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1.Visual Site Builder
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3. Pop Up Builder
4. SEO & Performance
5. Integration

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Take control of your page layout with the most advanced page builder in the market. Manage everything from one place with simple drag & drop interface. There is nothing you can't build with Quix. Did you build website and check SEO late ? Not anymore! With Quix's live builder you can check and fix your SEO and SERP instantly while you build your website.

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Replace a dozen Joomla! extensions thanks to our powerful Quix elements


Media Manager For Joomla!

Simple yet powerful first-of-its kind media manager for Joomla! allow you to manage all your media in one place. You can upload svg and mange through the filter and search. Powerful media search help you to find your file instantly.


The Largest Stock Photo Collection

The biggest free stock photo collection now available directly on the Media Manger. Search and insert any stock image without having to leave Quix 2.


Supports All Joomla Template Frameworks

You don't need to worry about anything, Quix is the must have Joomla page builder and it supports the most popular Joomla Frameworks and extension. K2, EasyBlog, J2Store, you name it; Quix can handle them all.


Show Specific Content to Specific Group of People

Wanted to show specific section/row or element to specific group? With Quix, you can do it by one click and the way you like. Joomla Access Control is built into Quix.


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Divide the two section in an elegant way with shape dividers. Choose your preferred shape from more than 22 shapes then customize and apply in the way you like.

600+ Google Fonts

Choose from hundreds of different Google Fonts. The list updates automatically.

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Handcrafted vector icons that are infinitely scalable and customizable.

30+ Elements To Rock

Elements are built specifically to help you build websites faster and easier.

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Get started with our premium layout blocks and page templates and tweak them as much as you want. Combined with our elements you can create any website, simple or complex, in no time.

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  • Unique Responsive controls
  • Drag & Drop layout builder
  • Add columns on the fly
  • Resize Columns grid size
  • Works with every framework and templates
  • Section based organizing system
  • 50+ Elements
  • Load Joomla Module
  • Quix load inside any Joomla components
  • Undo/Redo
  • Instant Reload
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Buil-in Animation
  • Parallax background effect
  • Entry animation
  • Box shadow control
  • Confetti Effect for page
  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • Collapsible Section
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome 4.6
  • Multilingual
  • +100 More features...

More details on Joomla Page Builder

Change logs:

Quix Joomla Page Builder v

  • 4/9/19
  • Frontend PHP warning fixed
  • Social icon and Icon-list element styles reset
  • Builder color Alignment fixed
  • Modal expand mode double click fixed
  • Quix as Editor fixed for Article and Module

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.5.6

  • 3/9/19
  • 170+ all new prebuilt sections library
  • [Builder] Editor modal Expand Mode
  • [Builder] New Documentation inlcuded for all element inside builder
  • [Builder] Joomla Image folder path changing support
  • [Builder] Code formating and debug info update
  • [Builder] Media preview improved on editor modal
  • [Builder] Toolber UI Improved
  • [Builder] Fonts loading and font-data storing
  • [Section Collection] Library tag ordering by Alphabet
  • [Section Collection] Filter by single category
  • Dynamic caching improved
  • Element css missing on cache fixed
  • Image path issue fixed
  • Max value 100 set for all % unit for settings field

Quix Joomla Page Builder v

  • 9/8/19
  • Template CSS Priority conflict with Library CSS isse caused by 2.5.5 release

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.5.5

  • 7/8/19
  • Section copy paste to anywhere [No hardtime to move section ;)]
  • [Performance] Load assets only once for all items in a page
  • Quix Image optimise checking fallback
  • CSS Library updated
  • code clean up for production
  • [Blurb Element]: add link on the icon
  • [Video Carousel Element] Video default height
  • [Video element] viewport height removed for overheiht issue
  • [Builder] All Alignment/Choose field responsive switcher
  • [Builder] Section stretch mode when resized improved
  • [WOW JS] will not load default from now
  • [Classic] bundle.js for classic has new always defer
  • [Accordion Element] Fix the icon color issue from style tab
  • [Video Pro Element]: Video and placeholder image height and modal close issue fix
  • [Gallery Element] filter and default filter select
  • Api undefined index issue fixed
  • Preview page Edit button indexing issue fixed
  • ColorPicker overflow bottom fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.5.4

  • 12/7/19
  • [My Templates] New Option settings like page
  • [My Templates] New QuixRank Option added
  • [Performance] Global option to set css loading preference.
  • [Form Element] Server side form validation added
  • [New Element] Person Pro, Video Carousel
  • Quix page rendering speed improved
  • Quix page size reduced
  • Classic fallback CSS removed from Visual builder
  • Multiple http request reduced
  • CSS Library Improved
  • Admin Interface performance improved
  • Prebuild Templates [sections and pages] tag filter improved
  • Compile CSS has now validation for missing css
  • Element update: accordion, countdown, joomla-article,
  • Element update: media-carousel, slider-pro, video-pro
  • Element update: joomla articles
  • Joomla form update caused bug fixed about form fields
  • [Image Optimization] api update to track small images
  • [Page Settings] Image Optimization value checking fixed
  • Admin Sidebar loading flick issue fixed
  • Override new element fixed
  • Active license missing value on some site issue fixed
  • Media element icon link issue fixed
  • Form Captcha enable disable issue fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.5.3

  • 24/6/19
  • Installation sql warning fixed
  • Content event fix for admin

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.5.2

  • 20/6/19
  • [Core] Joomla Debug profile implement
  • [Form Element] Email subject will accept shortcode
  • [Form Element] Reply to from Users Input
  • [Image optimization] Mini size image as default
  • [Builder] Preview mode added to avoid cache conflict
  • [Builder] Auto reload only after item save
  • [Element Dev] Divider field type : reset and help value
  • [Image optimization] slow server optimizing
  • [image optimization] Image sizes field removed
  • [Gallery Element] Default image height unit set to %
  • [Builder] Return url encode fix
  • [Form Element] email sender improved to filter properly
  • [QuixRrank] preview info update and broken link fixed
  • [Form element] Fixed bcc, cc options
  • [SEO] dummy image for image src removed for seo
  • [Image] Trimmed url to avoid double slash
  • cache cleaner warning fixed
  • [SEO] site attributes meta fix
  • webp srcset php warning fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.5.1

  • 31/5/19
  • [Slider Pro] advanced style customization and effects
  • [Visual Builder] DocType to Quix for Independent work
  • [Slider Pro] Content: Background Color, Margin, Width, Border
  • [Slider Pro] Arrow Navigation: Icon Hover Color, Arrow Nav Space, Arrow Space, Background Color, Border, Padding
  • [Slider Pro] Dot Navigation: Background Color, Border, Padding
  • [Slider Pro] Content Alignment: Text Alignment, Horizontal Alignment, Verticle Alignment
  • [Slider Pro] Overlay: Enable/Disable
  • [Slider Pro] Kenburns Effect
  • [Slider Pro] Content Transitions
  • [Slider Pro] Content Parallax
  • [Slider Pro] Add percentage to the Content padding
  • [Joomla Article] Meta icon updated
  • [JCH Fix] removed and fixed by DocType
  • [Installation Bug] QuixHelper not found fixed
  • [Library Editor] Item not saved warning fixed
  • [Element Modal UI] Fields group arrow icon fix
  • [Form Element] Fixed recaptcha validation issue
  • [Core Lang] Missing lang added

