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Event Gallery is an easy-to-use gallery component for images from local webspace, Flickr, Google Photos or Amazon S3 including a cart & checkout system. It supports adaptive, flexible and responsive layouts and provides a unique way of presenting images. If showing is not enough, try to enable the cart! Let users browse through your pictures and buy them.

Upload - Show Off - Sell

Quick introduction:

Event Gallery adds a full cart & checkout process to the gallery.

Don't be mistaken by the name. Event Gallery is a real multipurpose gallery component which fits many needs. If you want to get even more features, please have a look at Event Gallery Extended.

Google Photos & Flickr is limited to 30 photos per album in the free version.

Main Features

  • Joomla 4 & 5 & PHP8 compatible.
  • native multi-language support
  • Supports adaptive, responsive layouts
  • NEW Support of Flickr & Google Photos using the new API (limited to 30 images per album in the free version)
  • Includes Google Photos, Flickr, Amazon S3 and locally stored images
  • ICC profile support
  • Image processing like sharpening
  • Password / User Group protected folders
  • Five configurable ways to display images
  • Integrated, mobile-friendly light box
  • Easy image management using the Joomla backend
  • Supports FTP uploads for mass data processing
  • Multiple file upload with modern browsers
  • Cart & Checkout for images
  • Swipe gesture support for the light box
  • Social Sharing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Direct Download, Pinterest)
  • Watermarks

If you encounter any issues, please let me know. Usually, they can be solved in a couple of hours or even faster. Please check the requirement section in the manual to sort out possible issues as soon as possible.

Since the installation package is large, make sure your upload limit is high enough. If not, just use the download link to install it using the Joomla Extension Manager.

Hochladen - Präsentieren - Verkaufen

Event Gallery ist eine Galerie-Komponente für Bilder vom lokalen Webserver, von Flickr, Google Photos und von Amazon S3 mit integriertem Warenkorb. Die Anpassung auf dem Anzeigegerät passiert automatisch mit vielen verschiedenen Anzeigearten. Was das Präsentieren nicht mehr genug ist, dann einfachen den Bildern einen Preis geben und über ihre Webseite verkaufen.

Eine kurze Einführung gibt es hier:

Vom Namen sollte man sich nicht täuschen lassen. Event Gallery ist ein Komplettpaket und beinhaltet neben der Präsentationsfunktion einen vollwertigen Warenkorb und Checkout. Auch wenn das Handbuch und viele Videos nur Englisch verfügbar sind, gibt es deutschsprachigen Support.

**NEU: Event Gallery unterstützt Google Photos & Flickr. In der freien Version gibt es ein Limit von 30 Bildern pro Album. **

Wenn es noch mehr Features sein sollen, dann schauen sie sich doch einmal Event Gallery Extended an.


  • Joomla 4 & 5 & PHP8 kompatibel.
  • eingebaute Mehrsprachigkeit
  • adaptive, responsive Layouts werden unterstützt
  • Es können Bilder von Google Photos, Flickr, Amazon S3 und lokal gespeicherte Bilder auf der Webseite eingebunden werden.
  • ICC-Profile
  • Schärfen der Vorschaubilder, damit nicht der übliche Matsch angezeigt wird.
  • Events/Alben lassen sich via Passwort oder Nutzergruppe schützen.
  • Fünf verschiedene Anzeigearten
  • Eingebaute, Handy-freundliche Lightbox
  • Bilder werden über das Backend von Joomla einfach hochgeladen und verwaltet.
  • Für Massendaten wird FTP unterstützt
  • Schneller Upload mehrerer Bilder gleichzeitig
  • Warenkorb und Bestellstrecke für Bilder
  • Social Sharing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Download, Pinterest)
  • Wasserzeichen

Gibt es Probleme oder Fragen, dann lassen sie es mich wissen. Meist lassen sich diese Dinge in wenigen Stunden klären und erledigen.

Da das Paket doch recht groß ist, sollte das Upload-Limit des Servers hoch genug gesetzt sein. Alternativ kann man Event Gallery via Downloadlink über den Joomla Erweiterungsmanager installieren.

