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In our last update you can assign a redirect with ip or country.

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In our last update you can assign a redirect with ip or country.

Complete package contains component and plugin that you can use to redirect your users after log in depending on their user group , username , IP from both admin and front area>

You can set a separate redirect for first time login and another redirect for any other login for each user group , username , IP.

Working with all normal joomla groups and jackl groups.

Working with all login modules and does not need a special login module.

Working with Community builder , Joomsocial. and Easysocial.
Working at both front and admin area
you can set redirect per user or per group or Ip.
You can redirect admins directly to any page at admin area

Working with latest joomla 3.6.5 versions

How to use this package?
1- install it from joomla admin area
2- go to redirect after login component at admin area
3- click add new redirect
4- fill the form , select a user group and add a url and select if this url will be for first time login or for any login.
5- save and you are done.


I have a complex sign up flow & need users to be able to join different services after making an account. This extension redirects perfectly

Ease of use

Simple install and amazing extra features that I wasnt even looking for such as redirect groups or even specific users!


I had a minor issue because of other plugins on my site and the developer fixed this for me in a matter of a minutes.

Value for money

Extremely affordable for what it does

I used this to: My sign up flow so that I can redirect first time users to my service sign up pages on their first login.

Nice Effort

Posted on 19 June 2014

Great extension. I have been looking for such extension for over a week. I needed to redirect users after login on the basis of their groups, so this extension made it possible in a quite simple way. Support is also awesome, didn't feel alone. Keep the good pace up (Y).

Horribly Horrible

Posted on 01 June 2014

Hi guys,

You can track me down if I have ever said anything wrong about any extension in spite of having used more than 100.

This is without any sort of doubt the worst code I have ever seen in my entire life.

It is so bad that the developers even set the error_reporting to "0" in the code to avoid showing such an embarrassing piece of code.

Enjoy my $20 mate. Buy a book of ethic before you attempt to do anything else.


Posted on 31 December 2012

This module was exactly what I was looking for. It did not work for me at first. Support was quick, and went out of their way resolve my issue. Highly recommend!

Very easy to configure, just select a user-group and its redirect link through the component.

Much needed last piece of the puzzle for the members-only section of an online store.


Posted on 21 October 2012

This is an amazing extension! Easy to use! And the support given by this author was stellar! I am extremely pleased!!!!!

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Redirect after Login

mishel naguib
Last updated:
Apr 18 2017
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

Demo Support Documentation
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