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YRPrice Calculator is a component studied for a quote calculation and online sale of products/services with a large number of integrated tools that help to configure easily the area of quote or products for sale with payment by PayPal or Pay Offline. YRPrice Calculator is user-friendly software with intuitive settings, consisting of two main functions - Quote System and Membership.

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Characteristics of a component:
- Final price calculation on a real time
- Supported fields in the quote items: checkbox, select, multiselect, checkbox with an image, select with an image, quantity box(with plus & minus)
- Responsive Design
- Image upload with scaling down for thumbnails, cropping to match the size of thumbnails
- Integration with the online payment systems as PayPal, Stripe(credit/debit card) and PayOffline (bank transfer) or without payment
- Setting the amount of the first payment (percentage of the order value)
- Managers – assignment of users to manage orders
- Order management in the User and Admin sections of the website
- Various types of emails, text personalization and variables embedded in the email template. Email send configuration
- Customer registration, selection and configuration of registration fields
- User authorization (login form)
- Coupon (percentage or fixed amount)
- Different price of product, based to quantity of product.
- Discount setting (percentage or fixed amount) for the purchase of X or more products
- Captcha
- Membership – enables to create subscription plans (temporary and permanent), assign to groups and download files
- Connection of Membership in quote items settings
- File management (file categories and files for download), file download in the User section of the website
- VAT – optimized for sales in the EU
- EU VAT number validation
- 3-level VAT rate system + VAT 0%
- VAT setting for individual countries
- 3 types of taxes – included in the price, added to the price and flexible tax (based on the tax rate of the customer’s country)
- With / without customer registration
- LTR/RTL Support

Available options of choice:
- Select.
- Multiselect.
- Checkbox.
- Quantity box.
- Select with image.
- Checkbox with image.

YRPrice Calculator - компонент разработанный для Joomla 3, предназначеный для расчета конечной стоимости продуктов или услуг и обработки заказов. YRPrice Calculator очень легкий в понимании и настройках, включает в себя два основных компонента обьедененых между собой - Расчет стоимости и Membership.

YRPrice Calculator è un componente per Joomla 3 studiato per il calcolo dei preventivi e vendita di prodotti o servizi. YRPrice Calculator include molti strumenti per la creazione e visualizzazione dei prodotti/servizi del preventivo, supporta il sistema di pagamento PayPal, Pay Offline(Bonifico bancario), include 3 differenti aliquote IVA + IVA 0%, EU VAT number validation, YRPrice Calculator molto facile nella configurazione e nella gestione, include due componenti principali riuniti tra di loro - Calcolo Preventivi e Membership.

Absolutely shockingly awful, as an auto quote program I wanted conditional pricing and conditional fields, neither of which are possible!!!
Ease of use
The interface is horrible and littered with bugs, there are numerous issues with the UI
I have spoken to their support and they are down right shady, these guys will not support you, consider this as a no support service
None - there is no documentation at all
Value for money
£46.40 it will cost you in total to purchase this software and it's 100% not worth it, I wouldn't even pay £0 for this, it's not good value
I used this to: I wanted to use this to create an auto quote like it's supposed to, but I can't use it to create an auto quote, so I am using this for absolutely nothing, I use this component for nothing as the code isn't worth the paper it's not printed on.
Owner's reply: Much of what you wrote is false! The comment is written to make us bad reputation
This product is very versatile and terribly useful for building pricing blocks and subscription fee calculation with great tools & features.
Ease of use
The backend is a little hard to figure out at first - Once familiar with the terms and fields, the creation of your custom form becomes easy
The developer behind is totally dedicated to customer support.
It is a little difficult to figure it out right from the beginning... there are a couple of areas where it can look confusing at first.
Value for money
The pricing of this component is very fair and very worth the money.
I used this to: The building of a subscription platform for advertising coverage per state, county, or district.
Provides what it says, so no surprises. Some conflicts with other components and even product improvements where picked up fast.
Ease of use
The majority of the component is self-explanatory. The tutorial videos and very quick support do the rest.
I had a few issues and questions: very quickly (10-30 mnts) and thoroughly answered. An improvement request was provided on the fly.
A PDF document would be useful on top of the useful videos in order to even quicker understand some functionality
Value for money
The component looks nice and provides what it states. Some conflicts with other functionality and improvements were very quickly picked up.
I used this to: An order form which B2B customers can use to order end of year / XMas gifts.
Quote and Sell software or service with membershio
Ease of use
it's easy to understand
fast and excellent
good documentation
Value for money
good price
I used this to: i use this to sell software and service
Is best price calculator
Ease of use
First difficult to understand how is works. I sent emails to the developer to ask for clarification and now it's easy for me
Great and fast
Good video, but only video
Value for money
Good price
I used this to: Quote on my site
I can see that this extension will do exactly what I need.
Ease of use
It would be much easier if there were a way to READ the configuration steps rather than be forced to sit through a video.
Have not used this yet so I will give a favorable score.
The only documentation is via YouTube videos. I don't have time to sit through no less than four videos in order to configure this component
Value for money
I'm certain there's value, as soon as I can figure out how to make this go live. After watching the videos instead of reading what I need.
I used this to: Creating quotes for custom drumkits.
It has it all. There is nothing the developer has not covered.
Ease of use
Easy to install and use. You can create a quote within minutes.
The developer is very kind, cooperative, committed and professional. He responds within minutes and resolves everything fast.
The website includes very informative videos that show you how it works.
Value for money
It's worth every penny. I am surprised the price is so low, when functionality is so much.
I used this to: Created a few quotes for my website.

Easy and functional!

Posted on 12 June 2016
the programmer has decided to make the easy way for all users who want to use an extension for online sales !in 2 steps you can to sell your
Ease of use
easy , and well structured
extremely helpful and qualified support !
all ok and easy
Value for money
The best in my opinion excellent
I used this to: to sell products on my website
Exactly what I needed to allow customers to do their own instant online quotes ... but not good for cell phone users Please keep at it!
Ease of use
A little cumbersome and illogical to set up and enter products. I paid for full service but no improvement.
Oh very good ...
A little light on could not understand the use of phpmyadmin as a quick entry system
Value for money
Oh yes I think so
I used this to: I used for Do It Yourself Price Lists and Quotes, but regrettably have removed for now.

Great Product

Posted on 18 March 2016
This extension does everything it says. I used it for an online carpet cleaning estimate system and it works perfect.
Ease of use
Very easy to use and navigate.
Support is awesome! Quick response and accurate explanations.
Value for money
Well worth the cost!
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YRPrice Calculator

Last updated:
Sep 11 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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