internetowej.
Dzięki imponującej gamie niestandardowych pól, niestandardowych lokalizacji, systemowi płatnych ogłoszeń i niestandardowego wyszukiwania dla każdej kategorii, będziesz w stanie stworzyć własny niepowtarzalny portal ogłoszeniowy w Joomla!

Suchen Sie eine einfache Erweiterung, um ein Kleinanzeigenportal mit Joomla zu realisieren? Dann suchen Sie nicht weiter, DJ-Classifieds bietet Ihnen einen professionellen Anzeigenmarkt, der zugleich einfach zu bedienen ist.. Mit einer beeindruckenden Reihe an Funktionen, z.B. benutzerdefinierten Feldern, benutzerdefinierte Speicherorte , bezahlte Anzeigen und benutzerdefinierte Suche, ermöglcht Ihnen DJ-Classifieds einen Kleinanzeigenmarkt zu realisieren, der großen Anzeigenmärkten im nichts nachsteht. DJ-Classifieds ist ein leistungsfähiges Werkzeug für den Aufbau eines Anzeigenportals für Joomla 3.


Best classifieds extesion

Posted on 30 September 2018

Many integration for perfect functionality

Ease of use

Very easy to instal and configuration


Fast and responsible support


Full of content and learning documents

Value for money

Pricing is fare

I used this to: Vertical classified website

Very complete extension with continuos improvements and a lot of addons to expand it features.

Ease of use

Very easy to use once it has been configured


The support is awesome. The support staff is very kind and expert and the few problems I had were solved quickly.


Online documentation is good and well explained.

Value for money

Amazing price performance ratio

I used this to: I am using on a my classified site from many years and the improvements followed each other at an incessant rate.

All you need to run a professional DJ-Classifieds, I tried other extensions but thi's the most advanced script for Joomla!

Ease of use

Simple and very easy to use


Perfect and quick support, thank you


The supporting materials is full of useful articles and videos!

Value for money

Realy worth every cent for the functionality


DJ component and all plugins are working superfine and you can create allmost anything.
-and if you need support, they are there for you.

Ease of use

It takes a little time and practice to learn, but that is totally fair because you have all options at all with this extension.


You can´t get better support - if needed..


DJ provide a lot of help - include many, many videos - well explained.

Value for money

Price is absolutely fair

I used this to: Classified site

Dj Classified

Posted on 26 January 2018

very good!

Ease of use

Very easy and if you get stuck they help you alot.


Very good time difference but they reply asap


Very good.

Value for money


I used this to: my ads site and it works great

Best Classifieds for Joomla

Posted on 03 October 2017

Very surprised how good the component is.
The extensions (APPs) are great especially "Subscription Plans" and "Ajax Search App".

Ease of use

Easy to use and if something is unclear, the support always helps.


Fast, good and friendly


Great, there are lots of videos, a forum and a online manual.
Look at the Joomla templates, many components are included ;o)

Value for money

The extensions and the Apps: Worth it!
There are many discounts

I used this to: classified website

More functions (multi-box searches, modules, etc) than other classifieds; you can make any kind of catalog or classifieds listing

Ease of use

Very easy to control from the admin menu, very clear


The best support I've experienced in my 5 years of using Joomla; very willing to do more than the support scope, fast and detailed


Very good -- thorough, with videos too

Value for money


I used this to: Jobs and resumes catalog/listings

The range of functions, modules and menus are in depth and cover all the aspects required in a classifieds component. Top marks

Ease of use

With the quick-start you can have a professional site up and running in a few hours. Building from scratch is also easy.


If needed support is fast, courteous and knowledgeable.


I have not needed it as the software is self explanatory but if required the documentation is extensive.

Value for money

Hands down worth every euro, penny, cent for the functionality. Dont look any further for a classifieds component.

I used this to: Cycling classifieds for the Netherlands
Owner's reply: Thank you for this great review! It will be really helpful for others. Cheers!

