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The Fix 404 Error Links is a SEO Tool for admins and consists a useful extension for any Joomla! website. This extension has been created to deal with the log 404 (Page not Found) errors. It allows any website administrator to manage and fix the problematic links, as well as redirect them to the desired page.

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  • Report


  • Error 404 Links List (Group & Detailed List of detected Error 404 Links. Data stored: Error URL, Error Code, Error Message, Username, IP Address, Country, Browser, Operating System, Referer URL).
  • Fix one by one, or butch-fix, of detected Error 404 Links. This is a unique feature not found in other similar extensions.
  • Match Types (a) full URL, b) contains string, c) starts with string, d) end with string, e) find and replace). See the match type examples below.
  • Logging
    • Error 404 Logging from Guest & Users.
    • Error 404 Logging from Search Engine Bots.
    • Error 404 Logging from Danger Strings List.
  • Notifications (Instant Email Notifications).
  • Security (Danger Strings Redirection).
  • Import from "com_redirects" Joomla! plugin/component (Redirects can be imported from the Default Joomla Redirects plugin/component into Fix404ErrorLinks redirects)


  • Enable Error 404 Logging (Choose 'Yes' if you want to store all 404 Error Links in the database and then fix them. If you select 'No', the error links will not be stored in the database, and Admins will not be notified for 404 error links via Email. The default option is 'Yes').
  • Enable Logging from Bots (Choose 'Yes' if you want to store all 404 Error Links in the database from Search Engine Bots. If you choose 'No', the error links from bots will not be stored in the database and Admins will not be notified for 404 error links via Email. The default option is 'No').
  • Danger Strings Logging (Choose 'Yes' if you want to store in the database all 404 Error Links that have been marked as a danger, and already exist in the 'Danger strings list' below).
  • Email Notifications (Choose 'Yes' if you want to receive instant notification messages for the 404 Error Links. You will receive a detailed email that includes the error link data, the User data (e.g. Country, IP address, browser, operating System etc.) and an action button to Fix the Url immediately via Joomla! admin panel).
  • Email Recipient (Enter the email of Recipient. If you leave the field blank and you have enabled the 'Email Notifications' field, the default email from Joomla! configuration will be used).
  • Danger Strings Redirection (Choose 'Yes' if you want to redirect all 404 Error links that contain a danger string partially or in the entire URL).
  • Danger Strings List (List of all danger strings. You can insert more danger strings, add one entry per row).
  • Redirect Danger URLs to (All 404 Error links that contain a danger string partially or in the entire URL will be redirected to this Url).


In "404 error logs" page, at Joomla! back-end, you can see all error links and a "Fix it" button next to each error link. If you press that button you will be redirected to the Fix Link page and you will see a form with 4 fields (a. Old Full Url or Text, b. Destination Url, c. Comments, d. Published).


Example 1:

  • Old Full Url or Text: "this/is/an/error/link"
  • Match Type: "Full URL"
  • Destination URL: "/this/is/a/valid/link/"

If a User or a Guest visits the link "" he will be redirected to "".

Example 2:

  • Old Full Url or Text: "is/a"
  • Match Type: "Contains String"
  • Destination URL.: "/this/is/a/valid/link/"

If a User or a Guest visits the link "" he will be redirected to "" because the error link contains the string "is/a".

Example 3:

  • Old Full Url or Text: "this"
  • Match Type: "Start with String"
  • Destination URL.: "/this/is/a/valid/link/"

If a User or a Guest visits the link "" he will be redirected to "" because the error link starts with the string "this".

Example 4:

  • Old Full Url or Text: "link"
  • Match Type: "End with String"
  • Destination URL.: "/this/is/a/valid/link/"

If a User or a Guest visits the link "" he will be redirected to "" because the error link ends with the string "link".

Example 5:

  • Old Full Url (find): "link"
  • Match Type: "Find and Replace"
  • Destination URL (replace): "url"

If a User visits the link "" he will be redirected to "" because the error link contains the string "link" and it has replaced it with the string "url".



Normally we will answer your questions within 24 hours.

If you still have questions or concerns about the product after reading the documentation:

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★ Contact us using the contact form
★ You can send us an email to this address: support [@] web357 [.] com
★ Chat with us using the right-bottom box.

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Perfect service

Posted on 30 November 2018
Ease of use
very easy to use
Good service
Value for money
I used this to: redirect 404 pages

Works perfect for me

Posted on 09 February 2018
Does what it should do - search and replace function is optimal for me
Ease of use
First I struggled a bit with the search and replace function, but then after some support it is working fine.
Nice, fast and competent support
I wished a bit more examples, esp for search and replace, but since the support is this good it's fine that way.
Value for money
Sure worth the money
I used this to: My website after a lot of URL changes which resulted many 404 errors
Provides the functionality you would expect.
Ease of use
Easy to use.
I had a show stopper issue caused by installing it on my J2.5 site and the support I received was exemplary. To marks.
Good examples of usage provided.
Value for money
As part of a package deal, can't complain.
I used this to: Solving Error 404 problems.
très logique, il vous suffit de prendre 5mn pour comprendre la logique du composant et vous ferez des miracles !
Ease of use
tout ce qu'il vous faut ce sont les exemples de syntaxe du composant et elles sont toutes sur le site de
très réactif, et intéressé dans les retour des utilisateurs
sur le site web
Value for money
Avez vous pensé aux nombre de visiteurs que vous perdiez à cause d'erreurs 404, 17€ ce n'est rien comparé a cela
I used this to:
Macht genau das was es soll. Es ist das erste seiner Art, welches genau das tut, was ich bislang bei allen anderen vermisst habe.
Ease of use
Einfach einfach. Grundsätzlich erklärt sich das meiste von selbst.
Herausragend! Reaktion und Problembehebung eines Bugs binnen zwei Stunden. Sehr freundlicher Kontakt. Unkompliziert. Ich bin begeistert!
Hier könnte eventuell noch etwas mit ein paar Fallbeispielen nachgebessert werden.
Value for money
Man bekommt absolut mehr als nötig. Ich kann nur empfehlen, direkt das Komplett-Paket zu nehmen. Auch die anderen Plug-Ins sind echt gut.
I used this to: Um alte Links zum Beispiel auf eine schönere Fehlerseite zu leiten und um generell Fehler in Google Webmasters zu unterbinden. Bei Fehlern werde ich sogar via E-Mail benachrichtigt, ist mehr als hilfreich. Etwas vergleichbares suche ich bereits seit zwei Jahren und wurde fündig!
Cette extension fait très bien ce qu'elle annonce. Très efficace pour cerner les erreurs 404 et plusieurs possibilités pour les corriger.
Ease of use
Très facile à utiliser et mettre en place.
Rapide et efficient.
La documentation est dans l'extension elle-même. Quant à moi ce fut suffisant.Plus d'explications sur les impacts des redirections.
Value for money
Excellent rapport qualité prix. J'ai acheté le "bundle" et je suis très satisfait.
I used this to: Corriger les nombreuses erreurs 404 parce que le site a été réinitialisé et que les menus ont changé.
The extension does very well what it tells to, no gimmicks.
Ease of use
Very good and focused on the core use.
Very fast response and interested in user feedback. Go on with this, absolutely great!
Ok, but maybe better
Value for money
Ease of use
buena y si tienes problemas te contestan muy rapido y te ayudan, muy amables
perfecto, aun sin saber ingles me atendieron perfectamente
Value for money
I used this to: para una web en la que tenia problemas con los errores 404 y para hacerme mas facil las redireciones.
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Fix 404 Error Links

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