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Mail Catcher is an utility component for Joomla! for catching, logging and monitoring emails sending in your Joomla site.

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It is very useful for developers and administrators to monitor and keep track of ALL emails sent from Joomla site for debugging and administration purposes.

The dashboard display reports and statistics information so that developers and administrators can stay on top of ALL email sending activity in Joomla! site, every abnormal activities from spammers, attackers or from some malfunctioned installed extensions can be discovered quickly.

Mail Catcher is also useful to track extensions that send emails regularly and frequently like newsletter or subscription system, it will help you to see if the emails were sent correctly as intended.

Mail Catcher catches and logs the following information:

  • Sent date
  • Sent from email address + name
  • Recipients
  • Subject
  • Email content (supports both text and HTML format)
  • Sending status: failed or successful
  • Mailer: PHP Mail, SMTP or Sendmail
  • Referrer: see from where the email was sent (component, controller)
  • IP address: the IP address of the user who triggered email sending


Free | Booking & Reservations | Solidres Team
153 reviews
Solidres is a hotel booking extension for Joomla! CMS. Solidres itself is a free extension and you can download, install and use it in unlimited sites as you wish. Also, Solidres follows Joomla coding standard (MVC structure) therefore customizing Solidres or developing template for Solidres is a pleasant task for all Joomla developers/designers. Although Solidres was designed to support hotel (room-based) booking, it can still be used for other type of booking businesses like apartment/villas booking, B&B, guest house, camp site, we can even see some users who use Solidres for cat boarding or 3G USB booking. Features: Support booking per night or per day 03 reservation layouts to choose from in front end Support private room as well as shared room (dormitory) One page AJAX + well organized reservation form: it is one of our strongest feature, it makes booking a nice experience for your guests, this is very important factor for booking because most of the guests will stop booking if they find it hard to understand the user interface or having to fill a horrible form with too many fields. Flexible tariff configuration Multilingual with Falang integration Availability calendar Easy media management with multiple files uploading, drag & drop re-ordering, automatic thumbnail creation with configurable thumbnail sizes. Multiple currencies: you can configure as many currencies you wish and display them in front end in a module so that they can switch the currency as they want. Custom fields via XML Coupon supports Tax supports Deposit support: configure whether to accept deposit and configure deposit amount. Deposit can be fixed amount or percentage of booking cost or per stay length (for example charging first 2 nights's cost as deposit) Extra items can be configured as mandatory and charged per booking or per room. Google Map integrated: allow drag and drop on map to find your location visually. Built-in Simple gallery Built-in payment methods: Pay Later and Bank Wire Easy to modify email templates via Joomla template overrides. Responsive layout Responsive email templates MVC Joomla coding standard Backend drag and drop ordering Joomla template overrides for all component views. Export reservation as CSV Facebook OpenGraph support Back end reservation creation or amend for staff Single use supplement Supported by multiple Joomla template providers Easy to use and configure (free video tutorial available at our website) Live reservation unread count Ability to send reservation notification emails to multiple email addresses Ability to re-general all thumbnails Support Google Maps API Key Extensible via plugins and modules Ability to disable online booking and show inquiry contact form instead. Support both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 out of the box Menu types to show single asset or single room type Ability to auto detect when guest's session is going to be expired and raise warning Check availability for specific room type Add ability to override language per asset's category Support booking require approval Support tourist tax (fixed amount per person per night), this tax is needed by some countries where tourist tax are required Support reCaptcha in booking form to prevent bots and spam Ability to automatically calculate the tax amount for price included tax Support payment method surcharge and discount Support tax exemption For more features, details and screenshots you can visit our Feature Highlights page at our website. For reporting bug or requesting feature or any questions you may have when using Solidres, please contact us via our website.
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Speedy Translate