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.5.0

  • 27/4/19
  • Style Copy Paste for same element
  • Context menu [Right click]
  • [Form Element] Invisible Captcha + Match captcha support
  • [Button Element] New hover color for icon
  • [Open Street Map Element] Basic Map
  • [Core] Element overriding for visual builder
  • [Image Element] Image Caption and style
  • [Blurb Element] Title hover color option
  • [Media Carousel] Image caption and title showing option
  • [Gallery Element] Title, Caption & Overlay options added
  • [New] JCH/AdminTools auto fixing control option
  • Module rendering
  • Drag n Drop now smooth and quicker
  • Quix Modal fields group collapse icon
  • [Typography] Default lineheight removed from typography and css
  • [License] Validation process updated using js to avoid server request blocking
  • [Button Element] Options for icon color
  • [Classic][SliderPro] Custom height improved to hide overlapping
  • [Classic] Builder col-wrapper css update
  • [Video Element] Element position fixed
  • Builder mode added qx parent class to match builder preview
  • Redirect to page preview on builder closing
  • Admin quick icon updated
  • Visual Builder style improved
  • Style codebase organized
  • [Optimize Image] Image format uppercase issue fixed
  • [Column Element] Button Options and width fixed
  • Builder style fixed for Firefox
  • PHP warning and notice fixed
  • Fixed placeholder issue for dimension
  • Classname conflict with other extension fixed
  • Image caption padding fields value fixed
  • Filemanager old version warning

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.4.4

  • 18/3/19
  • [Media Carousel Element] New option for link media item
  • [Blurb Element] New option for Image and Title position
  • [Video Element] default video config update
  • Toolbar grid structure for cross device
  • Base64 Logo removed to avoid confusion
  • Chrome for Windows section overlapping for settings fix
  • Responsive value changing on windows fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.4.3

  • 15/3/19
  • [ACL] ACL implenmented on Section, Row, Column, and Elements.
  • [Media Manager] Support for GIF and MOV added.
  • [New Pro Element] Video Pro.
  • [Person Element] Image width control added.
  • [Image] Default image width added for Blurb, Call2Action, and Image element.
  • [Button] Smooth Scroll option added for button element.
  • [IE] Improved styles for Internet Explorer and added options for fix.
  • [Animated Header] Grid, alignment and position style improved for Animated header.
  • [Style] Core css added to improve some output.
  • [Slider Pro] Responsive and custom-height alignment issue fixed.
  • [Gallery] Filter option updated.
  • [My Element] Duplicate ID issue fixed.
  • [Responsive] Fixed slider-fields responsive issue.
  • [SEO] Meta image not showing issue fixed..
  • [Testimonial Carousel] Internet Explorer fixed.
  • DocType checking before adding core scripts.
  • Video bg opacity fixed.
  • Quix Pro update site url fixed for free package.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.4.2

  • 27/2/19
  • [w3c validator] Removed empty attr from core js/css link
  • [w3c validator] Removed script defer from inline script
  • [w3c validator] Parallax markup to data markup
  • [w3c validator] [Image] Dummy src for image validation
  • [w3c validator] [Image] Lazy Loading tag update
  • [QuixOptimize] Image optimization api miltiple request
  • [Heading Element] * selector removed and tag added
  • [Uikit] Updated to latest 3.0.3
  • Final output filter removed for Core output
  • [Classic][Filemanager] Fixed drag and drop issue
  • [Joomla Articles] Meta icons fix
  • [Slider Pro] Title tag filter
  • [Gantry] fix from github help channels
  • [Quix] Quix Inside quix item render styles fix
  • Background Overly fixed when opacity 0
  • schema script update fixed for custom db prefix
  • Override elements conflict with visual builder.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.4.1

  • 6/2/19
  • [QuixOptimize] Helper path fix
  • [Classic] Async Loader conflict fixed
  • Admin assets relative path fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.4.0

  • 5/2/19
  • QuixOptimize for Image [Responsive Image : compress, resize, srcset, sizes]
  • Image lazyload
  • Webp Image format support
  • New Dashboard introduced
  • [classic] animate.css new version
  • Few improvements on column and section
  • [Slider Pro] Responsive display fix for Slider
  • [Classic] Column element flow fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.3.4

  • 16/1/19
  • [Media Carousel] img alignment fix
  • [Media Carousel] Image width-height fixed
  • [Form Element] Date dependent field removed from config
  • [Classic][Joomla Article] Content prepare event updated

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.3.3

  • 15/1/19
  • [Form Element] New field date, time, datetime-local
  • [Common][IE] Column Layout Selection fix for IE/Safari
  • [Slider Element][IE] Object fit image fixed for IE/Edge
  • [Classic] All blocks API url migrated to https
  • [Map Element] Broken output fixed by fixing init zoom value

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.3.2

  • 14/1/19
  • [All] JavaScript Parallax option for background
  • [Common] Auto load preview when saved a page
  • [Button Element] Text alignment option for full-width button
  • [Alert Element] Close option
  • [Form Element] Beautiful email output
  • [Countdown Element] Mobile view grid control
  • [Column] reverse option for Mobile
  • [classic] [Article Element] Introtext Content event
  • [Classic] Rocket loader async
  • [SEO] Open Graph meta data structure updated to latest
  • [Cache] Version added to page stylesheet and script for caching conflict
  • [Articles Element] Category sef url fixed
  • [Countdown Element] Divider hide on mobile
  • [Common] Relative links on Text Editor
  • [Common] Cached clean when config updated
  • [Common] Textarea height controlling enabled
  • [Common] Warning fixed for font-family file isn't exist
  • [Common] Preview page php wanring fixed for css
  • [QuixRank] SEO negative score
  • [classic] [Blurb Element] Media position fixed on hover
  • [Spacer Element] visual refresh on builder
  • [Form Element] Select field missing class added
  • [Filemanager] Icon and unsplash tab showing issue
  • [SEO] Image path fixed
  • [Google Map]Height and Zooming
  • [Astroid framework] Text editor dependency for Bootstrap
  • [CONFLICT] PATH_ROOT variable conflict with JReview
  • [Testimonial Carousel] Name and Position Alignment

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.3.1

  • 23/12/18
  • [new] Typography new unit added : rem
  • Code Organised for builders
  • Google Webfont version updated
  • Webfonts script will not load if not needed
  • Row vertical alignemnt fixed for responsive settings
  • Fonts console warning removed
  • Webfont script error fix for no fonts
  • Social icon element link structure fixed on builder

