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yKhoon Lock Account Advanced Edition (previously known as yKhoon Advanced Lock Account) is an extension that lock your visitor user account when there is multiple log in using the same account. When your visitor user account is locked, the extension will send the visitor a notification email based on the email address provided during registration. The notification email which contain all essential information will enable the visitor to reactivate his/her user account successfully.

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In case of something unpredictable happen, the administrator can manually reactivate the locked user account. yKhoon Lock Account Advanced Edition provides a method that will easily unlock the user account with a few clicks of button. A log file will be created when a user account is locked and when the administrator manually reactivate a locked user account. Information such as date, time, and the user account involved will be stored at the log file. This will enable the administrator to take further action if needed


  1. Compatible with PHP 7.

Main Features:

  1. Lock an user account when multiple login is detected.
  2. The extension will not allow locked user account to log in until the locked user account is unlocked.
  3. Notify the user about his/her locked account and activation link via email.
  4. Added a method which allow the user to unlock his/her account.
  5. The reactivation link send to the user will have one time access only.
  6. The extension will automatically log out all user which use the same user account to login to the web site when the account is reactivated.
  7. Joomla! Administration (back-end) is immune to the functionality of this extension.
  8. Super Administration or Super Users is immune to the functionality of this extension.
  9. Tested compatible with Community Builder.
  10. Using AJAX to validate the input data. (Advanced Edition only)
  11. Added a feature for manually reactivate locked user account from back-end. (Advanced Edition only)
  12. Less setting is needed to setup the extension. (Advanced Edition only)
  13. Able to change the notification email content, sender email address, sender name, and email subject. (Advanced Edition only)
  14. Able to change the error messages that will shown when a user account is locked and when the locked user account want to access the web site. (Advanced Edition only)
  15. Able to prevent user from using old password as new password when reactivate the user account. (Advanced Edition only)
  16. Added Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy on notification email. (Advanced Edition only)

besides being a very handy extension and working very well, the support is extremelly attentive answering all my doubts quickly and well explained. Thank you very much!!

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yKhoon Advanced Lock Account

YK Lim
Last updated:
Jul 20 2016
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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