Excellente présentation des images et des galeries ( vendables en ligne ou pas)
La meilleure que j'ai trouvée
Ease of use
Facile à installer, à paramétrer, à publier. Complete : module, lien de menu etc...
Réponse ultra rapide et sympa. Sven très pro et efficace. Mais comme tout va bien, pas besoin de support. fréquent
Complète en ligne, vidéo tutos très bien faits etc..
Un seul regret , pas de traduction française
I used this to: Présenter des albums photos sur les différents sites de mes clients
I use it with aws s3 storage, works perfect. Photos are grouped into events, which are organized like photo albums. Very flexible.
Ease of use
Everything can be configured via back end and is easy to use. There is also an excellent manual available
Very helpful and responsive support. Every question was answered within short time.
I used this to: I use it for a sports event site and it is great for this purpose:

The bee's knees

Posted on 16 June 2023
Does exactly what it says, does exactly what I want it to do. Has loads of menu item options. I'm very impressed!
Ease of use
Apart from the connecting to Google (nothing to do with EG), it's simples. Even the Google stuff isn't that hard as EG explains it well
Haven't needed it yet, but would be surprised if it isn't as good as everything else about it
V. good. Easy to understand and follow along with. Takes you through the process holding your hand, and scattering rose petals at your feet
I used this to: Pulling in photos from Google Photo accounts, to show as galleries for our Thai NGO.


Posted on 17 April 2023
Perfect extension for my needs. I use it for over 10 years already.
Ease of use
Easy to sort albums by date, easy to name, album cover choosable. Very intuitive. Multi-language.
Support always came back really quick when i asked the developer, usually within 1 hour.
I used this to: Several outdoor websites that require updated photo albums easy to navigate within and easy to know how to find the needed album.
Event Gallery gives me just what I was looking for - perfectly customizable website gallery.
Ease of use
Very easy to use, from installation to the final look. And not only that, but a real pleasure for administrating it as well.
Support is simply brilliant - so much patience and kindness in one place! And most important is we got the job done!
I used this to: I use Events Gallery for showing images on my website. It works like a charm.
Wenn ich auch nicht den gesamten Funktionsumfang der Event Gallery nutze, entspricht sie dennoch genau dem, was ich benötige.
Ease of use
Nutze die Event Gallery jetzt seit 8 Jahren und bin immer noch sehr zufrieden damit.
Herausragend! Auch noch das kleinste Problem wird von Sven zeitnah angegangen und gelöst.
Ausgezeichnet! Wenn ich sie auch kaum genutzt habe, da die Event Gallery eigentlich selbsterklärend ist...
I used this to: Als Bildergallerie, eine Art Blog für Wanderungen mit unserem Hund.

Best Gallery

Posted on 22 January 2023
Best Joomla Gallery ever. Looks great and it's easy to use. Tons of opportunities for presenting pictures & flex if you want sell it also. .
Ease of use
Really easy to install. For a pure gallery it's a complete breeze. For selling you need to understand the logic of image groups and sets.
Super!!! Sven answers on short notice and fixed really everything.
I used this to: On some websites purely as a gallery and for others also for selling pictures. Both works really great.
Everything works and makes sense. The galleries are intuitive and work well
Ease of use
Very easy to use. If anything seems a little hard,check the web documentation
Never needed it. However Sven contacted me to correct a misunderstanding I had - how good is that?
Fairly good. Maybe online help that could be toggled so you cansee function of each field would help
I used this to: A club web site. Various galleries including collections of galleries by using Categories.


Posted on 30 August 2022
Component for Joomla essential to be able to publish, as in my case, entire Google Photos albums in the articles.
Ease of use
Easy to use after a short internship and reading the info. (Translated from Italian with google translate!)
Not to mention the efficiency and promptness of the developer (Sven Bluege) in answering questions and advice about the application!!!
Comprehensive and efficient. (Translated from Italian with google translate!)
I used this to: Publication of multitude of "Google Photos" albums in joomla article.
The best one. It easily interfaces with the Google API of Photos and works right out of the box. Works fine with new '22 Google Account
Ease of use
It is understood even without reading the documentation. Intuitive, very well explained as menus and functions
Sven is a Great One! He helped me solve immediately a problem of mine even though he was on vacation and only with his cell phone. Unique!
Well done, the answer to virtually everything can be found there. There is also a System Check function that helps a lot.
I used this to: I bought it to interface Google Photos with the website I run, so I don't have the photos uploaded to the server. It's really good and works perfectly for this purpose, a really great solution for not burdening one's servers with gigs and gigs

Event Gallery

Sven Bluege
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Oct 07 2023
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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