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.3.0

  • 21/12/18
  • SEO Feature
  • Classic blurb hover media and hover bg
  • RocketLoader fixed
  • New option for article elements : title hover
  • New option for slider pro : custom height
  • Fixed message of loading time
  • Joomla articles element improved and better box stylings
  • Joomla articles SEF url update
  • Optimised toolber view
  • Loading priority moved script at bottom
  • ItemRendering optimised
  • Heading element text wrapped with span and default bg-color for text bg
  • Admin page list page access and language title update
  • Migrate schema button moved to save menu dropdown
  • Old js jquery live dependency updated
  • [classic] Video BG Fixed
  • [classic] Filemanager video selection fix
  • [classic] Fix bar counter width
  • [classic] Fix image is not found issue when select any video from filemanager
  • Builder elements width overflow fixed
  • Testimonial carousel grid fix
  • Divider responsive builder break issue fixed
  • SVG Selection and output with code sign fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.2.3

  • 7/12/18
  • New font-display added for Quix fonts for SEO page visibility
  • Default view params and new jaccess checked update
  • New joomla update fix for changing page state
  • Form field acceptence text filter for link fixed
  • Google map origin error fixed on builder mode
  • LoadGlobalStyle js warning fixed
  • Error fixed when saving an item in the Template Library

Quix Joomla Page Builder v

  • 27/11/18
  • Clean cache on installation
  • New button to clean cache all together from Help page
  • Duplicate function name fix
  • Heading element default value fix for enable hover

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.2.2

  • 27/11/18
  • Visual Builder's assets (CSS/JS) cached
  • New filemanager for classic builder
  • Page cache improved for visual-builder
  • person elements designation label update
  • Heading element new option for text background
  • Finder plugin summery and body text limit applied
  • New name tag option for classic builder testimonial
  • BG reset js warning fixed
  • Defer tag fixed for builder script
  • Fixed empty default value coz error on builder
  • String type warning fixed for layout edit

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.2.1

  • 16/11/18
  • New joomla article element
  • Double call removed for system plugin for Assets
  • Slider pro fonts moved to less files to maintain priority from elements settings
  • Counter element countdown update on enter visible area
  • Default global typo value updated
  • Installation pkg php warning fixed
  • LoadGlobalStyles loaded at last to avoid undefined error
  • Video elements width height options fixed
  • [Classic] Article element fix for article not found exception
  • Joomla articles element class name fix
  • Fixed default value and string case to avoid library items issue

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.2.0

  • 12/11/18
  • My Elements implemented for saving customized elements
  • Global Typo configuration for whole page
  • New field type jmodule implemented in module list
  • Loading hints added
  • Page not found error set to Exception for 404
  • GetTemplates api security updated
  • Fixed file manager file path that was missing in subdomain
  • Button element alignment fixed and icon added
  • Builder toolbar/icons UI issue fixed
  • Style tab of Heading element > all items closed issues are fixed
  • Quix help menu are updated with more direct docs link
  • Admin toolbar updated for better UI
  • Element module list has been given new api for realtime module list while each page loads
  • Elements configuration back for v1 and fixed saving bug and cache issue
  • Image elements are set to default unit into px
  • Added person elements help text for alignment control to avoid confusion
  • Pie counter is now working on the Quix 2.1.9 [classic builder]
  • Edit from pagelist path is fixed
  • Empty page list dropdown is fixed
  • Section insert from https not working issue is fixed
  • Page insert https warning fixed
  • Section height control and alignment fixed for Mobile view
  • Custom Width container padding fixed
  • Slider pro placeholder image removed if no image is inserted
  • Slider pro thumb and alignment issue fixed on builder
  • Exception update for Google font list empty array
  • Blurb Element alignment title fixed
  • The bug of Module element select search is fixed
  • PHP warning fixed for undefined index on responsive value
  • Icon-list elements hover color fixed
  • Image elements caption fixed
  • Map elements config breaking issue is fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.9.3

  • 12/11/18
  • Joomla 3.9 filemanager bug fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.9

  • 31/10/18
  • Help menu update
  • Joomla 3.9 Fix
  • Cache fix for biilder page

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.8

  • 30/10/18
  • AdminTools auto exception
  • New section width option
  • Section drag new workflow
  • New Columnd layout 1-5
  • Builder performance Optimised
  • Text element prepare content event
  • New Admin help menu
  • Show element name on move icon
  • Color remove option added
  • New Gallery options: filter all text, default filter
  • System plugin enabled warning for disabled status
  • Caching policy and page caching updated
  • Quix error routing update
  • Webfont loading issue fixed for all weight
  • quix page title and meta set as second priority from menu
  • Reopen preview tab if closed
  • Quix Builder UI Improved
  • Row settings updated
  • Optimized html, script, style on Builder
  • Quix grid fully now % base
  • Optimised duplicate script loading
  • Image element height width unit responsive update
  • Image Element image responsive mode option
  • Section copy pase workflow update
  • Testimonial carousel element image alt text added
  • Slider pro and Video poster image option
  • Drop position style update
  • Tab default active bg title color
  • Save to library modal ui updated
  • Tooltip for options
  • Icon-list element default start icon
  • Filemanager optimised
  • Prevent page reload on click Button/Link
  • Button element icon spacing
  • Slider pro viewport height update
  • Social icon hover and common icon color option
  • Animated Headline optimised
  • Alignment justify added to alert, blurb, c2a, flipbox, heading, articles, person and text
  • Column animation on builder mode implemented
  • [Classic Builder] Video Background script issue
  • Custom code disappeared issue from Page Settings
  • Add and delete column issue for styles
  • Fix preview js error from flement script
  • Video element script loading issue
  • Column resize problem after section drag and drop
  • Fixed section duplicate issue for styles
  • Border unit fixed
  • Counter element fix for last count
  • Section disable class fixed for last section
  • Fixed add new row button overlap issue
  • Fixed animated header
  • Style fix for link and modal
  • Form element updated for custom message and submit issue
  • Gallery element image url fixed
  • Media carousel script fixed for default value
  • Testimonial script fixed for default value
  • Class to Action style and cover options fixed
  • Resizer column select image on resize if i do quick resize
  • Fix style broken issue when duplicate
  • Resizer position fixed for col margin
  • Slider image width fix
  • Accordion element icon fixed
  • Countdown fix for datetime
  • Fixed export page download
  • Section background overlay opacity fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.7

  • 15/10/18
  • Php warning fixed
  • Social icon duplicate class removed
  • Grid issue fixed
  • Removed modal class from body to fix builder width