Speedy Translate

Paid download | Multi-lingual Content | Solidres Team
10 reviews
Speedy Translate is a dedicated Joomla extension with the ultimate goal to make translating work in Joomla easier and speedier. Our motivation to create this extension is from the fact that building a multilingual site in Joomla is somewhat a confusing and time consuming task, even for an experienced Joomla users, let alone new users. If you have built a multilingual site with Joomla, you will probably agree with us. Speedy Translate will help you to translate static content and dynamic content in Joomla easier and speedier. For those who does not know about them, static content refers to all content in your Joomla site that are not stored inside your database but in your file system like language files while dynamic content is stored inside your database like your articles. To translate static content, you will need to edit the language file in INI format (.ini). To translate dynamic content, with Joomla! there are two popular options: Option 1: using the core Joomla multilingual feature by defining content’s associations. Now each content will be assigned a specific language and they are linked with each other via associations, let say you want to translate your article About us in English to Italian, Japanese and German, you will need to create 03 new articles for those languages and associate them with the original About us article, that means now you will have 04 articles for 04 languages. The advantage of this option is that it is built-in feature but it creates a lot of duplications. Option 2: using a 3rd Joomla! extension called Falang. This extension takes a different approach and it only allows translate what need to be translate (configured via a file call Content Element), that means there will be less duplication and this is a recommended option. There are two main hassles when building a multilingual site in Joomla!: First, when user need to translate static content like a label, a button text, user has to figure out what INI language is storing it and where is the INI language file stored in the file system. Then user need to edit the INI language file manually, the whole process is not convenient at all. And that is what motivated us to create the feature INI TRANSLATE and the CONTEXT TRANSLATION which you can access above. Second, when translating dynamic content, there is no User Interface that allows users to work on multiple languages concurrently. With Speedy Translate’s INLINE TRANSLATION , you will have that ability, it will save time and avoid confusion for users. Speedy Translate also has two very useful features: Syntax Checker and Duplication Detection Syntax Checker: Debug and fix language file for syntax error via friendly user interface with having to turn on Joomla Debug mode and edit file via FTP. Speedy Translate can also detect malformed language files with incorrect encoding that can break AJAX functionality in some sites which is hard to troubleshoot and debug. Duplication Detection: Duplication in language files confuse translators and it also cause extra unnecessary works while translating them. Let keep your language files clean and tidy with this functionality.
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Experience (Tour & Activities) for Solidres

Experience (Tour & Activities) for Solidres

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | Solidres Team
11 reviews
This plugin is dedicated to Tour & Activity (Attractions, Adventure, Sightseeing ) booking for Joomla. This plugins requires Solidres component (FREE) to be installed first. What is the main use case of Experience plugin? There are two main use cases: To build online booking site for tour & activities for the traditional tour operator companies/travel agencies. To build online booking site for local experiences (organized by local people), this is the new trend in tourism industry, example sites are Experience,, What is the main functionality of Experience plugin? Site admin and partners can manage experiences (info, availability, pricing) and its related components (like categories, transportation and experience booking) from backend of the site or from front end Hub Dashboard (require Hub plugin) Experience’s prices can be set per pax (for example $50 / pax) or set different price per pax depending on the number of pax (example: $50/pax if book 1 to 5 pax and $45/pax if book 6 to 10 pax). Pricing for children is also supported. In front end guest can search for Experiences by start/end location and price ranges, then guest can book online directly. There are 04 payment methods available at this moment: PayPal, Pay Later (Cash), Bank Wire and Offline. Support multilingual with Falang integration Support both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 Ability to automatically create Joomla menu item for experience Responsive layout Allow customer to register an account while booking, and then auto populate customer information when customer logged in and book next time. Allow generating invoice, downloading invoice as PDF, email invoice to customer.
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Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System

Paid download | Food & Beverage | Solidres Team
1 review
Restaurant Management System (RMS) provides a simple yet powerful solution for those who is looking for a solid and ready to use solution for both independent restaurant and hotel restaurant. As a Joomla extension, you can manage your restaurant directly from your website anywhere and on any devices without having to install any software into your computer like others traditional restaurant software. Features: Menu management: Manage menu items via menu groups and menus. Support modifier menu item, each menu item can have different tax rate. Table management: Tables can be added and assigned to separated areas. Table can have different min and max seats allocation which can be used for online table booking. Online table booking management: Add online table booking to your website, allow your guests to book in advance. Owners receive booking notification via email and manage all reservations from website control panel. Booking form fields can be customized easily. Digital restaurant menu: Say goodbye to your old paper menu with digital restaurant menu, don’t need to worry about replacing your paper menu when adding/removing your menu items. With digital restaurant menu feature and tablet/mobile devices, your guests can browse through your entire menu easily. Tablet and smartphone POS integration: There is no need to invest an expensive POS system, let turn your existing tablets, smartphone or computer into your POS devices, connect it to a receipt printer and you are ready to take orders. Multi-language and multi-currency support: Tables can be added and assigned to separated areas. Table can have different min and max seats allocation which can be used for online table booking. Customer dashboard: Registered guests can manage their online table booking and orders in your restaurant via their Customer Dashboard. Reports and statistics: Display overall sales statistics and reports. Showing latest activity of your staffs in your restaurant. Know what menu items your guests love the most as well as observe the current online table booking from the dashboard. Solidres integration: Integrate with Solidres via Customer Dashboard, guest has a single place to manage all of their activities in your businesses including: accommodation reservations, accommodation feedbacks, tours and activities reservations and restaurant orders/reservations.
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Mail Catcher

Solidres Team
Last updated:
Oct 19 2017
Date added:
Oct 04 2017
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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