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Sales Reporting and Business Analysis for VirtueMart 3. Generate and analyse customised reports against selected products, categories, manufacturers, users, countries and order statuses for any desired date range. It can also email the reports to your desired recipients. Set scheduled tasks to automatically generate reports in a defined interval. Know the actual performance of your store and run your business wisely.

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  • Generate customised business reports of orders.
  • Filter the reports by selected products, categories, manufacturers, users or guests, shopper groups, countries, order statuses and tax & calculation rules for any date range.
  • Quickly analyse the data using various types of charts for overall day to day sales, products performance, category performance, payment methods, shipment methods and for order statuses.
  • All generated reports automatically get saved in the system which can be accessed anytime in future for comparative study.
  • Download / export the complete report in CSV format.
  • You can also view, sort and filter the reports directly in the system using the advanced Excel like table feature.
  • You can save multiple reporting templates with predefined filters. These template can be later used to generate reports at anypoint of time.
  • You can set the exact fields/columns that you need in your reporting templates.
  • Send email notifications when a report is generated. You can also attach the report in the mail.
  • Schedule automatic report generation with Scheduled Tasks at set time interval like hourly, weekly, monthly, bimonthly etc.
  • Send automatic email statements to selected customers/users with the help of Scheduled Tasks and Email Notification system.
  • Save indefinite number of reports at a time.
  • Refer to the documentation to get a clear view about all the features.
  • Compatible to Joomla 3.5+ and VirtueMart 3.
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Reporter for VirtueMart

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Nov 16 2018
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Nov 28 2017
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