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.6

  • 12/10/18
  • Pro users can get support from admin
  • New heartbeat api to save your time
  • Icon list element option to add common icon
  • New Title bg option for tab element
  • New easyblog events for list view and featured view
  • Quix module update
  • UI update for fisrt starting
  • Form elements optimised
  • Improved column structure for elements list item
  • Finder plugin event optimized
  • Live api call on every 5 min
  • Language option all added to page settings
  • Section insert fails error warning added
  • Tab elements style reset
  • Section builder interface improved for responsive test
  • Builder ui improved for t3
  • New schema button for old pages only
  • Content plugin unused loading off from core
  • Move elements icon width updated
  • Column common settings fixed
  • View engine fix for library item from visual to classic from module load
  • Fixed column resizing issue after clicking magical resizer
  • Item edit issue fixed from list
  • column settings for elements gap fixed
  • Parsing warning from php library fixed
  • Grid margin/padding overlap issue fixed
  • Image with overlap fixed
  • Fixed warning before page load
  • Fixed editor link edit modal issue
  • Animated header multiple instance fix
  • Animated header font issue fixed
  • Warning removed from admin dashboard

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.5

  • 8/10/18
  • Helix Ultimate, Astroid Framework tested and worked fine
  • Articles, Module, Video empty message
  • Video select modal poster removed to avoid warning
  • Builder Style update for column settings
  • Repeater items empty title line height
  • Node/Element ID auto generating issue fixed
  • Image url fixed for full url
  • System plugin warning removed
  • Media carousel grid fix
  • Testimonial Carousel and Media carousel infinite scroll fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.4

  • 5/10/18
  • Tested on T3 Framework JS compression. Please turn of error reporting for closure
  • JCH ignorelist fixed for builder mode
  • JCH auto configured for quix to avoid conflict on preview page
  • Button element icon option added
  • Form element submit button block style text alignment added
  • Responsive visibility updated for all 30 elements
  • Image path improved for sub-folder setup
  • Typo mistake for distraction mode
  • Form submit url to quix to avoid SUCURI security block
  • Drag n Drop icon path fixed for sub-folder setup
  • Responsive class updated in row, section and column
  • Element disable style updated for builder
  • Flipbox 3d option bug fix
  • Sliderpro animation and option fixed
  • Responsive value migration fixed for blurb
  • Modal tab line-height issue fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.3

  • 1/10/18
  • All Elements updated to avoid parsing error
  • Joomla Module element update to avoid script loading conflicts
  • Default builder view changed to destruction free mode
  • Event plugin optimised
  • Cached Quix Builder data for better performance
  • shape divider content cached
  • Video JS removed from core
  • Blurb element warning removed
  • Quix Home page routing fix for editing
  • Quix version check warning removed.
  • Section Video Background fixed.
  • Classic Builder carousel fix
  • Classic builder responsive issue fixed
  • Classic builder bar-counter fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.2

  • 28/9/18
  • New alert when builder failed to load with instructions.
  • Builder loading time reduced to more then double.
  • Tested with T3 framework, Gantry framework
  • Slider pro fix
  • Gradiant bug fix
  • Responsive issue fixed for section, row and column

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.1

  • 27/9/18
  • Update schema version option on builder and pages
  • FeatureName added.
  • Integration page grid update
  • SVG and Icon style migration
  • Blurb element updated
  • Async option improved for cloud-flare
  • Raw Html element fixed for custom code encoded issue
  • Library Insert issue
  • PageSave issue fixed
  • Quix Free version preview warning fixed
  • Pro authorize message fixed
  • Preview page warning fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.0

  • 25/9/18
  • 18 Free element
  • 12 PRO element
  • Unsplash image in media manager
  • Advanced Form Builder
  • All elements improved
  • All bug fixes reported in beta period

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.1.0-beta1

  • 17/8/18
  • 18 Total Free Elements
  • 12 Total Pro Elements
  • Unsplash image in media manager
  • UI & UX Improved
  • Default styles for all elements
  • Many issues fixed
  • Many issues improved

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.9

  • 30/7/18
  • New Animation
  • Units support vh, rem, em, px, %
  • New smart Color Picker
  • Color preset
  • Box shadow
  • Text shadow
  • Code cleaned up
  • Added custom class support for section and row
  • json_decode filter for twig engine
  • removed old code editor
  • email sending issue and format updated for classic contact form
  • Elements styles optimized
  • Updated icons on Image element
  • Fix merge error - Last release
  • Fix function already exist error for com_downloadmanager
  • Fix ChartJS not loading issue
  • Fix Prepare content twig engine undefined issue

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.8

  • 16/7/18
  • Alert element
  • Video element
  • Custom HTML element
  • Custom css for element
  • Prepare content api and methods
  • Library item preview and toggle mode for preview
  • collection preview output fix
  • PHP warning fix for undefined key
  • getJoomlaModule api update to fix error for empty selection
  • getJoomlaModule api update to get scripts output properly from module
  • New section re-open builder loading issue fixed
  • Column element spacing issue fix
  • Gallery element row column issue fix
  • Assets loading for both builder updated
  • Fix major bug to load custom scripts from php file
  • Empty module id for php renderer fix
  • Classic builder column breaks issue fix
  • Dropcap element style fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.7

  • 6/7/18
  • Classic Builder form element improved with options for admin
  • Google font api now cached for better performance
  • Toolbar improved
  • Removed php warning message
  • Section template edit issue.
  • Page template preview issue.
  • Classic element override fix from template
  • Shortcode ultimate function classing fix
  • Classic builder asset loading issue fixed
  • Contact form language issue fixed
  • Classic Filterable gallery element fix
  • Visual builder module element preview fix
  • jQuery conflict fix for others template like YouJoomla, Beez3 and more…
  • UI css issue adjust for other template framework
  • Fix an issue where Element spacing not applying on preview mode

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.6

  • 28/6/18
  • Background overlay for section, row and columns.
  • Element override possible form template
  • Group repeater fields added
  • Massive code clean up to reduce builder js size.
  • Version number added to each assets for better cache refresh
  • Builder loading time improved
  • Shortcode Ultimate Plugin is fully workable
  • Background opacity and transition option added
  • Media picker UI improved
  • Blurb element option improved
  • Person element option improved
  • Testimonial element option improved
  • Media field now taking filter to load image from additional sources
  • Caching system improved
  • Multilingual php error fix.
  • Multilingual website save issue fix.
  • Classic Builder : Counter element fix
  • Misc coding bug fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.5

  • 11/6/18
  • Element picker modal size and list organization.
  • Bootstrap loading issue for Helix Ultimate.
  • Body extra padding removed for builder mode on Helix Ultimate and Gantry template.
  • Element picker icon alignment problem on Helix Ultimate.
  • Nested col row delete problem.
  • Module classic shortcode not working.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.4

  • 10/6/18
  • Person element
  • Testimonial element.
  • Min version checking applied for clould template.
  • Element duplication style missing.
  • IssueName fixed.
  • Blurb element heading margin fix
  • Placeholder image path fix
  • QUIX_VERSION error coming from system plugin fix.
  • Full width section negative margin removed from row.
  • Misc css fixs.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.3

