Modules Styling, Personal Layout, Modules Management, Modules Panel

Improve usability of your website - make modules always visible and available for the user. Allow user to drag-and-drop modules and use them by his choice.

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This extension auto-scrolls modules vertically and they are always visible for the user.

The modules become draggable and the positions are preserved for each user.

No database tables or queries, everything is smart and robust. Works with 99% Joomla! templates. Uses Joomla! native MooTools JavaScript library for Joomla 2.5 and jQuery for Joomla 3.

The modules are auto-scrolled vertically for specified positions and menu items. You can setup time delay, speed and effect settings.

The modules can be dragged vertically within same position for specified positions and menu items by using module's title. You can setup cross-hair cursor and "ghost" of moving module settings. User's choice of modules ordering is preserved and is separate for user's access level.

The version for Joomla! 1.7 allows to drag modules between positions and reset modules to their original state.

Happy with this!!!

Posted on 10 July 2012
I installed the plugin. And it did not work at first. I must admit that I have installed a complex template and wrote my own modules that using jquery libs custom jquery code and javascript.

I then created a ticket to get support. The support has helped me a lot and now everything works as it should. Do not be shy and ask the support if there are any problems.

Finally everything works. I love this plugin and can recommend it to everyone.
Tested with a YooTemplate template and it does nothing but messes with the module headings adding some code like "class=drag" bla bla bla...
Owner's reply: YES - YooTheme templates don't work with Modulation from the start.
BUT - we apply a small patch which is available for our customers via Support Center.
AND - the plugin works just fine!

Those who do not buy, but steal extensions will really have troubles and can write such reviews here ;)
I have a very customized template and modules and an extremely complex combination of mootools, jQuery, and other javascript libraries, and OOTB I had some trouble getting the module working perfectly. The Blogomunity support team was able to quickly and professional assist me and get the plugin working PERFECTLY! I am extremely happy with them and would recommend them to anyone.


good job

Posted on 14 January 2010
nice plug in, just a little of search and runs very cool, and in the owner site its really good the support if you ask for it...

good job
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Last updated:
Nov 18 2018
Date added:
Sep 10 2009
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System