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Get the most advanced Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap & Mapbox search and display locator for Joomla with super advanced features.

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My Maps Location load automatically how far the visitor is from you, a shop, or any location that you have located. With My Maps Location it's possible to select location, record, categorize and display locations on a global Map or as a listing. Too many options to display beautiful map. A nice marker set is added by default and it's easy to add your own design. The latest versions allows to to completely get rid of Google Maps if you don't want to use it; it can be replaced by Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap

Video demo:

Main features of My Maps Location

  • Responsive design and bootstrap integration
  • 3 themes: with header, full width and sidebar
  • Point your location directly on Google Map or use predictive search
  • Automatic filled location information (latitude and longitude)
  • Use Bing Maps autocomplete search with any other map system to lift the map search query limitation
  • Display multiple places on a single map
  • Add multiple tag to locations and setup as filters
  • Add Joomla custom fields on locations
  • An editor button to select and display one or some location in articles
  • Distance/radius search with custom value
  • A module to load your locations
  • A module to display location search field
  • Cluster function (group location)
  • Designed marker icon sets
  • Choose between Google Maps or Bing Maps or Mapbox
  • An individual search module
  • Display search result as list and detailed view
  • Add some information to the location: images, description, hours,...
  • Possibility to display different points on a single map
  • Display the route from you (automatic location) to the location
  • Switch the locations with a drop down list on detailed view
  • Add a contact link in each location
  • Google Maps language sync with Joomla language
  • Predefined address can be added in a menu element
  • Limit search by country
  • Microdata integration
  • Joomla ACL on location category
  • SEO meta data on locations
  • Display the user position during search
  • Sync button for an easy location import in database
  • Various map source and hundred of design possible: Google maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, Mapbox

** K2 Google maps full integration**

  • Locate each K2 element in K2 item editor
  • Load K2 single item/categories of item using a menu or a dedicated module
  • Search for K2 elements with a specific search module
  • K2 items are loaded like any other places in My Maps location component
  • Click on the tooltip to load the K2 item page
  • Add the K2 category as a dropdown to filter in the map search engine

** Community builder - Jomsocial - Easy Social - Easy Blog integrations **
- Search and find through members on map
- Mapping the profile fields with My Maps location address fields
- Add a location from profile
- Module to display and filter through Community Builder members and display results on map

** Hikashop - Hikamarket integration **
- Locate vendor, shop or product on a map
- Dedicated module to display Hikamarket vendors

OTHER INTEGRATION for locations search or display

Virtuemart: Locate and search for the closest product
Ratings and comments: Ratings and comments on locations using popular extensions: Komento, jComments and Item Rating
Ohanah events and Event Booking: Locate your events then search for upcoming events and include the date in the search
DJ Classified - Ads Manager - JoomClassified: Integrated with DJ Classified, Ads Manager and JoomClassified directory extensions. Locate your items and search for nearby elements.
FlexiCONTENT: Locate each FlexiCONTENT from the item itself using a dedicated Flexi location field
Easy Blog: Locate each EasyBlog post from the item itself using the EasyBlog location field
Custom Map Layer Add custom KML, Traffic, Bicycling, Transit layers

Great extension!

Posted on 06 February 2019
Best extension for showing a map on your site. Good integration with community builder.
Ease of use
Very simple configuration.
Very good support!
Value for money
Great value for money! Don't hesitate to buy this extension.
Radius search not working, and customer can not write his place. If you have Djclassifieds you realy dont need this extension
Ease of use
Something is not working out of the box and gives conflict with plugins, so the support have take a look.
Value for money
Its not expensive but not realy needful for me. Waste of money.
I used this to: For DjClassifieds and not happy with this solution of MyMaps.
It all functions together well
Ease of use
I find it fairly easy to use but not completely simple you may need to study a bit. This is a large component with many features.
I did have to contact support about an issue with the component, they put out a new version for me within 48 hours and it worked as expected
The documentation is complete and if you have a question you will get help if needed.
Value for money
I believe the cost is within reason for the quality and functionality of the component
I used this to: Trainer locations in various States

Perfect support

Posted on 11 January 2019
Works well and can be integrated
Ease of use
After a short look in the documentation no problem
Very quick, reliable, effectiv
Value for money
very good deal
I used this to: youth organisation
It is very versatile for almost every need
Ease of use
It has a simple user interface and the configuration is very deep but understandable
The support is kind and quick
Value for money
The extension price is good and there are discount coupons on their website
I used this to: A website with a map with a lot of markers that must display address and custom fields.

Great Support

Posted on 29 November 2018
Works great with my Community Builder user profiles.
Ease of use
Simple to use for my needs.
Excellent. Support replied same day. Tech support logged in to my site and updated a couple of files. Problem solved.
Very detailed.
Value for money
Great value.
I used this to: displaying the location of schools (users) on profile pages.
Ottima funzionalità e compatibilità con moltissime estensioni e possibilità di override
Ease of use
Estensione di facile utilizzo con possibilità di aggiungere campi
Supporto veloce e professionale
La documentazione è completa
Value for money
Estensione professionale con un prezzo basso
I used this to: Uso questa estensione come store locator con molta soddisfazione da parte dei visitatori

Fast Support

Posted on 08 October 2018
I had a small glitch and the support department fixed it right away for me.
Ease of use
This had many more features than the solution we had been using before and the advantage of uploading our previous locations made the switch
Documentation is right on the web site, and I don't have to login to review it (a big plus for me)
Value for money
It cost less than our previous solution with more features.
I used this to: Local directory
L'extension fonctionne. Je n'ai pas pu faire tout ce que je voulais mais elle en fait déjà beaucoup plus que bcp d'autres extensions.
Ease of use
Très facile à mettre en place.
Value for money
Ca vaut le coup ! Ou plutôt le coût !
I used this to: J'ai testé beaucoup d'extensions pour faire une carte des boutiques distribuant un produit. Celle-ci s'est avérée être la meilleure. Il y avait des fonctionnalités qui ne marchaient pas comme je le souhaitais mais le support s'est avéré très efficace. Je recommande !

My Maps Location

Posted on 05 September 2018
I find this to be a very useful and functional component to display company branches locations.
Ease of use
I would say that the basic functions are very easy to use, not sure about the advanced functions as I haven't needed to use any.
I had recent need to call upon them for support and I received a prompt and helpful response,
Value for money
Great value for money.
I used this to: listing locations on websites.
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My Maps location

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