  • 8/6/18
  • Now you can create page with Classic & Visual Builder
  • Blurb element.
  • Joomla module element.
  • Text editor
  • UX improved for element drag & drop
  • Element drag icon added
  • Element options are now expanded on hover
  • Link options are now triggered on hover
  • Toolbar options are now triggered on hover
  • All assets are not using local version instead CDN
  • transform() php error
  • UI css fix.
  • Gantry template on builder mode

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.2

  • 3/6/18
  • PHP transform() function not found issue fixed.
  • Fixs an issue where toolbar was hiding on doropdown open and scroll the page.
  • Text editor warning message removed.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.1

  • 1/6/18
  • Remove the restriction of installing when v1.0 is already installed.
  • Link to menu and page settings dropdown not shwoing.
  • Css editor not loading.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.0

  • 1/6/18
  • Visual Page Builder
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Mission Control Toolbar
  • Link Quix Page to Menu From Visual Builder
  • Super Flexible Layout System
  • Template Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Improved & Organized Settings
  • Advanced Page Setting
  • Copy Paste Everything (Section, Row, Column)
  • New Types of Fields
  • Custom CSS For Every Element
  • SVG Icon Picker
  • Portability ( Export / Import )
  • Gradient Effect
  • Shape Divider
  • Customizable Section, Row, Height & Flexbox
  • Destruction Free Mode
  • Much more...

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.0-rc2

  • 11/5/18
  • many new options
  • Lots of bug fix
  • Check release blog post for details

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 2.0.0-rc

  • 21/4/18
  • New builder

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.9.2

  • 29/3/18
  • Carousel Element BugFix
  • Script memory leack issue fixed.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.9.1

  • 15/2/18
  • Preview frame toggle mode for raw output only
  • FeatureName added.
  • Cleaned cache on update install
  • Options to system config link
  • Font-awosome icon list updated from 675 to 786 = 111 more icons
  • Quix generator meta name changed to application-name meta (edited)
  • Page hits reset option on edit page
  • New option on plugin for gantry offcanvas auto-close

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.9.0

  • 24/1/18
  • Shape Divider for section
  • Video background for section
  • Date picker selector
  • Google map marker image conflict with https
  • Fix an issue where production mode creating 2 version of style files.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.8.2

  • 2/1/18
  • Slider padding, margin, color option added
  • Gallery elements: box-shadow, background option
  • Pricing table feature box margin adjusted.
  • SSL error for filemanager permission precheck
  • Responsive issue fixed for Joomla Articles, Text Element,
  • Margin, Padding issue fixed for pricing table
  • Z-Index issue for color picker
  • Element breakpoint fix for Smart tab

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.8.1

  • 14/12/17
  • Clean cache system event
  • Device specific asset cache file optimized
  • Broken Builder for getQuix API
  • Clean cache issue

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.8.0

  • 12/12/17
  • Responsive field settings.
  • Responsive toolbar in frontend page/library.
  • Nestend column re-structure.
  • Column reverse for mobile device.
  • New quix module
  • SEO meta tag options
  • Graphical field selector
  • Border option for section, row and columns.
  • Builder performance improvement.
  • Removed padding from slider pro element.
  • Builder visual improvements.
  • Fix Roboto font missing
  • Fix an issue with body margin/padding
  • Fix an issue for overflow when responsive preview on frontend
  • Responsive tabs font size fix
  • Slider pro issue
  • All element issue

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.7.3

  • 27/11/17
  • Filemanager precheck warning
  • Config reset issue
  • Save to lib issue
  • close page issue

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.7.2

  • 10/11/17
  • Save Item error
  • Lib items default order by id DESC
  • onSave php warning for ID

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.7.1

  • 10/10/17
  • TinyMCE LTR/RTL button
  • TinyMCE Paste from MS DOC option
  • Fixs an issue when number counter font size and color not applying.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.7.0

  • 26/9/17
  • Smart Tabs Element
  • On-boarding system
  • Icon loading system for future icon loader.
  • J2Store support added.
  • Backend overall loading speed.
  • Column settings icon now always visible.
  • Typography control with dynamic google fonts + variants.
  • Slider Pro : Individual Slide Text alignment option, hide title option added.
  • Gallery : Open link in new tab option added.
  • Person : New border and box shadow options added.
  • Testimonial Pro : New margin options added and fields are organized.
  • Button : Replaced p tag with div.
  • Heading Element : Border and background option added.
  • Contact form element language update for hint.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Field style updated.
  • Layout saving to library as section.
  • Layout update saving from library fixed.
  • TinyMCE insert button not working fixed.
  • Quix page and module element ACL issue fixed.
  • Timepicker not found issue fixed.
  • Pre-filled description removed from many element.
  • Gallery + Filterable gallery php warning fixed.
  • Webfont loader now check internet connection before a call.
  • Gallery + Filterable gallery php warning fixed.
  • Pre-filled description removed from many element.
  • Gallery + Filterable gallery php warning fixed.
  • Contact form script loading issue fixed.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.6.6

  • 16/7/17
  • Integration page save settings fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.6.5

  • 14/7/17
  • Slider Pro Parallax animation.
  • Slider Pro flex content styling.
  • Slider Pro Height control.
  • Slider Pro animation control.
  • Slider Pro background overlay option.
  • Slider Pro extensive title style control.
  • Section and row parallax bg image position fix.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.6.4

  • 11/7/17
  • Parallax script file not loading. Filename mismatch.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.6.3

  • 10/7/17
  • Parallax background.
  • Parallax control x and y axis
  • Parallax are now responsive.
  • Field reset option
  • Typography control added for Joomla articles element.
  • Parallax causing background disapear.
  • Background overlay wasn't working properly.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.6.2

  • 4/7/17
  • Parallax issue fixed.
  • Safemode added on global configuration to run Quix on low memory hosting.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.6.1

  • 17/6/17
  • missing rel=“noopener” added on image element.
  • Section stretch without container BC issue fix.
  • Parallax background image missing.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.6.0

  • 15/6/17
  • Animation controls.
  • Box shadow controls
  • Hover animation + box shadow controls
  • Confetti
  • Implemented rel="noopener" For Every Outgoing Link
  • Section stretch and container simplified.
  • Parallax background.
  • Option organization.
  • Heading element.
  • Blurb element.
  • Joomla article element.
  • Joomla articles element.
  • File manager applied to all element.
  • All fields type with hover tips.
  • Minified production CSS file.
  • All other element updated with new features.
  • Gallery element.
  • Chart element js loading

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.5.0

  • 30/5/17
  • User Interface
  • All settings
  • Background overlay for parallax image

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.4.5

  • 18/5/17
  • Drop cap alignment issue fix.
  • Remove unused language file.
  • Blurb link feature added.
  • Social element link new tab added.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.4.4

  • 18/5/17
  • Text-uppercase issue fixed
  • Contact form element ajax format params added

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.4.3

  • 9/5/17
  • Joomla 37 Save to lib issue fixed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.4.2

  • 27/4/17
  • Contact Form element lang update
  • warning text-case fix
  • style fix for j37
  • j37 fix for admin builder

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.4.1

  • 6/4/17
  • Image and Image compare element changed to new file-manager
  • Element fixes: Tabs, Image, Bar-counter
  • Menu Icon tag changed to span
  • Large file upload issue fixed
  • File-manager update: Increase memory limit, auto size mode
  • Carousel Element responsive options
  • File-manager admin preview changed to full screen on modal.