Dj-classifilds has payment plug-ins, but as it turned out it does not have import cvs, without which it makes no sense to make a store.

Ease of use

Quite good, tnx!


Now I am actively communicating with the developer, but he asks somehow the prices that are extremely high for such fix.

Value for money

Only if you sell a few products and don't need to manage a big store.

Owner's reply: Hi,
DJ-Classifieds is not meant for Shopping solution, it is focused on classified ads/auctions. It does have the option to let users pay for the items between them using PayPal, but it is not meant as an e-commerce solution.
Anyway thank you for your feedback, recently we are releasing DJ-Catalog2 with an e-commerce solution, so this may be one that will fit you more!

At the beginning I saw a lot of options. But later I realized that these options are not displayed nicely in the front-end.

Ease of use

Not so easy when I can't connect the search results page to a menu item or the fields presentation needs many small fixes.


I didn't use it. But the website gives a good impression about the support.


Didn't use it. Looks good though.

Value for money

I would try to find another solution.

I used this to: I use it for a catalog of health services.
Owner's reply: Hi, Thank you for the review. I will try to reply to some of your questions. When it comes to presenting the options. Have you tried both themes to see which one fits you best (default vs clan)? You can also check Joomla-Monster's templates that provide custom styling for DJ-Classifieds that is nicely organized.
For the search results page. You can set the itemID of the search results page in the module. This way you can control what will be visible module-wise on the results page. See this article for more details: .
Please contact us via our helpdesk with your doubts and issues you have with a setup, I'm sure we can assist you in solving it.
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DJ-Classifieds Extensions
Invoices App integrates DJ-Classifieds with JoomlaThat’s Invoice Manager extension. With this integration you’ll be able to generate invoices for payments made in DJ-Classifieds by your users. Invoices can also be generated automatically and available for users to be reviewed and downloaded right from their account. Important: You need to have Invoice Manager extension installed to use this...
Attachments App for DJ-Classifieds Attachments App for DJ-Classifieds
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Attachments App for DJ-Classifieds

By DJ-Extensions
DJ-Classifieds Extensions
Attachments app lets your users add attachments to any advert. If you ever wondered if it's possible to allow users to add file attachments to DJ-Classifieds adverts, it's now possible. This application for DJ-Classifieds classifieds extension for Joomla allows users to add attachments to any advert. You can define file formats, allow users to write their own captions or set predefined captions to...
Multicategories App for DJ-Classifieds Multicategories App for DJ-Classifieds
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Multicategories App for DJ-Classifieds

By DJ-Extensions
DJ-Classifieds Extensions
Multicategories app lets your users add one advert to unlimited number of additional categories so one advert will be visible and searchable in more than one category. With this application you're no more limited to one category for and advert. Administrator is able to set the maximum amount of categories one advert can be added to. When adding the advert user will see exactly same form as usual w...
EasySocial App for DJ-Classifieds EasySocial App for DJ-Classifieds

EasySocial App for DJ-Classifieds

By DJ-Extensions
DJ-Classifieds Extensions
Widget from this application’s allows to displays adverts on user’s profile. Also allows adding notifications to event stream about new advert [plugin must be installed]. DJ-Classifieds integration with EasySocial requires installation of the EasySocial application. This DJ-Classifieds plugin is free to download once you have an active DJ-Classifieds subscription....
DJ-MegaMenu Light DJ-MegaMenu Light

DJ-MegaMenu Light

By DJ-Extensions
Menu Systems
Joomla 4 alpha compatibility added! The free edition of DJ-MegaMenu. In this version, you'll find everything that's included in the regular (Pro) edition excluding: - Custom theme (color customizer) for mega and mobile menu - Modules inside mega and mobile menu - Sticky menu option - Delay before open submenu option - Mobile Menu Wrapper Code (for putting mobile menu button anywhere) - Changing...


Last updated:
Nov 06 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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