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JoomShopping Online Store, responsiv! For Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.xx is the most easy to use OnlineShop for Joomla. More than 400.000 new Online Shop Users in 3 years! On the Website you find also demo online store installation and links to shops which was created with JoomShopping Shop.

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The Shop can be used for selling different products. There are also functions in the online store for selling musik files or videos. Products can shown with text, pictures in the online store and also audio or video files can be added to description in the shop. Other online store features: Customized PDF Bills. Modules for easy integration of payment providers and also import and export of datas are available.

The shop is special for those users who have also the target to get a good listing in Searchengines because JoomShopping was created from Webdesigner with many years of Searchengine Optimization.

The Online Shop sourcecode of the shop is written in high quality for easy adding features and for stability and high security.

The JoomShopping Shop / Online Store Supportforum you find on the website and there is also video installation manual for free of charge.

JoomShopping Online store easy to install.

Functionlist of JoomShopping Online Store:

General Onlinestore Features
Shoppers can manage their User Accounts
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Payment Methods (Paypal, Nachnahme, Vorauskasse, Lastschrift, Sofortueberweisung). Ability to add new Payment Methods
Product Ratings & Testimonials
Multi languages
Manages an unlimited Number of Products and Categories. Image for every Category.
Images, videos, demos can be used for each Product.
Different Attributes can be added to Product.
Order History (Customer can see all his orders)
Tax Management (for each Product can be different tax mode and for delivery too)
Delivery Management. Multiple ways of delivery (Standartversand, Express). Different price modes for different countries and depending on weight. Ability to add new delivery methods.
Order Confirmation Mail is sent to Shopper and Store Owner
Different templates for Categories
Different templates for Products
Purchase without registering

Administration Features
Categories Management
Product Management
List of Orders
Manufacturers Management
Taxes Management
Order Status Management
Payments Methods
Delivery Methods
Prices for Delivery
Shopper Groups for Customers
Comments & Testimonials
Manage different Currencies, Countries
Import & Export

Joomshopping is a really good shopping system for Joomla. It is running perfect under Joomla 2.5 and it is really easy to use.

The support forum is not as bad as some say. Not too friendly but short, factual and fast.

All in all its a very powerful and flexible extension. Thanks to the developers!

Just one point to critzize is the price of the link free version.

I'dont have problems to pay for good work but 199 Euro is not small money for just removing the copyright link...

The extension is definitely great and does what it should. If you are into php, js and css you can set up an individual eShop in a breeze.

The eCommerce functions are really quite impressive and it is apparent, that this extension has now been in development for years.

One drawback (which costs them one star in the rating) is their support philosophy: You are on your own, unless you pay. Now, their fees are absolutely reasonable compared with the professional market. That is not the point.

The point is, the amount of information that they put out for free is almost zero. Almost no info in the changelogs. In their forum (simply take a look) they answer mostly with 1 to 3 words and keep pointing to the same docs that did not help.

Get me right: I can live with that. I just think its fair that you know before installing this that you are on your own unless you pay! And that means you should have some development skills and tools and time at your hands (or money).

I personally have been using it for 6 months now. I had an update problem once (you have to use the update feature of the component and special update files), got no help other than telling me what I did wrong and had to spent some hours to get everything working again.

(Turns out many people make this update mistake, yet there is no clear warning!)

As you can see, I am absolutely rating this as "Good", based on the features and functionality (which in the end is what counts).

I just wanted to point to that support topic, which you have to be aware of (check also other ratings here and take a look at their forum).

Good component

Posted on 21 January 2012

Fast and easy to configure. Support is also very fast!

Great shop extension

Posted on 11 January 2012

I was using VirtueMart for my virtual shops, but this one although more limited in certain aspects, is the perfect solutions for most ecommerce sites.

Easy to install and configure and Joomla 1.7 native with multi language native support (no need for Joomfish or the sort). I highly recommend it if you don't need all those extras which come with VirtueMart. Give it a try and see if it has everything you need.

Great shopping cart

Posted on 04 December 2011

A brilliant, easy to use shopping cart for Joomla. I'd willingly pay for this, can't believe it's free.

We've been using this system for almost a year now for a small PayPal based shop and have taken hundreds of orders with no problems. Can't recommend it highly enough.

I was previously using a shopping cart system with wordpress but felt that it was too restrictive, so I decided to try Joomla and found this extension with 1.6.

+ Easy to install, no problems

+ Easy to configure the admin, menus are really easy to understand

+ Many options available to configure the products, attributes, order status, shipping, payment modes...etc

+ Works flawlessly without any errors

Suggestions for improvement

- Admin panel should include an option to configure and send HTML invoices (Currently have to edit the orderemail.php)

- Coupons should allow an option for discounts for selected products only (Currently can only set by value or %, which applies to all products)

- Import XML feature for shipping rates/weights

- Member signup fields should be part of the checkout process so that the purchase flow would be more seamless

Overall a very good extension and many thanks for sharing it. Do let me know if you have a donations page as I would like to make a contribution.


Posted on 25 November 2011

The back-end is very easy to deal with, it is a real pleasure!

The template integration was also done quickly, we are very pleased with the way it looks on the front end.

The only problem I had was when I tried to set-up the menu items.

You can also check the forum with the answer to that, it needed some adjustments in a file. That is not very good as not everybody is able to make changes to php files. Might be a good idea to look into the code.

Some mention that there are no payment gateways other than paypal available. Yes that is true but Paypal is a good gateway, it is widely available and you can pay as guest or through your account.

Overall, well done, thank you!

Owner's reply: We not understand what means there is no other gatway modul for other payment systems.

There are in JoomShopping Standart some and there are several which can be bought as addon option from our site with small amount.

Also we do customizing in case somebody want to get a integration on other payment system.

Please everybody need to understand .. we also not able to give everything for free. Therefore support costs money if you need also development or if you want to remove our link from joomshopping frontend.

It is sometimes frustrating to get positive feedback about all of joomshopping and only from those users who want to get free support, to get negative voting.

So again and hope for future .. JoomShopping can be used for free but NOT Support and NOT Customzing! We can not develop a good product in case we have to pay for other users to integrate them for free our software in their enviorment as they wish

Easy to get started and I had my cart up in a matter of hours.

I used their fixed price PayPal integration service for PayPal and was pleased. Fast and problem free.

Some complain that the price for the commercial/logo free version is excessive. Personally, I'm always glad to support developers in this way. It is a comprehensive product and well worth the price!

Owner's reply: Thanks for your feedback and that you like our work!

Many thanks to the developers of this store! Easy to install, configure understandable, affordable PHP and HTML code. The store may sell absolutely any goods ( including weight ). I believe that you have no competitors.

Good luck in the future!

Owner's reply: Thank you ... this was our main goal when we started this project.
We wanted to create a shop .. more simple to use as other shop systems from joomla on the market...

Thanks for reply


Posted on 08 November 2011

I can see a lot of hard work has gone into this extension. I saw one users post about using pay pal with Joom Shopping? Is this correct? And what is the bank code in the script for? Just curious and looking forward to using your extension!

Owner's reply: We not understand what was issue?


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