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.4.0

  • 29/3/17
  • Pricing table feature text change option added.
  • Responsive stretch for device resize.
  • Elements search reset option from Builder
  • Section new option: container-fluid
  • Contact form css optimized
  • Accrdion Element Update
  • Google map https security issue fix.
  • Pricing table update.
  • Article list for admin fixed to avoid finder fix.
  • Button Group style improved
  • Removing group releaters last item prevented.
  • Free version pro elements list on element page
  • Search toolber for elements
  • Contact form email sent
  • chartjs returned to v2.4 instead v2.5 to avoid conflict
  • Safari quix option > dropdown fix
  • Safari toolber width fix
  • Carousel fix for non-numaric Ch.
  • Joomla single article list fix for finder plugin
  • Filemanager fix for ajax
  • Filemanager dummy element removed

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.4.0-beta1

  • 23/2/17
  • New Integration Layout
  • New integration zoo, hikashop, j2store
  • New integration support icon
  • Image compare dark version added.
  • Filemanager added to sidebar
  • Integration menu sidebar
  • Image compare element added
  • Contact form multilingual support added.
  • New element : Modal popup, soundcloud, google plus, Flickr icon, Alert, date picker, time picker
  • Added code editor element
  • New field type: filemanager, time, date
  • Video popup update
  • Countdown element update
  • Date picker style fix
  • Timepicker style fix
  • Extra image fix for joomla toolber
  • Pie counter update
  • New method only to rander for shortcode
  • Warning added and duplicate config optimized
  • File optimized
  • Element Icon change
  • Filterable gallery multi language support added
  • Shortcode parese getcollection fix for rander
  • Integration page fix
  • Integration icon view with custom fields ajax save fix
  • Joomla article element fix for admin list error
  • Person element alignment issue fix
  • System plugin name lang fix
  • Missing com_quix language code added
  • Countdown element path fix.
  • Icon Element border issue fix
  • Typo Fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.8

  • 30/1/17
  • Device targeted asset render
  • Default context for prepare shortcode
  • Device class added to qx-inner wrapper
  • iPad Pro responsive issue fix
  • wowjs default value set to ture.
  • Moved wowjs settings to system plugin.
  • Tablet orientation responsive fix.
  • Global aeets loading default event changed to onbeforecompilehead

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.7

  • 10/1/17
  • [Feature] Custom code option for quix page
  • Custom extension shortcode support from config
  • JU Directory support added for shortcode
  • Options to load quix assets globally to avoid conflict css.
  • No cache if quix dev mode on
  • Quix page cache joomla core support
  • Wuixtrap normalizer fix
  • Wowjs initialize turn on/off option from system plugin
  • Dependency composer update
  • Filtarable gallery fix for tab
  • Ajax output improved for plugins and elements
  • Smart search index fix for Joomla Articles element

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.6

  • 23/12/16
  • Options to load or turn off font-awosome for site (front end)
  • Font-awosome update to 4.7.0
  • Joomla Article element fix for Finder index

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.5

  • 16/12/16
  • Joomla Articles helper update for view
  • Joomla Module element update to show only published module
  • Removed joomla debug html on builder page
  • Joomla Single article element helper moved to class to avoid config conflict
  • Joomla Article noimage issue fixed
  • undefined modified date issue fixed
  • finder plugin fix on save page

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.4

  • 12/12/16
  • Joomla Article Element for single article
  • Quix assets random order fixed
  • Multiple Google map support added for single page
  • Assets cleaned up for each rander to avoid shortcode assets
  • Blocks offline files added
  • Admin select field's styles update
  • Assets cache problem with 3rd party plugin fixed
  • Quix Page Meta info not adding fixed
  • Admin clear cache button on click void error: fixed
  • Offline editor fetal error: fixed host not found

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.3

  • 24/11/16
  • collection page clear cache button
  • System Plugin for Quix
  • QuixTrap and Quix CSS loaded top of style to avoid template conflict
  • Asset loader for performance
  • quix item loading time improved
  • Asset loader for miltiple rander item
  • test log comment

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.2

  • 17/11/16
  • API Protocol options for Quix Data url
  • Editor RTL LTR Support
  • Font family loading issue fix with legacy support
  • Admin notice and font style fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.1

  • 15/11/16
  • Collection list page hearit api aplied
  • Collection page archive and duplicate option
  • Builder loading preloader set after page load
  • Admin style improved
  • Admin Library and Element icon changed
  • Local Library list scroll fix
  • Joomla Article element class not found issue
  • Global content event turned off to aviad conflict!
  • Asset loader for collection fix for loading from shortcode
  • Quix Server looking time for API time set to avoid error
  • Collection shortcode warning: undefined $modified

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.3.0

  • 11/11/16
  • Blocks.
  • SEO Enhancement Plugin.
  • Assets delivery optimized.
  • Collection renamed to Library.
  • Text element update.
  • Performance improved.
  • ACL fix for Pages and Collection.
  • Clear cache improved.
  • Cloud flare async fix.
  • Library page improved with search.
  • Toolber menu optimized on page.
  • Admin style improved.
  • Joomla Admin style font fix
  • Popupover warning fix
  • Unpublished item view fix
  • Router fix
  • Builder page font warning fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.2.2

  • 8/9/16
  • Joomla Article element layout update

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.2.1

  • 5/9/16
  • Pricing button custom padding option added.
  • Pricing button icon added.
  • text element font missing and interface button margin added
  • PHP Warning fix
  • text element styles fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.2.0

  • 29/8/16
  • Quix Page now indexable by Joomla search
  • RTL support Slider Pro, Carousel and Testimonial Pro element
  • 15 New Google Fonts
  • Virtuemart component support
  • PHP version detection and display error message
  • Element Icons updated
  • Backend Interface update
  • Divider added for long element settins
  • Router improved
  • Fontawesome duplicate font removed
  • Single column on Tablet screen full width fix
  • Element Typo fix
  • Button Font picker default fix
  • Text element font-size fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v

  • 10/8/16
  • Admin builder UI improved
  • Javascript error fix on builder
  • Last release ( 1.1.7 ) bug fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.1.7

