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Since 2017 the support of the Joomla! update system is mandatory for each extension listed at the Joomla! Extension Directory.
For this reason, each developper has to setup an update server and needs to implement update management tools. Especially if you have build a paid extension, this will result in much more coding effort.

Logical-Arts Package-Manager is an update management tool for Joomla 4.x.
Setup and handle update requests easily with this extension.
Logical-Arts Package-Manager integrates with Logical-Arts Subscriptions, so you will be prepared to sell your paid extensions.


  • Manages Update-XML requests.
  • Serves the Joomla! automatic update system
  • Manages update keys with expiry for paid extensions
  • Integrates with the Logical-Arts Subsdcriptions Extension
Logical-Arts Tickets
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Logical-Arts Tickets

By Logical-Arts
Help Desk
Joomla 4 only! Logical-Arts Tickets is a Helpdesk/Ticketing System for Joomla 4.x. Supports tickets for guests and Users, Categories, Uploads, Google reCaptcha... Main features: Create Categories File upload with dropzone support Uses Joomla! build-in reCaptcha plugin Inegration by menu-content or variable inside other articles Supports Cron-Jobs to auto-close tickets Supports Joomla! privacy p...
Logical-Arts Subscriptions

Logical-Arts Subscriptions

By Logical-Arts
Membership & Subscriptions
**Joomla 4 only ** Logical-Arts Subscriptions is a complete shop system to sell subscription based digital media. We sell you a complete subscription system, to start with your business. No hidden costs or need for additional "plugins". It comes all out of the box! Logical-Arts Subscriptions is Joomla 4.x ready. You will get a complete subscription system, to start with your business. No hidden c...

Logical-Arts Package-Manager

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Mar 30 2023
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Date added:
Aug 12 2021
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System