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Social GK5 module allows to display all 'social plugins' available from services like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more. All views can be adjusted to your needs.

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In short, it is used for any site’s promotion on social network services. Intuitive back-end allows to add a plugin with a few clicks.

Following is a list of features to be found in Social GK5:

  • Facebook plugins: Activity feed, Comments, Facepile,Likebox, Live stream, Recommendations
  • Google+ plugins: Badge,Small icon, Medium icon, Large icon
  • Twitter plugins: Search widget, Tweets, Profile widget, Favorite user tweets, User list view
  • recoded and restyled back-end
  • built-in config manager in module settings
  • 'live preview' for Twitter widget in back-end
  • 3 built-in styles for Tweets layout
  • cookie consent plugin support
  • MooTools & jQuery javascript frameworks support
  • 'cleaned' HTML5 code
  • recoded and restyled back-end
Horrible, never got it working. months of requests.. twitter not working.. the facebook does seem to work though
Ease of use
twitter does not work
Horrible, just check their forums
documentaion is ok
I used this to: twitter.
really nice module,,it has a lot of features such colors,size & option to shows which one you want to put Google,Twitter,Facebook ,,i highly suggest you to use this if you are addicted to make it more social and by the way i am a customer there so it does fit my templates aswell ,,thanks
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Social GK5

Last updated:
Aug 27 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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