  • 8/8/16
  • Ajax Contact Form element
  • Joomla content hook for text & custom html element
  • Admin UI
  • Fontawesome updated to latest version
  • Element search
  • Component ajax support
  • Collection shortcode showing on list page
  • Update system
  • Collection PHP error fix
  • TinyMCE clik to edit fix
  • PHP Fatal error when collection and quix page load together
  • Accordion body list style fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v

  • 14/7/16
  • Pricing element default style added
  • Typo fixs
  • Pricing element style fix
  • Map element default image path fix
  • Filtarable gallery space after comma issue fix
  • Page and collection permission fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.1.6

  • 13/7/16
  • Pricing table element
  • Map loading api fix
  • CustomHTML element error

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.1.5

  • 29/6/16
  • Map element
  • Pricing table element
  • Gallery element
  • Custom HTML element
  • Call to action element
  • Changelog added to update notification bar
  • Joomla article element text alignment added
  • Bar counter animation added
  • Video element animation added
  • Pie counter animation added
  • Number counter animation added
  • Tab element margin padding added
  • Image style added for person element
  • Pie counter % color not changing
  • Accordion element animation

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.1.4

  • 22/6/16
  • Link option for carousel element
  • Responsive Settings and width/height control for image element.
  • Border style lable update and fixed for few element
  • Repeat All missing from background repeat field.
  • Module loading issue fix
  • Sticky Toolbar button spacing issue

Quix Joomla Page Builder v

  • 21/6/16
  • Element list in modal margin fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.1.3

  • 21/6/16
  • Icon search for icon field
  • Alert message style improvements
  • DigiCom support for collection
  • Section, Row, Element ID reset
  • EasyBlog collection loading
  • Shortcode inside TinyMce not loading the builder
  • Id removed from collection render to avoide duplicate Id's

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.1.2

  • 31/5/16
  • Codebase cleanup
  • Removed unnecessary fiels
  • Asset loading problem fixed for collection

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.1.1

  • 30/5/16
  • Asset loading problem
  • Column visibility icon

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.1.0

  • 27/5/16
  • Section stretch mode
  • Element Manager
  • 10 New page presets
  • Asset loader
  • Joomla Article element
  • Open graph settings
  • Multilingual
  • Access Control
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Component support for collection
  • Column visibility
  • Heartbeat API for session
  • Overall UI improvement
  • Admin menu link
  • Page and collection preview from list page
  • TinyMCE editor enhanced
  • Blurb element update
  • Toolbar color update
  • Bar counter element
  • Slider and Slider pro element
  • Testimonial pro font control
  • Testimonial pro nav color
  • Accordion element margin and padding
  • Responsive disable for image element
  • Css/JS asset ordering
  • Image protocall checking in helper css
  • Multiselect option for list field
  • Docblock added in code
  • Extend config option
  • Update problem
  • Page modal filter problem
  • Collection hit counter removed
  • Duplicate id in collection
  • Joomla multiple module loading
  • Input repeater bug

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.0.4

  • 3/5/16
  • Link option for carousel element
  • Responsive Settings and width/height control for image element.
  • Border style lable update and fixed for few element
  • Repeat All missing from background repeat field.
  • Module loading issue fix
  • Sticky Toolbar button spacing issue

Quix Joomla Page Builder v

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.0.3

  • 27/4/16
  • Title input on image element
  • Justify alignment added on text element
  • Carousel element resposnvie fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.0.2

  • 24/4/16
  • J2Store menu fix

Quix Joomla Page Builder v 1.0.1

  • 22/4/16
  • Button Element border hover color added
  • Blurb background hover, border and hover color option added
  • Carousel dot not on center
  • Preview icon change
  • Equal column responsive fix
  • Collection not loading inside other component

More details on Joomla Page Builder

Works inside Joomla articles or independently

Start by creating a Joomla Article and enhance it by clicking on the Quix Editor button
Ease of use
Create Quix pages directly and hang them on Joomla menus using the Quix menu type
I used this to: All types of websites including Niche businesses, Blogs and eCommerce sites
Immersive WYSIWYG with a huge amount of configuration options. An integrateg SEO Ranking Analyzer helps you to optimize pages in details.
Ease of use
Suitable for coding ignorant but you can write CSS manually. The SEO ranking analyzer generates a bulleted TODO list for page optimizing.
Fast support. The replies are in 24-48 h or less. Very kind and professional, if needed they can fix issues directly in your backend.
They have an extensive documentation section in their web site. But you can use this extension without documentation for most of the time.
I used this to: Our non-profit association web site. This extension saved us a lot of headaches in building all the pages on the site. Extensions integration: example Google Structured Data. This extension makes us sleep peacefully. For these reasons we decided to buy a lifetime subscriptions.

The best ever

Posted on 20 August 2023
After a short time everything is possible. Can't be beat in terms of functionality.
Ease of use
The operation of the program can be learned in a short time. This is ensured by the logical structure and routine sequence of commands.
What is not possible is explained by super support. Even if the fault lies with oneself.
Anything that cannot be found in the documentation is explained in a film. Great!
I used this to: I've been using the program for more than two years and have designed many websites with it.

Really Good

Posted on 17 April 2023
What can I say about this, other than it offers everything you could possibly need and it just works as expected
Ease of use
There is a bit of a learning curve to using Quix, but once you know how it works, nothing could be easier to use.
Support is amazing, you raise a query and it is replied to quickly, and if the initial solution does not work they are happy to try more
This could be a bit easier, but there are lots of helpful videos which make this much easier to understand
I used this to: Most of the websites I am building at the moment, as the ability to create custom blocks and use them wherever needed is amazing.

Muy buena extension

Posted on 09 April 2023
Quix acelera y mejora significativamente el diseño del sitio web. Ofrece herramientas creativas que dominará rápidamente y será productivo.
Ease of use
Su control es intuitivo. No necesitaba leer la documentación en absoluto. Tal vez se echa de menos el idioma español en el.
I used this to: Mis sitios web para familia y pasatiempos nunca lo cambiará otro programa.
A page builder with many capabilities, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work without obvious reasons.
Ease of use
The use is very easy and you hardly need to go back to the documents, but you will encounter problems that the support team has no answers.
I using a paid version, the support gets back after days or than a week, and their answer is like they are not the developer of the tool.
Despite working in the format stipulated in the documentation, the tool often does not work according to the explanation. Which means that.
I used this to: I bought a paid version and tested it on a demo site thinking I would use it for a wide range of sites. But the Quix page builder issues and really bad support made me drop it and I don't think I'll ever come back to try the tool.

I do not recommend

Posted on 05 December 2022
I think it is a number with good functionality and advertising. But for my system by default it gave me countless errors. I admit that it ha
Ease of use
As I mentioned, beautiful and easy to use, like all constructors of this type.
I used this to: I used it first for test purposes to choose a constructor. In the end, I didn't use any because it is important for me to be able to work at least with html, which is not allowed in constructors.

