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JoomShopping Online Store, responsiv! For Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.xx is the most easy to use OnlineShop for Joomla. More than 400.000 new Online Shop Users in 3 years! On the Website you find also demo online store installation and links to shops which was created with JoomShopping Shop.

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The Shop can be used for selling different products. There are also functions in the online store for selling musik files or videos. Products can shown with text, pictures in the online store and also audio or video files can be added to description in the shop. Other online store features: Customized PDF Bills. Modules for easy integration of payment providers and also import and export of datas are available.

The shop is special for those users who have also the target to get a good listing in Searchengines because JoomShopping was created from Webdesigner with many years of Searchengine Optimization.

The Online Shop sourcecode of the shop is written in high quality for easy adding features and for stability and high security.

The JoomShopping Shop / Online Store Supportforum you find on the website and there is also video installation manual for free of charge.

JoomShopping Online store easy to install.

Functionlist of JoomShopping Online Store:

General Onlinestore Features
Shoppers can manage their User Accounts
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Payment Methods (Paypal, Nachnahme, Vorauskasse, Lastschrift, Sofortueberweisung). Ability to add new Payment Methods
Product Ratings & Testimonials
Multi languages
Manages an unlimited Number of Products and Categories. Image for every Category.
Images, videos, demos can be used for each Product.
Different Attributes can be added to Product.
Order History (Customer can see all his orders)
Tax Management (for each Product can be different tax mode and for delivery too)
Delivery Management. Multiple ways of delivery (Standartversand, Express). Different price modes for different countries and depending on weight. Ability to add new delivery methods.
Order Confirmation Mail is sent to Shopper and Store Owner
Different templates for Categories
Different templates for Products
Purchase without registering

Administration Features
Categories Management
Product Management
List of Orders
Manufacturers Management
Taxes Management
Order Status Management
Payments Methods
Delivery Methods
Prices for Delivery
Shopper Groups for Customers
Comments & Testimonials
Manage different Currencies, Countries
Import & Export

Problems w/1.7

Posted on 14 September 2011

Works in 1.5. I have yet to get it to work in 1.7.

Owner's reply: We do not understand this information .. you omnly writing that you are not able to install joomshopping in 1.7.
If you download correct JoomShopping for 1.7 it works without any problems. Might be problems on your server or your server configuration which we do not know.

There are thousands of installations on joomla 1.7 allready and not problems reportet yet.

We also testet it in different installatins before releasing it.

So please check out and change voting because product works fine and we take a lot of afforts in it.


Posted on 14 September 2011

I installed this component and had it working without problems right away. I have yet to find any bugs or issues with the code. All the small problems mentioned by others are not problems at all but simply people not looking through all the options for this component.

I made USD my currency with no issues whatsoever and i have almost no knowledge of web design or coding. So the people saying they are very experienced and cant figure it out you should be ashamed.

This component is very powerful and very easy to use i really cant say enough. If only more free components could be made this well. If you cant figure out how to set it up then pay the support team to do it they deserve the money for sure.

PLEASE keep up the great work!!

Best eCommerce for Joomla

Posted on 09 September 2011

I have tried quite a few eCommerce platforms for Joomla, and so far this is the best of them. It simply feels like a more developed solution than the others which all feel like beta versions in comparison. Excellent work!

Excellent extension!

Posted on 04 September 2011

I am happy with this product. So happy, that i had translated it to Hungarian! :D

The translation of the "main" product and the login module, can be download on the developer site!

It working perfect on Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7!

Many thanks for this excellent and FREE product!


this shopping cart (plus its functions) should be a Joomla! standard feature for any website that uses e-commerce functions.

it is very simple both in visual display, control, functionality, installation, and use. even for beguines, this extension is unbelievably easy to use and learn.

JoomShopping has every feature you could need and all of witch work without error or complex installation. this has made it very easy for myself to modify and set up within minuets not hours.

i would also recommend this to advanced users as it is time saving, easy to mod, and easy to teach clients how to use.

i have now chosen to use this as my standard shopping cart extension for both Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6

I have pull of some hair all the day with an other component an then try Joomshopping. It is very good and easy to understand for my clients. The only deception I had of your com... is the miss of payment way. I would very apreciate if we could use credit card (visa master card ect...). But you still deserve a five star. Will keep an eye open in the futur to see if you will add some more payment options. Thank you very moch.

Absolutely amazing

Posted on 15 August 2011

I'm in the USA, so at first, this extension was daunting, I gave up on it, and walked away.

But once I returned, I realized all i really had to do was poke around with it, and i've figured it all out, without the need of help from the creators.

This now serves every purpose i've ever asked for and, unlike other shopping cart extensions, this actually works for 1.6.

If you find yourself getting frustrated, just set down and start playing with the becomes painfully easy when you do.

Best Components

Posted on 15 August 2011

This is recommended component for your eCommerce website. it has smart logics about eCommerce business and powerfully in extending and plugging, playing 3rd extensions.

Like it, but...

Posted on 14 August 2011

I installed this on one of my client's sites and it works beautifully. It took a little work to find everything to get it to work the way I wanted, and there are still some configuration and style issues I am trying to sort out, but this was relatively easy to set up.

Unfortunately, I am now trying to load it on one of my newer Joomla 1.7 pages and keep getting a language error that refuses to allow it to load the databases tables on my site. I have looked over the forums extensively for an answer and have yet to find how to patch this problem (the one answer I found was for a backup before upgrade. Since this is a clean install, I am baffled from the problems getting the database tables to load)

Anyway, this is a good and easy to use program. Use it if you do not want to code endlessly and have your shop up fairly quickly.

This is probably one of the best free shopping carts available. Also, by far the most easy to configure when compared to others like virtuemart.

I have a HUGE gripe about the company/developer.

I hate the annoying branding that goes on each cart page. This tag is called in externally, so there is no way to rid yourself of it. AFter digging up a link to the Commercial Version, I was taken no where. I have tried multiple times to contact the developer with no luck at all.

Without being able to purchase a full version to get that annoying link off, this product has bombed.

The "Shop" section of the site seems fair, but has no indication of what you are purchasing. Can I download a commercial version of the product im using? OR do I need to ourchase the components individually?

Once gain great, amazing product. Horrible customer service.

* I know how to use this thing, I dont want technical support I want CUSTOMER support!!!

Owner's reply: The Joomshopping installation have a customer supprot So if you give us the contact to integrate it we can suuport you.. We do not understand what exact is the problem . You want support for free? We can not work for free please understand


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