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Creative Contact Form is a powerful contact form builder with amazing visual effects. You will be surprised by count of all the possible features!
Over 117,000+ sites are already using Creative Contact Form.

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Main Features

Insert forms anywhere in content
All texts are fully customizable
Flexible field types - name, email, phone, address, url, number, textarea, select, multiple select, checkbox, radio
Completely new checkbox, radio selection effect, implemented special for this extension
Load countries list (239 countries)
Flexible and user friendly interface for inputting checkbox,radio/select options
Set pre-checked/selected options for checkbox,radio/select types
Multiple email recipients, BCC, custom reply to email, from email
Automatically fill in User name and email if logged in
Allows page redirect to URL or menu item after sending email
Set all fields as required or not
Ajax based - no page reload
High level Spam protection
Custom email subject
Shake effect if field is not valid
Very easy to install and configure

Creative Contact Form is structured for creating:

  • Contact Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Reservation Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Contact Data Pages
  • and much more.

You will get ready-to-use form just after installation!

SUPPORT: If you think you found a bug or have any problem or question concerning this extension, do not hesitate to contact us via

REQUIREMENTS: This extension requires Joomla 3.X or higher.


1. How can I install Creative Contact Form?

Sign in to Joomla! administrative panel as a Super User, then go to Extensions > Extension Manager page. Press Choose file (Browse) button and select the .zip folder of Creative Contact Form. Click Upload and Install.

2. How can I activate Creative Contact Form plugin?

Navigate to Extensions > Plug-in Manager page, and search for Creative Contact Form. Enable System - Creative Contact Form plugin, and you will be able to load forms with a shortcode in articles and custom modules.

3. How can I publish the created forms as a menu item?

Create a new menu item in your menu first. Then, select the type of your menu item to Creative Contact Form.

You will see a field for selecting a form, with the list of active forms titles. Just select desired form there.

4. How can I display my form in a module position?

Navigate to Extensions > Module Manager page, then search for Creative Contact Form Module. Edit it, and set Module Assignment and Position.

Make sure to set status to Published. There is a field Select Creative Form, with list of acive forms. Just select desired form there.

5. Can the form be inserted into a Joomla! article?

Firstly, please enable System - Creative Contact Form plugin from Extensions > Plug-in Manager page. Afterwards, navigate to Components > Creative Contact Form > Forms page from the top menu of your Joomla! administrative panel.

Select the shortcode of the form you want to publish . Copy the code and paste it into your article.

7. Can I send the submitted information of a form to multiple email addresses?

Go to Components->Creative Contact Form->Forms->Your Form->Email Options, where you will find Email To field. It lets you write multiple email addresses as recipients. Make sure to separate them with comma.

Also, CC and BCC options will let you select extra recipients.

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➤ IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use reviews to submit bug reports, feature requests, and suggestions. For such stuff use the support forum instead.

not working

Posted on 08 May 2019
the form workes very well apart from features that are needed like catpcha to stop spam
Ease of use
easy to install and add to site with shortcode or modules
easy to update and change layout
non existent,
forum is closed down due to upgrade since december 2018 and no replies from emails that were provided as an interum solution
is well documented and has solutions to check and verify install
I used this to: our company site but will have to except the loss as we paid for a version and look for something that can be supported
Very good
Ease of use
Very fast. From my point of view excellent.
High focus on problem solving.
I used this to: Contact form

Exemplary on all fronts

Posted on 03 September 2018
Superb. It is even better than the previous versions I have used.
Ease of use
Superb. After figuring out what had changed, it was just as easy to use as it has always been.
Better than excellent. Having had some teething problems due to the Google reCAPTCHA changes, I contacted Creative Solutions. I cannot express adequately how brilliant is their customer support. They were quick to respond and gave hands-on assistance.
I used this to: contact forms on my own and clients websites.

Creative Contact Form

Posted on 24 August 2018
Comprehensive pagework, a great asset in selecting a style.
Ease of use
Easy use for customer
Thorough and prompt. Always ready to assist.
plenty and well put together
I used this to: My customer to receive comments from their website visitors.

Formularz kontaktowy

Posted on 18 August 2018
Sprawnie szybko działa świetnie
Ease of use
Bardzo proste i intuicyjne użycie
Bardzo szybki kontakt
Bardzo dobra dokumentacja
I used this to: U?ywam formularza dla ,
Functions are good.
Ease of use
It's very easy to use.
I first tried free version to test compatibility & function and that was very good, so I got the paid version bc much more customizable.
Ease of use
Very easy to integrate and tons of customization options- simply select your favorite combo and have fun customizing even more!
I had a couple small issues,support was great! Quick and Personalized feedback, genuine care and response and took care of my problem.
Very clear and organized, integrated easily w google recapture codes.
I used this to: Architectural firm website. It only make sense to get the paid version of some Joomla apps bc always so much more functionality/utility and if you are going to spend the time to build a good looking web site, then should invest the small cost for certain quality apps.

Very Nice Form

Posted on 23 May 2018
Contact Form works as advertised. Large amount of customizable features that allow you to personalize look of the forms to match your site.
Ease of use
Easy for most users to configure.
I used email support and was satisfied with the responses I received.
Could use improvement.
I used this to: Business Website
The form and the settings works smooth and as you can expect.
Ease of use
The step by step approach of the settings is easy to use.
The minor problem i had was solved in a easy and quick way via the website-forum.
Clear and complete.
I used this to: the new site i 'm making now. And will use this contactform on other sites as well.

TOP Produkt!

Posted on 10 May 2018
Keine Probleme funktioniert Einwandfrei! TOP
Ease of use
Easy and understandable!
The support responded to a request in a very short time friendly and offered to help me.
Easy and understandable! Self-explanatory even without German description!
I used this to: I bought the Creative Contact Form Business and would buy it again and again. I can only recommend it! Was skeptical at first because I can not speak a word of English and everything is documented in English, but I was taught a lesson the adaptation of the form was foolproof for
Owner's reply: Thanks for such kind a beautiful review!

We work hard, to make CCF more and more creative and easy-to-use for our users!
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Creative Contact Form

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