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This is a flexible file upload module. It allows the administrator to specify a destination folder, and allows the user to upload files to it. The administrator can also specify how many files that can be uploaded simultaneously, as well as the text in the front end. You can even have more then one module of its kind on the same page.

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Main features:
> Upload files to a specified folder in the 'images' directory.
> Specify the maximum file size permitted to tbe uploaded.
> Specify the types of files, by MIME type, that are permitted.
> Customize the upload label and submit button texts.
> Specify the background color of the results block to match your theme.
> Upload multiple files simultaneously (Up to a maximum of 10)
> Customize your front end text
> Customize your file input variable, which allows to have multiple modules on a single page
> Provide the front-end user with the option to replace existing files on upload
> Option to save files in username subfolders
> Displays MIME Detection Compatibility in Module Manager

Works well on one site....
Ease of use
Good on one site.
Couldn't post on the forum for I'm posting here which means support is 0
Couldn't find documentation for my problem, so I'm posting here...which means documentation is 0
I used this to: Trying to use this item on multiple sites...but it works on one site but not on the other...EXACT parameters.

Good module

Posted on 17 October 2016
A lot of features and customization possibilities
Ease of use
Yes, top integration
Yes but not tested
Very useful
I used this to: For the file manager section of my website
With a few additions to the MIME types I managed to get this extension uploading all the files I wanted with minimal effort.
Ease of use
Pretty straightforward, but really need email notification when clients upload files. I may have to search elsewhere regrettably.
I used this to: Mostly used for uploading manuscripts for publishing.
Ease of use
I used this to: It works well in Joomla 3.5
I am using it with 10 uploads but would prefer it not to emit the red message for each of the uploads which is not used. e.g. the form displays 10 browse lines but a user only wants to upload 3. It would be good to be able to suppress the 7 warnings
Owner's reply: Thanks so much for taking the time to review and rate my extension. Please note that since version 2.7.5, you are now able to hide the notice when no file was selected by the user for upload. Also, the notice level for no file uploaded has been changed form red (error) to light orange (warning). Thanks for your continued support and reviews!

I got an error

Posted on 23 January 2016
doest what it says
Ease of use
very easy to to use without any tutorial
I used this to: i tried to use for users to upload pdf documents but i discovered i got some errors after successful upload. /home/myafrish/public_html/awdi/modules/mod_easyfileuploader/helper.php on line 47.

if possible there should be a limit to what users can upload
Owner's reply: Thanks for taking the time to post your review on JED. The 'error' you mention is a PHP "Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference" warning. Not all servers display these warnings to users. I respond to every email sent to my support email address, support[at]valorapps[dot]com. Unfortunately, in responding to an email about this same issue last week, I got an "Undelivered mail returned to sender". It seems that the email address was entered incorrectly in the "Contact Us" form. Maybe that returned email was yours, but I don't know, and I did not have any other means of responding if the email was returned. I am sorry for you not getting the support you needed, but it was beyond my control. I have since removed the reference that triggered the strict standards warning in version 2.7.1, so it should work without this issue. Best Regards.

Highly Recommended

Posted on 31 January 2015
Fantastic functionality.
Ease of use
So easy to use and set up.
I used this to: I'm currently using it for an alternative way for my customers to send me files for their website design needs on Joomla3

Uploads in style

Posted on 30 January 2013
This might not be exactly what everyone is looking for but I really think it is super cool. What I really like is Option to save files in username subfolders which means every file is easy to find and I don't need to track who is uploading. I wish more extension where as simple and effective as this one.

Great job developers!!


Posted on 01 August 2012
I needed a way for logged in clients to submit artwork to my site as easily as possible. It doesn't get easier than this! KUDOS!!!!
I don't ordinarily do reviews but it was very necessary on this module. I am using this module and the Easy Folder Listing module for a client who needs to post multiple types of files daily for his visitors but doesn't need/want to learn anything about FTP. This is a great solution and the support has been phenomenal. Michael went above and beyond assisting me in troubleshooting a problem that turned out to be something on my own computer. I highly recommend this module and am going to investigate Michael's other modules as well because I know any support I need will be there.

No module class suffix

Posted on 29 November 2011
I installed it effortlessly and go it to work, but I can't use this extension because it does not provide the ability to apply a style suffix. If that's important to you, then keep looking.
Owner's reply: @roadsider. Thanks for posting your comments. As of version 2.0, Module Class Suffix is available.
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Easy File Uploader

Michael A. Gilkes
Last updated:
Jan 23 2019
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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