Great extension

Posted on 09 November 2022
Quix significantly speeds up and improves website design. It offers creative tools that you will quickly master and be very productive.
Ease of use
Its control is intuitive. I didn't need to read the documentation at all.
I used this to: I made more than 50 website designs over the last 2 years. I was surprised how beautiful a website I am able to create.

Dont work

Posted on 04 November 2022
dont start and report fail in data base, never start for a real test
Ease of use
dont start and report fail in data base, never start for a real test
I used this to: test make frontend in my site easily but dont start is a very very bad experince, sorry but is mi opinion

Totally satisfied

Posted on 28 September 2022
All there that is needed. It really makes the impression that the development of Quix was/is based on the focus of user friendly handling.
Ease of use
Its easy to use and create and/or modify website. I like it for its drag and drop features and intuitive handling
Support is awesome - really great Anytime I asked for support, the response fast super fast and straight forward
I find the documentation really good - easy to understand and very focused. Enough subjects documented. Thanks a lot
I used this to: All our 4 websites are using Quix.
Beefmaster Austria
Texas Longhorn Austria
Weidehuhn . at

If any new project comes up, for sure with QUIX


By ThemeXpert
jBar is a powerful web toolbar for Joomla catch your visitors attentions and promote your website’s most important content. Our visual style editor makes creating a jBar dead simple. You just need to add your message and call-to-action. Then make it unique by changing colors, font and style and give it a new appearance. Check our next generation Joomla Page Builder for faster page building. jBa...


By ThemeXpert
XScrollbar is a Joomla! plugin for custom browser Scrollbars. It gives a consistent look browser scrollbar. XScrollbar based on most popular NiceScroll jQuery plugin. You can customize your browser Scrollbar without writing a single line of code. Features: > Easy Installation & Use > Extensive Options > Unlimited Colors > Smooth Scrolling Effect > Responsive & Touch Friendly > Cross Browser Supp...
Xpert Scroller

Xpert Scroller

By ThemeXpert
Articles Display
XpertScroller is our next generation extensions based on the GNU General Public License V2. Basing on experiences gathered, we created probably the best tool to present articles for Joomla! Huge amount of options and possibilities of formatting causes XpertScroller is a complex tool in making www pages content attractive. Check our next generation Joomla Page Builder for faster page building. Sup...
Xpert MP3 Gallery

Xpert MP3 Gallery

By ThemeXpert
Multimedia Players
Xpert Mp3 Gallery is a superb mp3 gallery plug-in for Joomla! Built using the MediaElement.js and works with every device and browser. It is very easy to use and comes with a editor button. Just clik the button and select folder you want....


By ThemeXpert
Mailing & Newsletter bridges
XChimp is a plugin that automatically adds users to your MailChimp list account when they register to your site. No more exporting those lists and then importing them! We make the work of capturing your users data easy to help you re-engage with them in your e-mail marketing campaigns. MailChimp is the best email marketing and email list manager out on the market today. MailChimp has the easiest...
Xpert Captions

Xpert Captions

By ThemeXpert
Articles Display
To allow presenting contents in a dazzling way, Themexpert brings a brand new module Xpert Caption. It’s a box and caption plug-in offering numerous effects and sliding options. It adds fade/slide effect and also allows caption and image sliding in multidimensional style. With its unlimited possibilities and options of displaying a product or an image and its caption, another module like this on...
Xpert Tweets

Xpert Tweets

By ThemeXpert
Social Display
XpertTweets is a module that integrates Twitter stream into your Joomla site. Display tweets of any username, or even by search terms, as well as your profile information and various other elements from Twitter itself. XpertTweets is the perfect module to any Social site, or Business site that uses Twitter. The extension is highly configurable and easy to use. Only show what you want, whether that...


By ThemeXpert
Paid Downloads
From display to download DigiCom handles everything. Say hello to world's easiest digital download selling software for Joomla! and its 100% open source and free. All the key features you need to get started Single and Bundle Selling Selling a single product is simple, but selling bundle of products is now even more simpler Download Management Drag and Drop file manager gives you smooth exper...
Xpert Contents

Xpert Contents

By ThemeXpert
Articles Display
Xpert Contents is a great module to display your content in a beautiful way.The module itself is facilitated by jQuery to transition between images and articles seamlessly. Perfect for showcasing articles or image on your site. Based on the experiences we have gathered from Xpert Scroller module and through hard practice, finally we able to release a complete articles showcase module. As it suppo...
Xpert Contact

Xpert Contact

By ThemeXpert
Contact forms
Most module ajax based contact for Joomla. You can create as many fields as possible from XML and create different forms for different pages. Features Ajax Based Validation Ajax based submission Google NoCaptcha Implementation Add as many fields you want from XML...
2Checkout for DigiCom
Paid download

2Checkout for DigiCom

By ThemeXpert
Extension Specific
2Checkout Standard is a plugin that allowing you to take payments via 2Checkout. 2Checkout’s international payment services are available to merchants and consumers in over 200 countries. 2CO lets customers make purchases in 15 languages and 30 currencies. When the order goes through, the user is taken to 2CO to make a secure payment. No SSL certificate is required on your site. After payment th...
2Checkout Inline for DigiCom
Paid download

2Checkout Inline for DigiCom

By ThemeXpert
Extension Specific
> A valid SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe, however, this addons also uses 2CO JS to tokenize credit card numbers to make payments keeping card data secure. Certified by 2Checkout, Inline Checkout creates an iframe checkout option which displays a secure payment form inside your DigiCom store. You are able to receive transactions from over 200 count...
Stripe for DigiCom
Paid download

Stripe for DigiCom

By ThemeXpert
Extension Specific
> A valid SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe, however, this addons also uses Stripe JS to tokenize credit card numbers to make payments keeping card data secure. The Stripe plugin extends DigiCom allowing you to take payments directly on your store via Stripe’s API. Stripe is available in the Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Swe...
Sendy for DigiCom
Paid download

Sendy for DigiCom

By ThemeXpert
Extension Specific
Sendy - Email Integration for DigiCom Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability. Check details about sendy
Xpert Google Map

Xpert Google Map

By ThemeXpert
Maps & Locations
Hey site owners! Are you searching for the most simple way to integrate Google Map on your site? Have been got stuck trying to find an approach that you can rely on? Since you badly know that, how much important to have Google map location tracker on a site. It helps to make a website complete in its every surface hence it let you focus on another works. Our Xpert Google Map smartly take the re...


By ThemeXpert
Joomla InstantPage Prefetch Preload Prerender Extension to Pre-fetch Content Before You Visit The Page Invest less than 1 minute to make your website’s pages instant ready and boost your conversion easily. Why You Use Joomla Instant Page? Reduce Waiting Time No customer wants to wait for a page load. Make your website extra fast and scalable with Joomla Instant Page. Increase Conversion Rat...


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Jan 04 2024
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Feb 23 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m p
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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